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Winter gear slide show


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What to wear for a Colorado winter

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Winter gear slide show

  1. 1. The  University  of  Denver  is   home  to  a  wide  range  of   students  hailing  from  all  corners   of  the  country,  many  of  whom   don’t  have  prior  experience   with  snow  or  cold  weather.   Due  to  this  fact,  many  students   are  unprepared  for  the  snow   and  ice  covered  paths  that   snake  the  University’s  campus.  
  2. 2. Slipping,  sliding  and   taking  a  tumble  are  all   consequences  of   wearing  improper  foot   wear  on  and  around   campus  on  days  with   inclement  weather. Even  sidewalks  and   pathways  can  be   coated  in  layers  of   slick  ice  and  sleet.  
  3. 3. “Doc  Martens  are  always  my  go  to  for   trekking  through  the  snow  since  they   have  such  great  traction  and  can  easily   be  paired  with  thick  socks  for  warmth.”   Said,  Amanda  Rogers,  a  sophomore   from  Phoenix,  AZ
  4. 4. When  asked  what  type  of  shoes   should  be  worn  out  when  its  cold   and  slippery,  two  male  students   suggested  that  snow  boots,  in  all   forms  are  the  best  way  to  go.   “I  have  this  pair  of  Nike  boots  that   work  for  snow  and  mud,  they  are   also  great  hiking  boots.  Basically   they  work  for  everything.”  Kevan   Aubel,  a  Colorado  native  explained Chicago,  Illinois.  
  5. 5. “Timberlands  are  always  good,  but  I   actually  currently  have  Sketchers   winter  boots  since  they  are  more  cost   effective  and  do  the  same  duty.”   Dronen  added.   “Sorels  are  the  best  shoes  for  winter   weather.  Loads  of  people  have  them  on   campus  since  they  come  in  so  many   different  colors  and  styles.  Mine  are   the  tall  pair  with  fur  on  top  and  they   are  super  warm  and  fashionable  for   winter.”  Alyssa  Page,  of  Idaho  added
  6. 6. Snow  boots,  despite  being  the  first  line  of  defense  against  snow  and  ice,  are  not  the  only  winter  weather  items  that  are   popular  on  and  around  campus.  When  walking  around  DU  on  a  chilly  or  snowy  day  it  is  not  uncommon  to  see  Ugg  boots,   puffy  jackets,  various  hats  and  of  course  pullover  jackets.  All  of  these  items  are  great  for  keeping  warm  and  keeping  the   snow  off  your  face  and  butt.  
  7. 7. When  wind  and  snow  is   hitting  your  body  from  all   angles  being  covered  is   always  best.  The  weather  in   Denver  can  change  at  a   moments  notice.  What  is  a   sunny  day  at  noon  can  easily   change  into  cloudy,  snowy   skies  by  five  in  the  evening.   “When  in  doubt,  layer  it   out”  is  what  Colorado   natives  said  when  asked   about  how  to  be  prepared   for  the  daily  weather.  
  8. 8. “I  love  chunky  sweaters,  they   are  comfy  and  cute!  Goodwill   is  the  perfect  place  for   finding  sweaters  at  a  great   price.”  Rogers  explained “I  usually  wear  jeans,  my   Sorels,  a  pull-­‐over  sweater   and  my  blue  Patagonia  zip-­‐up   micro  puff  jacket.  I  also  have   a  heavy  duty  black  North   Face  jacket.”  Cassie   Georgantas,  a  Texas  native   shared
  9. 9. For  those  students  who  don’t   have  proper  winter  gear  or  don’t   know  where  to  buy  winter  can  be   a  tricky  time.  The  myriad  of  online   stores  and  brand  name  stores  can   be  overwhelming  especially  if  you   are  shopping  on  a  budget.   Brands  such  as  Patagonia  and   Northface are  staples  in  DU   student’s  closets  and  can  be  seen   walking  all  around  campus.   According  to  students  online   shopping  is  definitely  the  best   way  to  go.  
  10. 10. Backcountry  and  REI  are  by  far  two  of  the  more  popular  go-­‐to  sites  for  students  looking  for  and  computers  alike   all  around  campus  and  seems  to  be  the  happening  place  to  shop  for  anything  from  avalanche  gear  to  pull-­‐over   fleeces  and  cool  winter  hats.  quality  winter  gear  but  who  don’t  want  to  break  the  bank.  The  Backcountry  and   REI  stickers  can  be  seen  on  water  bottles  
  11. 11. If  you’re  looking   for  cheaper  gear   since  you  are  not  a  big  fan  of  the   snow  and  or  won’t  be  skiing  or  riding   another  option  is  a  local  store  such  as   Walmart,  Kohl’s,  or  Target. “You  can  get  some  nice  quality  gear   at  Kohl’s  or  Target.  You  will  find   everything  you  need  there  at  an   affordable  price,  especially  if  you  are   not  going  to  be  going  up  to  the   mountains  much  and  don’t  need   fancy  outdoor   gear,”  Dronen   suggested. “Outlet  malls  are  an  awesome  place   to  find  North  Face  gear  or  other   brand  name  winter  apparel  items  on   a  budget,”  said  Page.
  12. 12. Shopping   for  winter  gear  can  be  a  lot  to  handle  when   you  are  trying  to  navigate  prices,  brands  and  styles,   but  at  the  end  of  the  day  you  can’t  put  a  price  on   being  warm  and  safe  on  campus.