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in conjunction with PAED Induction
   21st February 2010 (Sunday)
  New World Renaissanc...
08:00 am ~ 08:30 am   Registration

Program hig h l i g h t s

                                 SmIlE DESIGN AND INTEGrATIoN oF miICD AS A TrEATmENT          ...
PrACTICAl ASPECTS oF SElECTING mINImAllY INvASIvE CoSmETIC                              CrEATING THE “SUPEr TooTH” wITH IN...
CASE DoCUmENTATIoN IN mICD THE DIGITAl wAY                                                A PoTPoUrrI oF orTHoDoNTIC & EST...
oCClUSAl KEYS To SUCCESS IN mICD                                                           INDUCTIoN CErEmoNY
PAED members
Pre-registration fee                                                 2,500.00
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Paed Mi Cd Symposium Invites


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Announcing the 1st “Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Dentistry” (MiCD) Symposium in Asia and Induction of the 8th president and officers of PAED Philippine Association of Esthetic Dentistry

Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Paed Mi Cd Symposium Invites

  1. 1. presents Symposium in conjunction with PAED Induction 21st February 2010 (Sunday) New World Renaissance Hotel Makati City • Manila
  2. 2. 08:00 am ~ 08:30 am Registration 09:00 am ~ 09:15 am Welcome Address (from PAED) Introduction Program 09:15 am ~ 10:30 am Smile Design and Integration of MiCD as a Treatment Option PAED welcomes you to the first MiCD symposium in Asia, where Dr. Sushil Koirala (Nepal) the audience will comprehend the essence of Minimally Invasive 10:30 am ~ 11:15 am “Downsizing” Caries Treatment to Prolong Cosmetic Dentistry (MiCD) with many valuable take-home tips Tooth Life Dr. Ko Hinoura (Japan) that will help to enhance the quality of their daily practice. 11:15 am ~ 12:00 am “Practical Aspects of Selecting Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Dentistry” The recent paradigm shift towards a want based dentistry Dr. Jeffrey Seow (Singapore) created on the patient’s demand has revolutionized the treatment 12:00 pm ~ 1:00 pm Lunch protocols with a more destructive approach to achieve predictable 1:00 pm ~ 1:45 pm Creating The “Super Tooth” with aesthetics in a short period of time. MiCD is a movement that Innovative Adhesive Material For advocates a phased treatment protocol to preserve sound tooth Achieving MiCD Treatment structure while still achieving the desired aesthetics outcome Prof. Junji Tagami (Japan) with the best interest of the patient. 1:45 pm ~ 2:30 pm Case Documentation in MiCD the Digital Way Dr. Suhit Adikari (Nepal) This comprehensive scientific program will highlight the various 2:30 pm ~ 3:30 pm A Potpourri of Orthodontic & aspects and importance of adapting MiCD in your practice with Esthetic Dentistry Topics predictability. Dr. James Young (U.S.A.) What’s more you will also get the opportunity to become a 3:30 pm ~ 4:00 pm Tea Break MiCD member through the PAED and embrace this new trend in 4:00 pm ~ 4:45 pm Occlusal Keys to Success in MICD Cosmetic Dentistry… Dr. Adrian Yap (Singapore) 4:45 pm ~ 5:15 pm Clinical Technique Video Demonstration Dr. Sushil Koirala (Nepal) 5:15 pm ~ 5:30 pm MiCD Programs in the Philippines Dr. Sonny Burias (Philippines) • • • • • • • • • • 5:30 pm Closing Remarks Dr. Sushil Koirala 7:00 pm ~ 10:00 pm PAED Induction
  3. 3. Program hig h l i g h t s SmIlE DESIGN AND INTEGrATIoN oF miICD AS A TrEATmENT DowNSIzING CArIES TrEATmENT To ProloNG TooTH lIFE oPTIoN The notion of caries as an oral disease and the technique to treat caries, The patient’s psychology, health, function and aesthetics [PHFA-Pyramid] are the including the adhesive restoration and conservative cavity preparation design, Sushil Koirala Ko Hinoura four fundamental components of smile design which must be respected to achieve have dramatically changed since the introduction of the guidelines by G.V. healthy, harmonious & beautiful smiles. The psychology and aesthetic components Black. Particularly, there is a growing move trying to extend tooth longevity by of Smile design are more subjective in nature, however health and function deals minimizing the repeated restoration cycle. with objective parameters. Hence the clinician should understand the patient’s In order to restore the carious tooth, first we need to control the micoflora, then psychological status, achieve a healthy oral environment, ensure function and eliminate the caries and restore affected tooth back to its original form. then concentrate on achieving the aesthetic treatment. There are various treatment modalities available in cosmetic dentistry, however the contemporary treatment “Downsizing”, in this context, means not only “downsizing” (minimizing) the amount modalities are trending towards more invasive procedures with an overutilization of cutting sound and healthy tooth structure, but also “downsizing” (reducing) of crowns, bridges, thick full veneers and invasive periodontal surgeries, while the oral bacteria to maintain oral hygiene. With this “downsizing” treatment, neglecting long-term oral health, actual aesthetic needs and the characteristic of natural dentition can be maintained for a longer period. The philosophy behind the patient. this treatment will be discussed in this lecture with an attempt to comprehend and put all the current knowledge