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Legislative Digest volume 1

  1. 1. The Sanggunian January-June, 2012/Vol. 1 Thirteenth Sangguniang Panlalawigan joins 20th Naliyagan Celebration Vice Governor Santi Cane and the board members hoist the Provincial Flag during the Opening ProgramIN A COMPLETE ATTENDANCE, members of When asked which activity they found verythe 13th Sangguniang Panlalawigan joined interesting, varied answers were given.the 20th Naliyagan Festival which wasformally opened on June 12, 2012 and was Hon. Agusani A. Ananoria said all eventsculminated on June 17, 2012, the 45th were crowd-drawing yet the BarangayanFounding Anniversary of the province. was still a great opportunity for all the officials to get together which Hon. RichardNaliyagan , as Vice Governor Santi Cane, Jr. M. Plaza agreed.said in his welcome address isinstitutionalized by our Provincial Hon. Virgie M. Getes said she was veryOrdinance No. 17, series of 2002. It is a happy seeing all the officials and theweeklong activity that serves as the show employees shared a sumptuous dinnerwindow of the rich tribal heritage of the during the Binaga Festival.province, the bounteous yield of its land Observing the great number of crowd, Hon.and the genius of its people. Alfelito M. Bascug found Motocross soHon. Samuel E. Tortor, Chairman, exciting and considered it one of theCommittee on Ways and Means assisted highlights, while Hon. Allan J. Santiago wasGov. Eddiebong Plaza during the very happy with the upgrading to Level 2 ofCeremonial Turn Over of Silya sa Eskwela. the ShootFest which attracted more gun enthusiasts.Hon. Cesar M. Alonde, Chairman,Committee on Education presented the 276 All the board members enjoyed the manyprovincial scholars this school year who exciting events held during the weeklongwere then confirmed by the governor. festivity. 1
  2. 2. Provincial Scholars plant 740 trees thIN ALL SMILES, scholars plant trees at the Provincial Tree Park during the 20 Naliyagan FestivalUNDER THE RAIN, more than 200 scholars support by preparing the ground, providingplanted 740 seedlings of Dao, Mahogany the seedlings and sticks and conducting aand Lawaan at the Provincial Tree Park on short briefing on how to plant.June 12, 2012 at 1:30 in the afternoon, after Vice Governor, Hon. Santi Cane, Jr. was verythey were presented and confirmed as delighted with the very positive response ofprovincial scholars for sy. 2012-2013 by the the scholars despite heavy downpour andgovernor, Hon. Adolph Edward G. Plaza the support extended by the PENRO.during the Grand Opening Program of the20th Naliyagan Festival. This school year, the province has 276 scholars.“This tree planting activity is a requirementof our government scholars per Ordinance Paperless session continuouslyNo. 3 series of 2007 which is also known as attracts more visitorsthe Agusan del Sur Environment Code”, The number of provincial and municipalHon. Cesar M. Alonde, Chairman of the local government units visiting the province of Agusan del Sur to hear how paperlessCommittee on Education said. session can be done is continuouslyThe activity was successfully done in increasing.coordination with the Provincial Agusan del Sur having been recognizedEnvironment and Natural Resources Office “Home of the First Paperless Session” by(PENRO) through PENR Officer For. Ronulfo the Department of the Interior and LocalPaler. Acting Chief Forest Management Government (DILG) in 2010 has carved itsDivision, For. Vevencio Banog, headed the name not only from the neighboring localgroup of men from PENRO namely For. Rex government units but also as far as fromMel P. Acedillo, Mr. Rocky D. Perez, Mr. Luzon and Visayas.Rogelio Paler, Mr. Richard C. Otaza, Mr. Among those who came to benchmark wereCorsino C. Ranara, For. Romnick E. Germino the following: Pangasinan, Nueva Ecija,and Mr. Eric J. Malingin who provided Naga, Camarines Sur, Misamis 2
