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U presentation english alta

  1. 1. the first to create fashion accessories 2.0 with value added: all the pieces have a unique number this is the story of a brand, “the brand of smiles”
  2. 2. unisex collections all year
  3. 3. collectionsaroundtheworld
  4. 4. step by step we have become the brand of smiles
  5. 5. We are the first brand of fashion accessories 2.0; in addition eachpiecehas a unique code making the piece exclusive. There are no two alike. The unique code allows you to participate in lotteriescentered around the world of fashion through social networks such as facebook, twitter, instagram y pinteres. To participate you must enter your unique code in our web page: www.portopetrocolecciones.com The prizes are accessible because it is ONLY a question of style. We began on the magical day of 11.11.11 with the design of the Happy Buddha bracelet that travelled around the world and that till this day is still our signature piece. A brand with arevolutionary spirit and a creative team across all its departments. Our objective is to create fun pieces with quality materials, accessible prices, with rapid rotation and an almost non existent investment risk. Special pieces with personality that once they have completed their cycle they become discontinued retaining a value that willbe discovered in the summer of 2014. All the collections have a history and an essence full of positivemessages which means they convert into amulets.
  6. 6. Porto Petro is a small turist town in the region of Santanyí in the south of Mallorca (the locals pronounce it port-petra). It is an old port, curiously it was never a port of many fisherman or sailors. The whole area is very picturesque: a port without fishermen and a beautiful natural bay of many coves two of which have sand. Porto Petro is still a wild place, hidden on the edge of the Mediterranean. A place where ChusFajardo, the founder of the brand came 12 years ago for her first job. She never thought that her first working experience would be the inspiration for the name of this project that was born years later through chance. The career of the founder has been linked to the fashion world as a journalist, writing articles in prestigious national and international publications, and as director of communications for a Spanish designer known worldwide. She participated in many areas of the world of fashion, from top to bottom, but never contemplated the idea of ​​designing. Until one day she made for herself a simple bracelet with the head of a Buddha and her circle of friends also wanted one. The demand soon grew past her close acquaintances and she began to send it to her professional colleagues (press and celebrities) to see the reaction. Only a year and a halflater, she has continuedtobetonthiscrazyprojectthatbringsgoodenergytopeoplefroma llovertheworld.
  7. 7. importantthing porto.petrocommitstopr oducingentirely in Spainand collaboratingwith local artisans. Allpersonnelformtheport o.petroeither reside in or are fromSpain. Weare happytoprovidejobsforo ver20 peoplewhomake up thefamilyporto.petro. Weare expectinganincreasewith theimpendingexpansion project.
  8. 8. We have the pleasure to have national and international clients that are a reference in their sector. Our collections are sold in the most exclusive stores such as: Excelsior in Milano The boutique hotel Quisisana in Capri (Italy) UshuaïaIbiza Beach Hotel The newly opened hotel UshuaïaTower (Ibiza) ...Just a fewbecauseeveryone of ourcustomers are equallyspecialtous, forthe trust placed in usfromthebeginning. Over 300 outlets in a year and a half Theadventurebeganin shops in Barcelona, followingtherest of SpainincludingtheBalearicIslands (Ibiza, Formentera, Menorca and Majorca) &theCanaryIslands;Portugal, Italy, Mexico, Miami, New York, Costa Rica, theNetherlands, Belgium and Norway. EXPANSION PLAN Beginning in September of 2013, 150 storesbetweenEurope, LatinAmerica and Middle East. customers
  9. 9. pieces handmade in 100% Spain
  10. 10. anotherveryimportantthing For us it is important to know the sales points of our network because our porto.petro universe is a lifestyle and everything must be in harmony. So…
  11. 11. springsummer 2013 campaign
  12. 12. e v o l u t i ON