together, such as prevention, remineralization, ion There are two parts in the presentation, the first part will highlight the basic exchange and adhesion, with an aim to restore the carious tooth in the simplest principles of smile design based on the Smile Design Wheel. And the second part and least invasive manner. will focus on the minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry (MiCD) treatment options which guide the practitioners in achieving optimum results with as little intervention as possible. Various step-by step clinical cases will also be shown during the presentation. Ko Hinoura D.D.S, Ph.D • • • • • • • • • • Dr. Hinoura is the director of Hinoura Dental office in Tokyo and obtained his Ph.D and D.D.S. from Nihon University, Sushil Koirala B.D.S, F.A.G.E Tokyo, Japan. He is a visiting Lecturer, Nihon University Dr. Sushil Koirala is the founding president of Vedic School of Dentistry, Niigata University, Kyushu University and Institute of Smile Aesthetics (VISA) and the chief instructor Indiana University School of Dentistry. of Comprehensive Aesthetic Dentistry (CAD) a two-year Dr. Hinoura is an active member of The Japanese Society of training program based upon Vedic Philosophy of beauty & Conservative Dentistry, Japan Society for Adhesive Dentistry, aesthetics. He maintains a private practice focusing primarily Japan Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, The Japanese Society for Dental Materials on minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry (MiCD). With more and Devices and International Association for Dental Research. than 17 years of clinical experience in aesthetic dentistry, Dr. Koirala has develop the Vedic Smile Concept, Smile Design Wheel, MiCD TP and various clinical techniques for direct aesthetic restorations. He is also the founding president of Nepalese Academy of Cosmetic & Aesthetic Dentistry (NACAD) and South Asian Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry (SAAAD). He has published numerous clinical articles in aesthetic dentistry and authored “A clinical guide to Direct Cosmetic Restorations with Giomer”, published by Dental Tribune International GmbH, Germany. In addition, Dr. Koirala also serves as the Vice President Asian Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry, Vice President International College of Continuing Dental Education (ICCDE), editor-in-chief of Cosmetic Dentistry, Science & beauty magazine of DTI and advisor of Dentistry South Asia dental magazine. He frequently conducts hands-on programs and delivers lectures globally on smile aesthetics.
  4. 4. PrACTICAl ASPECTS oF SElECTING mINImAllY INvASIvE CoSmETIC CrEATING THE “SUPEr TooTH” wITH INNovATIvE ADHESIvE DENTISTrY mATErIAl For ACHIEvING mICD TrEATmENT With new materials and technology surfacing almost daily, dentists are now able Development of the self-etching technology provided extremely reliable bonding Jeffrey KB Seow J u n j i Ta g a m i to improve our patients’ smile without the unnecessary sacrifice of healthy tooth especially to dentin. When compared to the adhesives with phosphoric acid etching, structure. Dentists are no longer bound by the limitations of tools and materials, the adhesives with self-etching primer exhibit very stable bonding interface. A more but only by our experience and imagination and with our patients benefit as the complete penetration of the adhesive material to the bottom of the decalcified ultimate goal. dentin is seen with no naked collagen fibers at the bonding interface. Because of the difference in the bonding interface between 2 types of the adhesive resin A paradigm shift has occurred whereby the dentist is now not only an architect of a above, adhesive with self etching primer tends to exhibit higher bonding durability person’s oral health but also the general well being of a person. The challenge for to dentin. FL-Bond ll, a novel adhesive system contains a unique S-PRG (Surface the dentist now is to balance both the clinical as well as the management aspect of Pre-reacted Glass Ionomer) filler based on the Giomer concept with the ability their practice in these fast changing times. This and other practical aspects we will to release flouride. Due to the S-PRG filler in the bonding resin, adjacent dentin learn in this lecture. is reinforced after the restoration. A new layer at the bonding interface between dentin and FL-Bond ll, shows higher resistance against acid and base attack. We named this layer as the “Super Dentin”, since this layer is modified chemically and mechanically compared to the original dentin beneath. The “Super Dentin” is created only with the adhesive with self-etching technologies, and FL-Bond ll created the thicker “Super Dentin” than the adhesives without fluoride release. Jeffrey KB Seow BDS, mFGDP Dr. Jeffrey Seow obtained his BDS degree from the National “Super Dentin” is believed to enhance durability of the bond for long term success University of Singapore and MFGDP(UK). He had served as a and predictability of the restoration. The lecture will focus on the new applications Dental Officer in the Ministry of Health at Singapore General of the adhesive technologies in minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry. Hospital, Tan Tock Seng Hospital and Pegu Road Community • • • • • • • • • • Dental Clinic prior to leaving for private practice. Dr. Seow is the Founding Secretary of the Aesthetic Dentistry