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Dear Doctor:

A happy new year to you and your family.
In the tradition of providing you the highest quality continuing education programs, we are inviting you once again to a one-day continuing education symposium "MASTERING HARD AND SOFT TISSUE MAINTENANCE: A PATIENT CENTERED APPROACH FOR MAXIMUM GAINS" (Periodontal Health Maintenance and Caries Management for the General Practitioner) featuring world renowned experts Prof. Fridus van der Weijden on Periodontal Maintenance, Prof. Ian Meyers on Caries Management and our very own Dr. Ninay Santos-Morales on Implant Maintenance on FEBRUARY 6, MONDAY 8-5 pm at THE MANILA PENINSULA, MAKATI.
This is a unique seminar where we were able to assemble three of the best speakers in the world of dentistry to share with you valuable clinical and practical information backed up by scientific evidence which you can use in your day to day clinical practice. We are proud that we are able to give you speakers who are not only clinical practitioners, but also academicians, prolific researchers and authors. THIS IS A NOT TO BE MISSED EVENT. This seminar is also part of our 97th Foundation Anniversary.
Regitration fees are: Preregistration until February 5 at P3,000.00. Onsite is PhP4,000.00 For details, pls see attached brochure or contact Dr. Armin Segarra at 09175305861 or09228827646.

Yours truly,

Armin G. Segarra
UP Dental Alumni Association
Incoming President

UP College of Dentistry
Continuing Education Committee

Vicente O. Medina III, DDM, PhD

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  1. 1. PROGRAM University of the Philippines Manila College of Dentistry8:00 AM Registration/ Snacks9:00 Opening Ceremonies9:15 Professor Fridus van der Weijden Lecture10:30 Professor Ian Meyers Lecture UP Dental Alumni Association Inc.11:45 Open Forum (Moderator: Dr. Armin G. Segarra)12:15 Lunch Break In celebrating 97 years1:15 PM Professor Fridus van der Weijden Lecture of providing2:15 Professor Ian Meyers Lecture3:15 Tea/Coffee Break EXCELLENT DENTAL EDUCATION PROGRAMS3:30 Dr. Ninay Morales Lecture4:30 Open Forum (Moderator: Dr. Armin G. Segarra) Invite you to a REGISTRATION DETAILS One-Day Continuing Education SymposiumThis symposium is open to ALL DENTISTS. “MASTERING SOFT AND HARD TISSUE MANAGEMENT: A PATIENT-CENTERED APPROACHRegistration Fee: Early bird registration until January 10, 2012 PhP2,700.00 FOR MAXIMUM GAINS” Pre-registration from Jan. 11 to Feb. 5, 2012 3,000.00 (Periodontal Health Maintenance and Onsite 4,000.00 Caries Management for the General Practitioner) Registration fee inclusive of AM/PM Snacks, lunch, seminar kit, and a by Certificate of Attendance from the UP College of Dentistry. Professor Fridus van der WeijdenPayments can be made thru: University of Amsterdam Banco de Oro (BDO) any branch Account Name: Dr. Elmer Jesus T. Escoto BDO Pedro Gil Taft Professor Ian Meyers Account Number: 241-0063949 University of Queensland Please fax deposit slip to 302-39-83 loc 111 or 526-06-98 with your name Dr. Regina Isabel Santos-Morales and contact number; or text us at 09175305861 once you have paid. University of the Philippines Bring deposit slip for validation on February 6. February 6 (Monday), 2012For inquiries/information/details, please contact: Dr. Armin G. Segarra (0917-530-5861; 09228827646) 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Dr. Michelle S. Segarra (0920-909-8426; 09228534246) The Manila Peninsula UPCD Cont. Ed (09088953400) Or e-mail us at: Ayala Avenue, Makati Be part of our 97th Foundation Anniversary Celebration Lectures will start PROMPTLY at 9:00 AM. UPCD @ 97 “We assure you of the highest quality continuing dental education”
  2. 2. OVERVIEW OF THE SYMPOSIUM Professor Ian Meyers BDSc, FICD, FADI, FPFA, FRACDSIn a busy practice we make hundreds of decisions a day regarding preserving our patients’ OralHealth. This is often based on a traditional procedural approach with minimal thought to the Professor Meyers is currently in general dental practice in Bris-patient’s risk assessment, needs and subsequent ability to maintain their oral health. In this bane, Australia and has honorary professorial positions with the Uni-digital age patients are becoming more aware of their smile and wanting to keep their teeth for versity of Queensland School of Dentistry, and James Cook Universitylife; to be successful today’s practitioner must work with their patient to build a long term rela- School of Medicine and Dentistry. Ian has worked in both public andtionship that will develop contented and satisfied patients and a more fulfilled and profitable private dental clinics and has been involved with The University ofpractice Queensland since 1988. He was the inaugural Colgate Chair of Gen-This symposium will explore the modern approaches to both hard and soft tissue risk assess-ment and subsequent patient management. A practical approach to modern minimal interven- Dental Practice from 2001-2009, and then Chief Dental Officer for Queensland Health fromtion techniques for restoring teeth will be discussed together with strategies for assessing pa- 2009-2010, and 2010 President of the Queensland Branch of Australian Dental Association. Iantient’s abilities