At&t vs. verizon


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At&t vs. verizon, which iphone is better

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At&t vs. verizon

  1. 1. AT&T vs. VerizonNow that Verizon has confirmed its data plan price for the iPhone,U.S. customers can compare the ongoing costs of owning an Applesmartphone.Verizon has gotten all the ink lately, especially about the $29.99-a-month unlimited data plan.But is that the deal-maker?Weve collected plan prices and run a couple of scenarios through theComputerworld calculator to help you decide before Feb. 10, whenVerizon starts selling the iPhone 4.Naturally, your mileage may vary.I want the bottom line. What are the numbers? Here they are, in aneasily digestible table. The prices are for individual plans; bothAT&T and Verizon also offer family plans.How the AT&T and Verizon iPhone plans stack up. Copyright by summy
  2. 2. AT&T vs. VerizonAn apples-to-apples comparison is impossible because AT&Tdumped its unlimited data plan last year. What do I do? Our bestadvice is to estimate your data usage or craft a couple of scenarios,then run the numbers.To check smartphone data usage, you can access your accountonline, or text *DATA# (AT&T) or #DATA (Verizon).Both services -- AT&Ts is here, and Verizons here -- also offer adata calculator that can give you a ballpark idea of consumptionbased on your input.Im a data miser. Whats the best deal? Depends. Shocker, right?A side-by-side match-up that includes, for example, the leastexpensive voice plan, the least expensive texting plan and notethering, gives AT&T a $9.99 edge with the 200MB-per-month dataplan. Bump it up to the 2GB data plan, however, and its a wash.Im no data hog, but I text and talk like a teenager. Whats my bestmove? The comparison is straightforward, since both carriers offeran $89.99 unlimited talk and texting package. So the only difference Copyright by summy
  3. 3. AT&T vs. Verizonis the minimum data plan price, which gives AT&T an edge.AT&T: $104.99Verizon: $119.98Advantage: AT&T, by $14.99I miss unlimited data on my iPhone and am thinking of switching toVerizon. But I also figure Ill burn 5GB a month total, 3GB of that onlaptop tethering. How much would that cost me? Assuming, for thesake of argument, that you also sign up for unlimited voice andtexting -- the $89.99 package deal again -- the costs, includingtethering and a total data consumption of 5GB monthly, would be:AT&T: $164.99Verizon: $159.98Advantage: Verizon, by $4.99If you only used a total of 3GB of data month -- 2GB on the iPhone,another 1GB while tethered -- the numbers look like this:AT&T: $144.99Verizon: $139.98Advantage: Verizon, by $4.99 Copyright by summy
  4. 4. AT&T vs. VerizonI hear that the Verizon unlimited data deal will be a limited-timeoffer. What happens when they change to tiered pricing? Verizonsnot saying how it will price granular data plans in the future,although its committed to making that move.If you sign up for the unlimited plan, however, you lock in at the$29.99 price for unlimited data until you purchase another phonefrom the carrier.Thats different from AT&T, which last year let iPhone customersalready on the now-defunct unlimited data plan keep that rate aslong as they stuck with the carrier. In other words, you can buy anew iPhone, say, this summer, and retain the unlimited deal if youstill have that on your bill. Copyright by summy