Society (Singapore) and later served as the President of the Society from 2004 – 06. The Society was formed to promote the knowledge in Junji Tagami D.D.S, Ph.D. Aesthetic Dentistry among dentists in Singapore and to educate the public in this Prof. Junji Tagami received his D.D.S and Ph.D. degrees from growing field. Tokyo Medical and Dental University and joined the faculty He has also contributed his time and knowledge to advance the field of dental in 1984. He is currently Dean, Faculty of Dentistry and education, actively participating in dental conferences and meetings both locally Graduate School at Tokyo Medical and Dental University. He and overseas. is also a professor in the Cariology and Operative Dentistry Department of Restorative Sciences. Prof. Tagami has held a Dr. Seow contributes his ideas not just by serving in various committees such position as Director of School of Dental Technicians, Tokyo as the Asian Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry, but also by presenting lectures in Medical and Dental University Hospital and is a member of conferences especially in Japan, Indonesia and India. International Association for Dental Research, Academy of Dental Material, The Japanese Society of Conservative Dentistry, The Japanese Society for Materials, The Japanese Sociery for Adhesive Dentistry, The Stomatological Society Japan, Japanese Society for Laser Dentistry, Japan Academy of Esthetic Dentistry and Japanese Society of Pediatric Dentistry. Professor Tagami was awarded honorary degree “Doctor of Medicine, Honoris Causa”, by King’s College London, as an international opinion leader in the field of applied dental biomaterials science. He has authored several articles in peer reviewed journals and book chapters.
  5. 5. CASE DoCUmENTATIoN IN mICD THE DIGITAl wAY A PoTPoUrrI oF orTHoDoNTIC & ESTHETIC DENTISTrY ToPICS As digital dentistry gains popularity, case documentation in the recent years has This presentation will incorporate a comprehensive presentation of topics of interest taken centre stage as an integral component of any treatment protocol especially in the areas of aesthetic dentistry from an orthodontic point-of-view. Suhit R. Adhikari J a m e s Yo u n g in Cosmetic Dentistry. Case documentation with digital photography plays an Topics will include soft tissue lip postures, gummy smiles and vertical dimension important role also for the purpose of medico-legal issues, academics, self (overbite). assessment for an evidence based practice. MiCD treatment procedures demands detail and precise case documentation with digital photography as it is based on a New advances on imaging, such as cone beam computerized tomography (CBCT) phased treatment protocol where patients require regular maintenance to evaluate and its relevance to treatment plan will be discussed. the aesthetic work performed. Compared to traditional case documentation that requires printed case sheets and files to store pertinent patient data, digital case documentation is more efficient with the advantage of easy retrieval of data that can be viewed by many people in different locations. The presenter will try to highlight the basic digital components required to optimize the MiCD case documentation and present the fundamental clinical techniques James Young, D.m.D., m.S. of digital dental photography. Dr. James Young is a U.S.-based orthodontist with a private practice in the Los Angeles area for over 20 years. Dr. Young received his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the University of the Philippines and his Master of Science in Oral Biology from Loyola University of Chicago. He also obtained his Certificate of Specialty in Orthodontics from Loyola University and specializes in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Suhit r. Adhikari B.D.S Orthopedics. Dr. Young has been involved in education Dr. Suhit R. Adhikari is the founding member and the and community service work for many years. He first served as full time assistant • • • • • • • • • • President of Nepalese Academy of Cosmetic and Aesthetic professor in Orthodontics at Loyola University and currently an assistant professor Dentistry (NACAD), Vice President of South Asian Academy in the post graduate Orthodontic department at Loma Linda University. Dr. Young of Aesthetic dentistry (SAAAD), the country representative authored several professional journals and he works in active collaboration with of Asian Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry (AAAD) and the other dentists and specialists to develop new and better treatment protocols. Dr. founding member of the National Dental Hospital of Nepal. Young is the founder and president of the U.P. Dental Alumni Association (U.S.A.), He has published various articles related to digital dentistry the only formally organized group outside the Philippines. He is an indefatigable and dental photography in dental journals & magazines. In addition, Dr. Adhikari champion of the College and had also served as a visiting professor and guest serves as a member of editorial board of Cosmetic dentistry_ beauty and science lecturer for many years. and Dentistry South Asia the on-line magazine. He maintains a private practice focusing on cosmetics and orthodontics. Dr. Adhikari conducts hands on program in dental photography and is the Trainer in “Digital Dentistry” for the Vedic Institute of Smile Aesthetics (VISA).
