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  1. 1. NIVEA : Managing a brand hierarchy Submitted By: Group -11 Section A Anurag Tiwari Jaywant Subramaniam Pranav Jha Sanju Thomas Vignesh R
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION• Nivea is a German brand marketed in India by NIVEA India Pvt. Ltd.• NIVEA India Pvt. Ltd, owner of the No.1 skin care brand in the world, started operations in India in 2006, as a 100% affiliate of the global cosmetics & toiletries giant Beiersdorf AG• The Nivea brand, has been present in India for about 40 years but the subsidiary was set up only in 2006.• This brand has a history of around 100 years. Nivea came into existence in the year 1911.
  3. 3. History 1950s: NIVEA 1922: NIVEA begins to expand launches the first 1911: Dr Oscar its product mass market1906: Beiersdorf opens Troplowitz, a medical portfolio beyond 1991: NIVEA skincare cream inits first UK office in Idol researcher, develops the iconic NIVEA Visage launches the UK - the Lane, London. a new kind of Crème into in the UK worlds first true cosmetic cream. lotions, Sun care, cosmetic Shower and basic moisturiser. face care. 2006: •Beiersdorf UK 1992: From here 2007: Breaks the Ltd celebrates its 2002: NIVEA until 2000, NIVEA 2011: 100th ann’y Joint Venture & 100th anniversary Deodorant body, Soft, Hand, of Launch of becomes the •Started launches in the For Men, and Lip NIVEA Crème. subsidiary of UK operations in UK care all launch in company India as joint the UK venture with JL Morrisson
  4. 4. Identify and Establish Brand Positioning and Values: Mental Map Blue & White For family, Trustworthy, multi-purpose reliable Care Pure Protection,
  5. 5. Identify and Establish Brand Positioning and Values: CBBE Model Resonance: Commitment: Continuous use in winter; No Brand Switching Resonance Judgments: Wide range of products, Reliable, Consistent, Feelings: Freshness, Good , Satisfied, Soft, Sophistication Judgments Feelings Imagery: Blue tin & white logo, Used in winter Performance Imagery since childhood, For dry skin, Sincere, Sophisticated, Targeted to males & females ofPerformance: age under 40 yrsCaring & Protective, High Cost, AttractivePackaging, Pleasant Fragrance, High Quality,Mild, Gentle, Smooth, knowledge about itsmultiple functions Salience Salience: Various products and purposes,
  6. 6. Plan and implement brand marketing programs : Mixing andmatching brand elements Two researches conducted by BDF– 1990’s A “Inner Visuals” - imagery study - Pictures were associated to skin care brand - Nivea was associated to pictures denoting : Traditional Family ideal, Communities Earth – The Blue Planet - relating it to Creme NIVEA. B “Semiological Analysis” of consumer’s socio-cultural values in 1990’s - To evaluate Socio-cultural position of Creme NIVEA and other major sub brands.These studies revealed - NIVEA’s Brand association fit well into values of 1990’s.consumer. -The return to more simplistic and holistic approach to life , -The desire to more fairness, openness & authenticity and belongingnessThese were the values associated to NIVEA and particularly- Creme NIVEA
  7. 7. Plan and implemet brand marketing programs : Mixing and matching brand elements• Brand Mantra- Articulation of heart and soul of brand ,captures irrefutable essence or spirit of the brand positioning.• NIVEAness : Essential Brand values :Timeless, Ageless,motherhood & happy family, honesty & trustworthiness and product benefits of mildness and quality.
  8. 8. Brand Architecture Brand portfolio strategy:breadth,depth Portfolio roles: Strategic Brand Market context: brands Subbrands Linchpin Brands Benefit brands Benefit brands Cobrands Cash Cow brnads Brand Portfolio structure: Brand groupings Portfolio graphics: Logo Brand hierarchy tree Brand Range
  9. 9. Brandvertising• Nivea’s Business and Branding Architecture – Heliocentric Vision. It clearly shows that the NIVEA BRAND is at its centre, the STAR shining through every product and heating sales. Its PRODUCTS are the surrounding planets that, through a marketing perspective, have no light source of their own.
