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Wooden cr page 4

  1. 1. June 9, 2010 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H4277 But John Wooden’s remarkable success as missed dearly, but whose legacy will continue amendments as may have been adopted. The a player is often overlooked because of the to shine in the sports world and throughout previous question shall be considered as or- historic achievements of his coaching career. American life. dered on the bill and amendments thereto to final passage without intervening motion ex- John Wooden began his coaching career at I urge my colleagues to join me in sup- cept one motion to recommit with or with- UCLA in 1948 and immediately established a porting this resolution. out instructions. record of success that has made him an Ms. SHEA-PORTER. I yield back the SEC. 2. The Chair may entertain a motion American icon and the gold standard of col- balance of my time. that the Committee rise only if offered by lege basketball coaches. Coach Wooden led The SPEAKER pro tempore. The the chair of the Committee on Financial the UCLA Bruins to 10 national champion- question is on the motion offered by Services or his designee. The Chair may not ships, a record no other coach in college bas- the gentlewoman from New Hampshire entertain a motion to strike out the enact- ketball history has come close to matching. (Ms. SHEA-PORTER) that the House sus- ing words of the bill (as described in clause Between 1967 and 1973, Coach Wooden’s pend the rules and agree to the resolu- 9 of rule XVIII). SEC. 3. It shall be in order at any time Bruins won an incredible 7 consecutive na- tion, H. Res. 1427. through the legislative day of June 11, 2010, tional championships. No other coach has The question was taken; and (two- for the Speaker to entertain motions that more than three. In addition, he led the Bruins thirds being in the affirmative) the the House suspend the rules. The Speaker or to 19 conference championships, 12 Final rules were suspended and the resolu- her designee shall consult with the Minority Four appearances, 4 perfect seasons, and a tion was agreed to. Leader or his designee on the designation of remarkable 88 game winning streak, which re- A motion to reconsider was laid on any matter for consideration pursuant to mains the longest in history. The record 38 the table. this section. game NCAA tournament winning streak that The SPEAKER pro tempore. The gen- f his Bruins compiled in winning the first 9 na- tleman from Colorado is recognized for tional championships is surely as close to un- b 1315 1 hour. beatable a record as any in all of sports. The Mr. PERLMUTTER. For purposes of PROVIDING FOR CONSIDERATION next longest winning streak is a mere 14 debate only, I yield the customary 30 OF H.R. 5072, FHA REFORM ACT games, compiled by the Duke Blue Devils minutes to the gentleman from Texas OF 2010 from 1992–94. (Mr. SESSIONS). All time yielded during As a former college basketball player, I un- Mr. PERLMUTTER. Madam Speaker, consideration of the rule is for debate derstand the long hours of hard work and in- by direction of the Committee on only. tense dedication needed to achieve a single Rules, I call up House Resolution 1424 GENERAL LEAVE winning season. So, the monumental record of and ask for its immediate consider- Mr. PERLMUTTER. I ask unanimous success compiled by Coach Wooden is stag- ation. consent that all Members be given 5 gering. But, as Coach Wooden would be the The Clerk read the resolution, as fol- legislative days in which to revise and first to explain, his monumental achievements lows: extend their remarks on House Resolu- were the product of an intense focus on the H. RES. 1424 tion 1424. details. Coach Wooden was famous for start- Resolved, That at any time after the adop- The SPEAKER pro tempore. Is there ing the first day of practice each season with tion of this resolution the Speaker may, pur- suant to clause 2(b) of rule XVIII, declare the objection to the request of the gen- a tutorial on how to properly put on athletic tleman from Colorado? House resolved into the Committee of the socks in order to avoid blisters. It was this out- There was no objection. Whole House on the state of the Union for look on the game—this understanding that at- consideration of the bill (H.R. 5072) to im- Mr. PERLMUTTER. I yield myself tention to detail is a fundamental first step to prove the financial safety and soundness of such time as I may consume. achieving great things—that made Coach the FHA mortgage insurance program. The The rule provides for consideration of Wooden such a master. first reading of the bill shall be