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Piper Hopple<br />730 Mildred Ave<br />Temperance, MI 48182<br />(734) 847-8789<br />OBJECTIVE<br />To earn employment.<br...
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  1. 1. Piper Hopple<br />730 Mildred Ave<br />Temperance, MI 48182<br />(734) 847-8789<br />OBJECTIVE<br />To earn employment.<br />EMPLOYMENT<br /> <br />Baby Sitting2009-present<br />Temperance, MI<br />Responsibilities: For various ages for extended periods of time, including personal hygiene, food preparation, educational responsibilities, and household supervision.<br /> <br />EDUCATION<br />Bedford High School Graduation: May 2014<br />GPA: 3.88Class Rank: 21/ 418(# in class)<br />Current Classes: Algebra, Health, Online Experience, Orchestra, Physics<br />Activities: Varsity Swimming(9), Mount Carmel TAG group, Two different 4H groups.<br />AWARDS RECEIVED<br />Academic: Perfect attendance(8), Outstanding in english(8)<br />Sports Awards: Varsity Swimming.(9)<br />Honor Roll (7-9)<br />VOLUNTEER & COMMUNITY EXPERIENCE<br />Babysitting for free.<br />Making food to send overseas to soldiers.<br />Assisting elderly with chores.<br />