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Saying goodbye to SAE


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This slideshow contains photos of the SAE house on DU's campus, as well as shots of the administration building and other related photos surrounding the suspension of the fraternity.

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Saying goodbye to SAE

  1. 1. This past quarter, the Greek life Chapter Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) was suspended from the University of Denver’s Fraternity and Sorority Life.
  2. 2. The SAE house is now empty as the members living in the house have been released from their on-campus housing requirement.
  3. 3. The University is in the process of determining how the SAE building will be utilized best, and they can confirm that the building will remain intact.
  4. 4. Administration made the ultimate decision to remove the SAE Chapter from campus after reviewing SAE’s chapter conduct code over the last five years.
  5. 5. The Administration building, where the offices of the people in charge of the suspension decision are located; a building which holds those who make the final decision in all campus related actions.
  6. 6. The SAE house left its members with many positive memories and provided a brotherhood community.
  7. 7. Brothers of SAE reflect on the wonderful location of the SAE house as it was a central location on campus.
  8. 8. Members of other Greek chapters show their recognition and support for the loss of SAE. To this end, the other Greek chapters on DU’s campus have been upholding the values to which their organizations were founded.
  9. 9. Assurance that the chapter has a strong and supportive House Corporation Board and Alumni Advisory Board that has been approved by the University is one of the steps to begin petitioning for re-colonization.
  10. 10. Dedication by the national fraternity to provide an Educational Leadership Consultant for no less than 10 weeks on campus to assist with recruitment efforts and the subsequent new-member period is another step in the petition process.
  11. 11. Students look into the criteria for re- colonization of SAE at the University of Denver. Students interested in joining or re-joining the chapter will need to complete the new member paperwork.
  12. 12. Sigma Alpha Epsilon will be eligible to petition for re- colonization at the University of Denver no earlier than Fall quarter 2017, for a start date no sooner than Winter quarter 2018.