  6. 6. oCClUSAl KEYS To SUCCESS IN mICD INDUCTIoN CErEmoNY Dentists cannot restore and replace teeth without being involved in Occlusion. (7:00 pm ~ 10:00 pm) Occlusion is not about static structural relationships but the functional relationships A d r i a n Ya p Induction Ceremony between the various components of the masticatory system. Many restorative Dinner procedures can potentially change the way the masticatory system functions. Processional The failure to recognize occlusal problems and manage occlusion properly can Invocation “The Prayer” damage your practice as well as reputation. To enhance restoration success and minimize operator stress, occlusal challenges including bruxism and TMD National Anthem Dr. Albert Reguyal in charge (Temporomandibular Disorders) must be identified prior to starting any restorative PDA Hymn Dr. Albert Reguyal in charge work. Possible risks-and benefits associated with MiCD (Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Dentistry) should be communicated to patients as well as the need for Welcome Address Dr. Alberto Antonio C. Roa teeth/restoration protection. The clinical selection of materials for different occlusal PAED Past President 1998-2000 circumstances will also be discussed. This latter can influence patient’s health, comfort and confidence in addition to restoration longevity. During this lecture you Keynote Address Dr. Ma. Isabel Brual will learn to define occlusion and its classification, recognize occlusal problems, PDA President 2009-2010 bruxism and TMD and appreciate their clinical significance in relation to MiCD, Valedictory Address Dr. Lillian L. Ebuen identify good occlusal practices, learn the importance of material / restoration selection in MiCD and understand the importance of occlusal “protection” PAED President 2008-2009 AVP 2008-2009 Presentation of PAED Officers & Committee Chairmen 2008-2009 Induction Ceremony • • • • • • • • • • Adrian Yap, PhD, mSc, BDS, Dr. Sonny H. Burias Dr. Alfred D. Valera Grad Dip Psychotherapy, FAmS PAED President 2010-2012 PAED Founding President Dr. Yap is a Consultant Prosthodontist at Raffles Hospital. He is also the Dental Director of Raffles Hospital / Raffles Dental Transfer of Authority and an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Faculty of Dentistry, Dr. Lillian L. Ebuen to Dr. Sonny H. Burias National University of Singapore (NUS) and School of Science Inaugural Address Dr. Sonny H. Burias and Technology, SIM University (UniSIM). He obtained his PhD, BDS and Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy from NUS and PAED President 2010-2012 MSc (Conservative Dentistry) from the University of London. Proclamation of PAED Officers and Dr. Olegario G. Clemente, Jr. Dr. Yap is known for his expertise in Temporomandibular Disorders, Occlusion Committee Chairs 2010-2012 COMELEC Chair and Restorative Dentistry and has lectured worldwide as well as conducted many courses in these areas. He has authored more than 160 refereed journal articles, Induction of PAED Officers and Dr. Sonny H. Burias 360 conference/seminar papers as well as several book chapters. Dr. Yap has Committee Chairs 2010-2012 PAED President 2010-2012 received numerous clinical, research and teaching awards and serves on the editorial boards of several international journals. Presentation of New Fellow Members Dr. Mylene G. Igrubay Presentation of New Active Members Chair, Membership Committee Presentation of New Associate Members Closing Remarks Dr. Marylou S. Fernandez PAED President Elect 2012-2014
  7. 7. PAED members Pre-registration fee 2,500.00 On-site registration fee 3,000.00 Non-members Pre-registration fee 3,000.00 On-site registration fee 3,500.00 Foreign delegates Pre-registration fee 4,000.00 On-site registration fee 4,500.00 P a t ro n s and members who par ticipate w i l l b e c o me m iCD members through PAED AUTomATICAllY ! For more details, please contact: Dr. Mylene Igrubay telefax #896503 + 639394850817 Dr. Edelmira Mendoza + 639228570384 Dr. Alice Rodriguez telefax #7277752 + 639178905407 (drop off point Fildent Enterprises 785 E. rodriguez, Cubao, QC) Deposit to PSBANK PAED Act No. 133-11200012-6 CHINO ROCES BRANCH PHILIPPINE ACADEMY OF ESTHETIC DENTISTRY