  3. 3. Oriental,Davao del Norte, Compostela amendment coming from the interviewedValley, Dinagat Islands, Island Garden City constituents of these ordinances.of Samal, Zamboanga, Sibugay, PanaboCity, Sto. Tomas, Tagum City, Mati, Davao 25 School Principals enroll MAEDOriental, Nabunturan and Trento. Course through ADS-ADDUIt has been noted that by going paperless, Scholarship Grantthe province has saved PhP. 365,825.30every year. TO ENHANCE the competence of school heads in the province; another twenty fiveTeam monitors Ordinance No. 10, s. scholars are now enrolled in Master of Arts2003 and Ordinance No. 35 s. 2009 in Education major in Educational Administration (MAED) at Ateneo de Davao University. Empowering DepEd School Heads Program for Agusan del Sur is one of the main agenda of the governor, Hon. Adolph Edward G. Plaza which aimed at improving the quality basic education under the Basic Education Sector Reform Agenda ( BESRA). Batch 2 include Almeda, Teodolo A. (PadiayTO STRENGTHEN PUBLIC PARTICIPATION, NHSHI/ Sibagat), Balana, Mecedita M.the Legislative Tracking and Monitoring (Sawagan ES/ Veruela), Baluca, Darwin C.Division is monitoring two ordinances this (Manangahon ES/ San Francisco), Belarma,semester, No. 10 s. 2003, ‘Dog and Rabies Ronie R. (Moto ES/ Loreto), Cabales, JosephControl Ordinance’ and No.35 s. 2009, P. (Sinobong CES/ Veruela), Cabaǹas, Amos‘Agusan del Sur Livelihood and Employment C. (Nueva Era, ES/ Veruela ), Cagadas,Assistance Program (LEAP). Flordeliza P.( Mahagsay ES,San Luis), Cenita, Mary Cristy M.( Apogan ES/ San Francisco),The team visited the different local Concepcion, Nornita F.( Upper Manat ES/government units of 13 municipalities and 1city. There were 41 barangays randomly Trento), Dator, Erlanie, Dela Cruz, Jossie G.,chosen which served as the respondents. Denonong, Annalyn, Gavino, Elvira,The teams also gathered data from the Geroche, Gerlie Y. (Melfreda ES/ Trento),Provincial Health Office, Provincial Hapon, Arceli L.( Los Arcos NHS/Agriculture Office and Provincial Veterinary Prosperidad), Hudagan, Jorgen E.( AgsaboOffice. ES/Esperanza), Lapiz, Noel(Maasin ES/ Esperanza), Lugo, Alfredo M.( Kiawan ES/The team which is composed of Cecile S.Pagar, Rolando E. Getes, Ursus Conrad T. Loreto), Mondejar, Janet(San JoseBuque, Romeo M. Nesle, Julius Jayson M. ES/Prosperidad), Olavides Almondro S.(Tusoy and Richard P. Sombrio used survey Mabuhay NHS/ Prosperidad), Pajo, Mirasolquestionnaires and interview in gathering S.( Landing PS/ La Paz), Pulmones, Van V.(data, specifically from the offices of Del Monte ES/ Veruela), Retubada, Rolly G.Agriculture , Health and Barangay Local (TNHS San Roque Annex/ Trento), Socorro,Government for Dog and Rabies Control Alberto Jr. D. ( Padiay ES/ Sibagat) andand Agusan del Sur Economic Research andBusiness Assistance Services (ASERBAC) for Trillo, Ellane A. (Kinamaybay ES/Esperanza).LEAP. Beneficiaries/Partners in LEAP were The province spent PhP.1,937,425.00 foralso visited.The team expected to complete the activity this grant which shall end in April 2014.cycle this semester with a proposed Last school year, 25 scholars graduated with the same course. 3
  4. 4. by Administrative Officers and Human Resource Officers of all department offices of the region in order to address queries, clarify issues and enlighten their confusions in the filling-up of the From the Desk of revised form, considering that more details or the Vice Governor data are required by the declarant to stipulate. For what reason? It is because of Section 7 of Republic Act. No. 3019 otherwise known as theMy Beloved Agusanons, “Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act”. In order to be acquainted and be informed onIt is my pride to offer you the maiden issue of the updates on the said law, the issues andour Sanggunian Legislative Digest for this queries on the revised SALN form, thesemester. Sangguniang Panlalawigan Office sent three (3) representatives, namely: Ms. Rodalyn S. TusoyIt has been a dream of this office to reach out of the Provincial Vice Governor; Ms. Juna Rheaour constituents all over the province and even Cabusas of the Constituency Office of the SP;the neighboring provinces to give information and Mr. Ricky Q. Angwas of the Secretary to theon what the Thirteenth Sangguniang Sangguniang Panlalawigan to the saidPanlalawigan of Agusan del Sur has been doing. orientation on March 13, 2012 at the CSC Regional Office. The good