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Sequence Services Phase 2--Constellation Technologies


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Nick Trigg introduces the proof of concept provided by the consortium of Constellation Technologies and Genestack for Phase 2 of the Pistoia Alliance Sequence Services project. The presentation was delivered at the Pistoia Alliance Conference in Boston, MA, on April 24, 2012.

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Sequence Services Phase 2--Constellation Technologies

  1. 1. Constellation Technologies & GeneStack Development of Sequence Services 2 in the Constellation Framework1
  2. 2. ConstellationExperts in big data and bioinformatics• Spin out from STFC (Science and Technology Facilities Council) – Largest research facility in UK specialising in large data computing • CERN, European physics and astronomy science • Supporting all UK disciplines in computing• Strong IT & Bioinformatics expertise – Strong Bioinformatics delivery expertise – Strong connections into European academia – Excellent access to newly developed applications, tools and algorithms• Supplier of cloud computing services to large Pharma.• Partners for Pistoia SS2 – Microsoft Azure – STFC2
  3. 3. Constellation’s “Roadmap” Text Genome Mining/Search Analysis Core Data “AppMarket” Integration Service Service Service Service “Workflow Management” API Seamless Integration with Client systems
  4. 4. Bioinformatics IT• Bioinformatics • IT – Novel Algorithms – Platform Design – Research – Support – Scientific support – Maintenance – Discovery – Testing – Analysis – Stability / Scalability – Value Added – Security4
  5. 5. Hosting Cloud• Hosted • Cloud – Single Vendor – Vendor Agnostic – Hardware limitations – As required – Restricted storage – Selectable storage – Limited cost models – Best model available – “Lock in” – “Flexible”5
  6. 6. Cloud Vision Flexible Flexible Compute Storage Vendor Agnostic Academic or Client bespoke Business solutions Logic Client Minimise Applications Support Virtual “Bioinformatics Organisation Marketplace” True Cloud6
  7. 7. The Value of Pistoia• Value to users (Life Sciences R&D) – Access to Life Science R&D “thought” leaders – Opportunity to hear several innovative proposals – Expand the number of your global collaborators – Support supplier collaborations to provide enhanced services – Share long-term issues with other Life Sciences R&D users – Better and cheaper solutions to high-value challenges• Value to suppliers (e.g. Constellation) – Access to major clients – Clarity on major long term issues faced by customers base – Partnerships and collaboration encouraged and supported7
  8. 8. High Level Architecture PortalBioinformatics Deployed Workflow UI UIs Workflow (Apps)Bioinformatics Workflow Tools Systems Bioinformatics Applications Distributed Compute Distributed Storage
  9. 9. Our goal for SS2• We believed the end goal was a flexible platform where ALL the application described in SS2 scope could be deployed for individual clients as required.• Platform should be scalable where security, support and maintenance can be easily managed. – Reducing support costs allows for more focus on research• Bioinformatics applications added as required: – GeneStack (Analysis Portal) – VIB (Arctix) (Workflow) (in discussion) – EBI (Services) (in discussion)• Workflow delivered as a fundamental development principle• Development of the “AppMarket” for Bioinformatics9
  10. 10. SecureScalableStorage CompanyWorkflow Specific Core Integrating 3rd Party SystemsIntegration FutureWith other Development Systems10
  11. 11. Deliverables achieved• Portal with access to all the “Must Have” Web Services described in the SS2 documentation – Constellation Managed Administration Interface to allow organisational mapping of users to Programs / Projects / Applications• “Tool Box” of Integrated Applications – Galaxy – Secure Ensembl – Secure CellProfiler – Content Search (New development)• Galaxy workflow engine with integrating applications deployed as a secure web application to cover “Must Have” tools – Restricted set of apps based on feedback from “testing pool” (Restrictions based on Need/Security) – Tools can be added on request• Scalable storage and compute (dependant on need and security) – Structured Program - Project – User mapping – Cost effective data storage and compute• Initial Integration with another Bioinformatics Vendor (GeneStack)11
  12. 12. Visiting BioIT World tomorrow Drop us a note if you would like to meet up while were in Boston. or +44 7766 51515312