dispensed House bill 5072, the FHA Reform Act of John Wooden’s success on the court was with. All points of order against consider- ation of the bill are waived except those aris- 2010. It is a structured rule which topped only by the positive effect that he had ing under clause 9 or 10 of rule XXI. General makes in order 13 amendments. The on the lives of his players. All of Coach debate shall be confined to the bill and shall rule waives all points of order against Wooden’s players will attest that, while he not exceed one hour equally divided and con- the bill except those arising under surely made them better basketball players, trolled by the chair and ranking minority clause 9 and 10 of rule XXI. It further his most lasting impact on their lives was his member of the Committee on Financial considers the amendment in the nature ability to make them better people. Coach Services. After general debate the bill shall of a substitute from the Financial Wooden was an educator and a mentor in the be considered for amendment under the five- Services Committee be considered as truest sense. More than personal talent, he minute rule. It shall be in order to consider as an original bill for the purpose of amend- read. Finally, the rule provides author- stressed the importance of loyalty, companion- ment under the five-minute rule the amend- ity to the Speaker to entertain mo- ship, cooperation, and enthusiasm. He im- ment in the nature of a substitute rec- tions to suspend the rules on Thursday parted upon his players lessons that led to ommended by the Committee on Financial and Friday of this week. life-long success. Services now printed in the bill. The com- The words of wisdom he imparted to the Madam Speaker, H.R. 5072, the Fed- mittee amendment in the nature of a sub- eral Housing Administration Reform players he coached helped them become stitute shall be considered as read. All points champions on and off the court. Who can for- Act of 2010, provides FHA with the nec- of order against the committee amendment get these famous quotes of Coach Wooden: in the nature of a substitute are waived ex- essary tools to strengthen its mortgage ‘‘Don’t confuse activity with achievement.’’ cept those arising under clause 10 of rule insurance program and overall finan- ‘‘Be quick but don’t hurry.’’ XXI. Notwithstanding clause 11 of rule cial position. The collapse of the pri- ‘‘Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.’’ XVIII, no amendment to the committee vate sector in the wake of the financial ‘‘It’s what you learn after you know it all that amendment in the nature of a substitute crisis left a large void in the housing counts.’’ shall be in order except those printed in the market. Banks didn’t have the capital report of the Committee on Rules accom- to lend, so potential home buyers were ‘‘The main ingredient of stardom is the rest panying this resolution. Each such amend- of the team.’’ left out in the cold. FHA played a crit- ment may be offered only in the order print- ‘‘Things turn out best for the people who ed in the report, may be offered only by a ical role in filling this void, providing make the best of the way things turn out.’’ Member designated in the report, shall be a much-needed catalyst to the real es- ‘‘Failure is not fatal, but failure to change considered as read, shall be debatable for the tate industry, which was left reeling might be.’’ time specified in the report equally divided from the subprime debacle. This pre- ‘‘Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is and controlled by the proponent and an op- served hundreds of thousands of jobs in ponent, shall not be subject to amendment, tjames on DSKG8SOYB1PROD with HOUSE man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. the real estate industry. Be careful.’’ and shall not be subject to a demand for divi- As a result of taking on a more sion of the question. All points of order For his contributions to the game of basket- prominent role, FHA’s market share against such amendments are waived except ball and to the lives of so many young Ameri- those arising under clause 9 or 10 of rule XXI. increased from about 4 percent to now cans, Coach Wooden was deservedly award- At the conclusion of consideration of the bill more than 30 percent of total pur- ed the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Coach for amendment the Committee shall rise and chases, 88 percent of which are first- Wooden is an American icon who will be report the bill to the House with such time home buyers. VerDate Mar 15 2010 02:14 Jun 10, 2010 Jkt 089060 PO 00000 Frm 00029 Fmt 4634 Sfmt 0634 E:CRFMA09JN7.029 H09JNPT1