lawyer, Atty. AineeWe are very glad that we have made the first Chua of the CSC Caraga Regional Office was thestep now. resource speaker. She discussed in detail all information to the best of her knowledgeThis legislative Digest will be released every necessary information by way of presentingsemester. It hopes to capture the official examples to easily understand the facts, duringactivities of every Sanggunian member and the the orientation. Participants are trulystaff during the semester. It will also give us enlightened on their queriesupdates on ordinances and the how and why What then if we violate this law on SALN? It wasthese ordinances are made. emphasized before the CSC-SALN Orientation ended, as provided in Section 13 of R.A. No.Hopefully, this will not only promote public 3019, which states that - “Suspension and lossawareness which we view a very significant of benefits. Any public officer against whom anyaspect of good governance but also will serve as criminal prosecution under a valid informationa tool to gather every reader’s idea by sending under this Act or under the provisions of theus messages to the email address indicated in Revised Penal Code on bribery is pending inthe last page of our Digest. court, shall be suspended from office. Should he be convicted by final judgment, he shall lose allFeel free to send us your suggestions. retirement or gratuity benefits under any law, but if he is acquitted, he shall be entitled toEnjoy reading. reinstatement and to the salaries and benefits which he failed to receive during suspension, Santi Cane, Jr. unless in the meantime administrative proceedings have been filed against him.” SALN for government employees, a hot issue? In this Issue Page By: Ricky Angwas News 1-3,6-10 Opinion:The impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato From the Desk of the Vice 4Corona made the issue even hotter than our Governorsummer season, because many employees SALN for government 4wondered why the old form under Republic Act employees, a hot issue?No. 6713 for the declaration of Statement of Feature:Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth or “SALN” forbrevity has been revised. Ord. No. 72, series of 2011 5This year’s submission of SALN prompted the Ord. No. 68, series of 2011 8Civil Service Commission (CSC) RegionalOfficeXIII, Butuan City to conduct for an Ord. No. 69, series of 2011 9Orientation from March 12-16, 2012 attended Lines to Ponder 7 4
  5. 5. Ord. No. 72, series of 2011: “An Ordinance Enacting the Traffic Safety in All Roads and Highways in the Province of Agusan del Sur.” Authored by: Hon. Emmanuel L. DairoEMPOWERING THE PUBLIC. Members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, together with their staff conduct public hearings. ACCIDENT NO MORE!!!!!! PROVINCE FORESEE NO LIFE WASTED IN ROAD MISHAP By: Veronica S. Generoso It is a known fact that several years ago, Agusan del Sur; as well as public hearings to one of the major contributors of death in the thirteen municipalities and one city the province is road accident. It comes in from April 12, 2011 to May 11, 2011 to number in terms of casualties and victims. come up with a more tenable and effective measure. Line agencies such as the DPWH, While it is true that road accident cannot be LTO, PNP/HPG and DILG were consulted prevented, officials of PGAS have come up with and contributed much to its with an idea of passing measure minimizing realization. Violators of the Ordinance will it. Thinking that life is valuable than any be imposed with certain penalties. other things, Hon. Emmanuel L. Dairo, Chairman of the Committee on Public To oversee its implementation, a Road Works, Infrastructure, Public Housing and Safety Committee was created and is Land Use authored Ord. No. 72, series of composed of the following: 2011 entitled: “An Ordinance Enacting the Chairperson: Traffic Safety in All Roads and Highways in Chairman, SP Committee on Ways & Means the Province of Agusan del Sur.” The Ordinance aims to 1) avoid fatal road Co-Chairperson: accident resulting to the loss of lives; 2) Provincial Engineer (PEO), Provincial Legal promote public safety, facilitate traffic flow Officer (PLO) & Provincial Director of PNP and regulate speed on public roads and highways in the Province of Agusan del Sur; Secretariat: 3) remind concerned agencies to perform Chairman, SP Committee on Infrastructure their roles and functions pertaining to the Ordinance; and, 4) encourage every Members: stakeholder to observe and take active role DOTC-LTO, Provincial Director of the DILG, to minimize road accident. District Engineers of 2 DPWH Engineering Districts, Highway Patrol Group, Municipal Ensuring a mass-based legislation, Mayors, Liga ng mga Barangay Provincial numerous hearings and meetings were Chapter and SP Chairman, Committee on done inside and outside the Province of Public Order and Safety. 5
  6. 6. Weighing scales in two (2) strategic fishing which is their main source of incomelocations along the maharlika highways will became hard due to continuous heavylikewise be established to prevent its rains.destruction. Ensuring its effectiveness, a A team, headed by Gov. Adolph Edward G.seminar and dry run on on-hand operation Plaza, represented by Vice Gov. Santiago B.of weighing scale were done sometime last Cane, Jr., in partnership with theDecember 1-2, 2011 with all the line Constituency Offices of Cong. Mariaagencies participating. Valentina G. Plaza of District 1 and Cong. Evelyn Plaza-Mellana of District 2 and inBy introducing this measure, PGAS had coordination with the Provincial Socialstruck a balance between different views of Welfare and Development Office, Barangaythe community, and had fully taken into Cultural Commnunity Affairs Unit,account the traffic safety concern of the Municipal Local Government Units andpublic. Philippine National Police distributed relief goods and medicines to Novele, Cabawan,You can help us preserve safety and insure and Tagbayagan of Rosario; Sabangyour own safety by: Adgawan of La Paz; Sabang Gibong, Maharlika, La Flora and Buena Gracia of Staying alert and giving driving your Talacogon. full attention The 2, 876 families expressed their Showing courtesy to other drivers, gratitude for being cared for despite an motorists, cyclists and pedestrians almost 2- hour travel by boat just to reach Complying with traffic laws and them. “Dako ang among kalipay nga nia heeding all traffic signs, signals and mo. Karon sigurado na nga kada pamilya markings adunay makaon sa pagsugat sa bag-ong Avoiding driving aggressively tuig. Daghan kaayong salamat”. Brgy Captain Calimpusan of Sabang Adgawan tearfully said.Save life, it maybe your own. The last batch of distribution was done on 2,876 families receive relief Dec, 31, 2011, few hours before New Year goods from Provincial celebration. Government Vice Gov Cane shares paperless with DAP By: Rhoda S. Tusoy “It was an honor to have shared one of the best practices of our province, our paperless session during a national gathering of legislators”, thus said Vice Governor Santiago B. Cane, Jr. after he delivered a lecture on the 9th AcademicAKSYON KAAGAD. A team, with Vice Gov. Santiago Course on Local Legislation under DiplomaB. Cane, Jr. immediately distributes relief goods andmedicines to flood victims. in Local Governance and Development for the League of the Vice Governors of theTHE MUNICIPALITIES of Rosario, La Paz and Philippines on March 13-15, 2012 at theTalacogon in the province of Agusan del Sur Heritage Hotel Manila, Pasig City.were severely affected by heavy rains in thelast week of Dec. 2011. Agusan River The Development Academy of theoverflowed and covered cornfields, Philippines’ Center for Governance invegetable gardens, school buildings, social partnership with the DAP’s Graduate Schoolhalls, barangay offices and residences. in Public and Development Management isThough some houses are floating, still 6
