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Islamophobia: how DU got it right


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Inclusive Excellence on DU's campus

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Islamophobia: how DU got it right

  1. 1. The  Denver  Islamic  Society,   only  about  a  five  minute   drive  from  DU,  is  a  three-­‐ story  building   consisting  of  a   main  musullah (prayer  hall),   a  private  sisters’  musullah,   a   meeting  area,  classrooms  a   library  and  a  warming   kitchen.  
  2. 2. Samiha Matin,  a  second-­‐year   international  studies  student,  is  a   practicing  Muslim  and  chooses  to   wear  a  hijab  everyday.    
  3. 3. The   Washington   Post  reports   that  following   9/11,  hate   crimes   against   Muslims  on   college   campuses   increased   tenfold.  
  4. 4. In  addition  to  being  co-­‐president  of  DU’s  Muslim   Student  Association,  Matin works  as  a  resident   assistant  at  the  Johnson-­‐Macfarlane  hall  dorms.  
  5. 5. The  Huffington   Post  reported   that  94%  of  terrorist  attacks  in   the  United  States  from  1980  to   2005  were  carried  out  by  non-­‐ Muslims.  
  6. 6. Du’s Center  for  Multicultural  Excellence  and   Muslim  Student  Association  serve  as   resources  for  a  more  inclusive  community.
  7. 7. “…every  student  is  provided  the  same   opportunities. Whether  or  not  they  choose  to   take  them  is  a  personal  decision  that  they   have  the  agency  to  take.”  –Samiha Matin
  8. 8. Posters  such  as  this  are  plentiful  on   the  DU  campus  and  serve  to   eliminate  harmful  college   phenomena   such  as  rape  culture   and  discrimination.  
  9. 9. According  to  Matin,  the  key  to  creating  an   Islamophobic-­‐free  environment  lies  in  the   ability  to  speak  up  against  an  injustice  when   you  see  it.