  10. 10. Brand Portfolio Strategy :The effective creation, deployment and management of brand assets in support of simultaneous top and bottom-line growth• Access to New Markets & Customers• Marketing Investment Efficiency• Strengthened Customer relationships• Uncovered Latent Brand Potential
  11. 11. Sub Brands : Leveraging of secondary associations• Essential brand elements :Carried Blue & white color code, message of quality & care• Localized names Brand Market context: Subbrands Benefit brandsCo- Brands Cobrands • Philips and Nivea in 1998 –smoothes ,care for and refreshes skin. • Skin electric razor + NIVEA for men
  12. 12. Portfolio Graphics :Brand Elements Name,LogoName: The brand has derived its name from the Latin word ,Nivius meaning "Snow White".NIVEA’s visual identity - world-famous blue and white color Combination NIVEA blue - is not just any old blue, but “Ivocart NIVEA Blue B 65711” A special color mixed exclusively for NIVEA in a complex development process Blue = sympathy, harmony, friendship and loyalty. White = external cleanliness as well as inner purity Blue and White = ideal for honest and appealing brand NIVEA.
  13. 13. NIVEA Logo Evolution
  14. 14. Brand Hierarchy : Brand Portfolio structure: Brand groupings Biersdorf Brand hierarchy tree Brand Range NIVEA Skin care Cosmetic NIVEA NIVEA NIVEA Creme Hand baby NIVEA NIVEA NIVEA NIVEA Deo Hair Bath body NIVEA Sun care care Face Care NIVEA for NIVEA for NIVEA for NIVEA for Visage Vital Beaute men
  15. 15. Present Product range and Grouping
  16. 16. Portfolio roles• Strategic Brand:• A brand that is projected to reap future sales and profits. NIVEA Crème, NIVEA Deo, NIVEA for Men• Linchpin Brand:• A brand that holds the entire organization together. It is a number one brand that indirectly influences a business area providing a strong base for customer loyalty. NIVEA Crème• Silver Bullet Brand:• A brand or sub-brand that positively influences the image of another brand. NIVEA Baby, NIVEA for Men
  17. 17. Nivea Vital• Breakthrough in industry.• First product for which brand elements were changed• Revolutionary idea emphasized by change in colour code-red and curved gold bands• Symbol : Energy, femininity• Core Function : Cell renewal.
  18. 18. Marketing Program : Product• Product: Tag Line – Nivea Sun – The New Nivea Sun Makes The Sun Gentle – Nivea Visage - Get Fair, Stay Fair – Nivea Shower And Bath-delightfully Gentle And Creamily Mild – Nivea Hair - Entire Care For Frequently Washed Hair – Niveo Deo: Aqua & Cool-the Deo That Even Cares For Your Skin
  19. 19. MARKETING PROGRAM: PROMOTIONSNIVEA India: First TV Commercial on Air• The newly founded Beiersdorf affiliate NIVEA India aired the first TV commercial in major TV-channels and cinemas in 2006.• The massive integrated campaign showed uplifting results: NIVEA Creme sales in July and August like-for-like increased by 143.2 %. Total NIVEA sales grew by 121.8 % in the same period.• In collaboration with TBWAIndia, the NIVEA marketing team produced two scenes to add some "Indian Masala" to the highly successful international NIVEA Creme spot.• The TV spots flanked by a print campaign as well as extensive point-of-sale material and consumer promotions• Official face care partner of IPL team Chennai Super Kings3/14/2012
  20. 20. MARKETING PROGRAM: PROMOTION• Launched a new skin care campaign to mark the 100th year celebration of renowned cream brand Nivea. (With the business strategy “Focus on Skin Care. Closer to Markets)• The campaign titled “100 Years Skincare for Life” launched in May.• To reach new target groups, Nivea launched its largest ever digital mobilization campaign in social media along with International star Rihanna• Another focus in Nivea’s 100th birthday year is the support of a special project for socially disadvantaged children undertaken by Nivea in global partnership with the children aid organization Plan International.
  21. 21. 100 Yrs of NIVEA