  7. 7. running the major courses of the Diploma in recognized on July 14, 2010 by theLocal Governance and Development for the Department of the Interior and LocalLeague of Vice Governors of the Philippines Government as the Home of the First(LVGP). One of the objectives of the course Paperless Session in the Philippines hason Local Legislation is to gain insights on the paved the way to a new era in localprovincial government’s best practice in legislation in the country.process and systems in the field of LocalLegislation. And Agusan del Sur as 9 UPOU Scholars to graduate Lines to Ponder: this yearFrom the very hopeful 27, only a handful 17 Success seems to be connected withscholars survived, of which 9 are expected action. Successful people keepto graduate this year. moving. They make mistakes but they don’t quit.“This must be what survival of the fittestactually means”, sighed by one of the 17 -Conrad Hilton, Hilton Hotelswho have enrolled this first semester for Leaders must be close enough toschool year 2012-2013, The province hasentered into a Memorandum of Agreement relate to others but far enoughwith the University of the Philippines Open ahead to motivate them.University, implementing Ordinance No. 54 -John Maxwellseries of 2011 which is known as “TheAgusan del Sur Distance Learning at the Surround yourself with the bestUniversity of the Philippines Open people you can find, delegateUniversity” with at least 27 scholars for authority, and don’t interfere asschool year 2011-2012. long as the policy you’ve decided upon is being carried out.However, due to some unavoidablecircumstances, 10 have decided to - Pres. Ronald Reaganwithdraw the grant. Scholars this year are Outstanding leaders go out ofAngwas, Rowena O; Avanceña, Alfred C; their way to boost the self esteem ofAyco, Lourine G.; Capangpangan, Rosemarie their personnel. If people believeV; De Pedro, Gener L; De Veyra, Annabelle in themselves, it’s amazing whatM; Fuerte, Analy R; Gomez, Rowena T;Lapay, Giovanne P;Lazatin, Aileen T; they can accomplish.Montemor, Razel O; Navarro, Marlie A; - Sam WaltonOliva, Jemmalou S; Rebadio, Sandro J;Soroysoroy, Blessy T; Sularte, Rainer P; and PerformanceTusoy, Rodalyn S. Jan.-June, 2012 Regular Sessions ---------------------18 Special Sessions ---------------- ---- 2 Committee Hearings/Meetings---32 Ordinances Enacted------------------ 5 Resolutions Passed-----------------250 7
  8. 8. Ord. No. 68, Series 0f 2011: “An Ordinance Approving the Schedule of base Market Values for the Different Classes of Real property in the Province of Agusan del Sur that will be Used in the 2011 General Revision of all Real properties” Authored by: Hon. Samuel E. Tortor LET’S DO IT, TOGETHER COMPUTE THE TAX DUE YOUR PROPERTY By: Veronica S. GenerosoDon’t you know that the taxes you paid return Assessment Level on Lands:to you in thousand folds? Comparing Agusan RA 7160 2006GR 2011GRdel Sur twenty (20) years ago and today, can • Residential 20% 17% 5%you name the difference? Your answer and • Agricultural 40% 35% 20%mine is similar. A very big difference. These • Commercial 50% 45% 12% • Industrial 50% 45% 12%developments are where your taxes go. • Mineral 50% 45% 40%Religious paying of taxes ensures development • Timberland 20% 15% 10%and progress and hassle-free living of the Schedule of Base Market Value for AgriculturalAgusanon. BUT non-payment of it is Lands:tantamount to living in the jungle where one 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5thcan’t see the blinking lights at night and the Rice landroad going to civilization. Without irrigation 90,000 74,810 48,940 32,060 25,880Marathon public hearings were done in all Ricelandthirteen municipalities and one city from April with 191,660 159,720 105,700 70,270 56,92012, 2011 to May 11, 2011 with the Provincial irrigationAssessor and his Assistant Provincial Assessor Rubber land 83,420 78,770 69,510 60,230 55,600doing the information campaign. Sample Computation for Agricultural LandsEverybody is talking about the saying that taxes Sample Computation for agricultural (Rice w/are the lifeblood of our country but nobody Irrig.-1st c lass):talks on how it was arrived at except those Land Area = 1.0 hectares Market Value (MV) = Land Area x MVlimited people in the Municipal Assessor and = 1.0 x P191,660/hectareMunicipal Treasurer . MV = P 191,660 Assessed Value (AV) = MV x Assessment levelFor the Agusanon to know the computation of = P191,660 x 20%their taxes, let us learn together and do it AV = P 38,332 (P38,330)ourselves. Computations are shown below, Tax due (TD) = AV x 2%basing as an example the prepared assessment = P 38,330 x 2%level on lands and its base market value, for the TD = P 766.60Municipality of Trento: (The same computation will follow in all real properties.) Get involve, participate and be active. See your money’s worth. 8