to obtain and maintain a healthy and attractive periodontium. is a member of the International Association of Dental Research, Chairman of the Australian Dental Research Foundation and a member of the editorial board of The Australian Dental Jour-In addition the importance of home care and maintenance of oral health will be discussed in- nal and several other international journals. He is a member of the Board of Studies, and chair-cluding the often neglected aspect of implant maintenance. man of the Examinations Committee, for the MRACDS program. He is involved in numerous ADA committees at state and national levels and is an examiner for the Australian Dental Coun- THE LECTURERS AND LECTURES cil. Ian is also a product consultant to a range of dental companies and member and past chair- Professor Fridus van der Weijden man of the ADA Dental Instruments, Materials and Equipment Committee. His major interests include adhesive restorative dental materials, diagnosis and management of the worn denti- Professor Fridus van der Weijden graduated in 1984 from the State University tion, minimum intervention dentistry, and teaching and clinical development in general prac- Dental School in Utrecht, the Netherlands where he also received his training tice dentistry. as a periodontist and was accredited by the Dutch Society of Periodontology in 1990. He defended his thesis entitled, The use of models and indices in Prof. Meyers will demonstrate modern clinical techniques and products available to assess plaque and gingivitis trials in 1993 and received accreditation as a senior and manage the patients’ dental tissue disease risks. He will have practical examples of the investigator by the Netherlands Institute for Dental Sciences in 2000. new approaches to minimal intervention dentistry in addition to management of tooth wear. He will also focus on the changing patterns of diet and lifestyle that are impacting on preserv- In 2005 he received an accreditation as an “Implant-specialist” by the Dutch Society of Oral ing a healthy smile for life. His presentation will include: Implantology.  Identification, diagnosis and the assessment of complex restorative cases. Since 1986, Fridus van der Weijden divides his time between the Clinic for Periodontology  Evaluation and stabilisation of the oral environment Ultrecht and the Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam. Furthermore he works on regular occasions as an implant dentist in a practice devoted to Implantology in Drachten.  Treatment options and sequencing of treatment plans He is a frequent in postgraduate courses and the author of the book entitled, “The Power of  Use of remineralisation and desensitising regimes prior to restoration Ultrasonics” and the co-author and co-editor of the book “Preventive Dentistry.” He has also  When and how to conservatively restore tooth wear cases authored and co-authored approximately 60 national and 130 international publications.  Selection of appropriate materials for direct restorations The Ivory Cross, awarded him in early 2009, the Carl Witthaus Medal of Honor for his work  Clinical techniques for direct and semi-direct tooth coloured restorations on prevention and propagation of oral health. In early 2010, he has been appointed as Profes-  Maintenance of the restored mouth for successful outcomes and reducing failures sor at the University of Amsterdam with “Prevention and Therapy of Periodontal Infections” as main focus for his research. This chair has been an initiative of the Dutch Society of Periodon- tology. Dr. Regina Isabel Santos-Morales Prof. van der Weijden will discuss a practical way to assess periodontal health and simple Dr. Ninay Santos-Morales obtained her Certificate in Periodontics from the steps to gain the best motivation and compliance for patients. In addition, he will provide an Univ. of Pennsylvania in 1995. She was a clinical instructor and full-time lec- overview on the latest research and share clinical tips on oral hygiene products, including the turer at the Dept. of Periodontics of the same University from 1994-1996. She safety and efficacy of power toothbrushes in order to create a practice of interested and in- is the only Filipino diplomate of the American Academy of Periodontology volved patients. His presentation will include: who chose to practice in the Philippines. Dr. Morales is the author of several  Periodontal risk assessment in practice research and clinical articles in international peer-reviewed journals.  How to identify those patients in need of periodontal treatment She obtained her Doctor or Dental Medicine degree from the University of the Philippines Manila  Criteria for assessing and evaluating treatment decisions in 1992. Her practice focuses on Periodontics and Implants.  How patients can maintain periodontal health Dr. Ninay Morales will cover the cover the important topic of Implant maintenance. These are  Clinical tips on recommending the most appropriate home care products becoming the “ticking time bomb” of dentistry where failure can be catastrophic and yet little is  How to use oral hygiene products including power toothbrushes safely and ef- done to explain to the patient the critical importance of home care. fectively.