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Parking lot construction poses problems to permit-holders


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Lots C and 103 have been closed since November.

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Parking lot construction poses problems to permit-holders

  1. 1. “Parking Closed” signs and caution tape block off different sections of Lots C and 103.
  2. 2. Parking access cards are now rejected by card-readers.
  3. 3. Cars line the building-sides of residence halls at nearly all times of the day.
  4. 4. Every untimed parking space on High St. is almost always occupied.
  5. 5. Students do not feel safe walking from their temporary lots to their dormitories late at night.
  6. 6. Permit-holders have been receiving parking tickets for parking too long in hour-parking spaces.
  7. 7. Lot 103 has been inaccessible to permit- holders since November.
  8. 8. Lot C has been closed since the beginning of November.
  9. 9. Only a handful of students at a time are lucky enough to get untimed spaces.
  10. 10. Students are angry that they have paid for permits that are now invalid.
  11. 11. Students are tired of getting tickets when they have already paid so much to park in their now- closed lots.
  12. 12. Lots C and 103 will remain inaccessible until further notice.