  9. 9. Ordinance No. 69 series of 2011: “An Ordinance Prohibiting The Use, Sale, Distribution and Advertisement of Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products in Certain Places, Imposing Penalties For Violations Thereof And Providing Funds Therefor, And For Other Purposes” Authored by: Hon. Nestor L. Corvera AGUSAN DEL SUR IS SMOKE-FREE By: Carlos M. Saligan, Jr.The Thirteenth Sanggunian Panlalawigan ofthe Province of Agusan del Sur has passed,after a series of public hearings in thethirteen municipalities and one city fromApril 12, 2011 to May 11, 2011 anOrdinance No. 69 series of 2011.The purpose of this ordinance is tosafeguard public health and ensure the wellbeing of all constituents by protecting themfrom the harmful effects of smoking andtobacco consumption f. Placing, posting, or distributingThis ordinance shall apply to all persons, advertisement materials of tobaccowhether natural or juridical, whether products, such as leaflets, postersresident or not, and in all places, found and similar materials, outside thewithin the territorial jurisdiction of Agusan premises of point-of-saledel Sur. establishments and, even if inside the premises of point-of-sale establishments, when the establishments are not allowed to sell or distribute tobacco products It is hoped that the measure will denormalize the culture of smoking and tobacco consumption in the province. Have You Ever Wondered Whats In a Cigarette Smoke? (http://www.quitsmokingsupport.com/whatsinit.htm) The following acts are declared unlawful Cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals,and prohibited by this ordinance: including 43 known cancer-causing (carcinogenic) compounds and 400 other toxins. a. Smoking in enclosed or partially These include nicotine, tar, and carbon enclosed public places, workplaces, monoxide, as well as formaldehyde, ammonia, public conveyances, or other public hydrogen cyanide, arsenic, and DDT. places b. Selling or distributing tobacco Nicotine is highly addictive. Smoke containing products in a school, public nicotine is inhaled into the lungs, and the nicotine reaches your brain in just six seconds. playground or other facility c. Selling or distributing tobacco e. Placing cinema and outdoor While not as serious as heroin addiction, products to minors advertisements of tobacco products addiction to nicotine also poses very serious d. Purchasing tobacco products from health risks in the long run. minors 9
  10. 10. Legislative Council Members attend In the making: Enhancement Training and The Provincial Code of General Direction-Setting OrdinancesFOR BETTER LEGISLATION and good Scorecard of the office on May 24, 2012 atgovernance, all legislators in the province the Provincial Training Center.attended the Enhancement Training andDirection Setting for Legislative Council Laughter filled the air as the morningMembers on May 28-31, 2012 at Grand activity was centered on the presentation ofRegal Hotel, Davao City. every individual’s job description which facilitated a very friendly atmosphere.The Sangguniang Panlalawigan Members,Ex-Officio Members and the Secretary to Concerns were tackled in the afternoon.the Sanggunian attended the 4-day training. Significance of having a healthy relationship towards co-employees was emphasized.All the activities and inputs during thisprovince wide training aimed to enhance After a long day of fruitful discussion, it wasthe legislative expertise of our legislators by realized that another day has to be set tounderstanding their roles on how to complete the session.effectively perform the various process oflegislation to uplift the lives of every Mrs. Baudilla A. Retuerto, Secretary to theAgusanon. Sangguniang Panlalawigan and all the staffThe training was initiated by the Philippine agreed to meet again after the muchCouncilor’s League headed by the awaited Naliyagan Festival.Federation President, Hon. Alfelito M.Bascug and in coordination with the THE 13TH SANGGUNIANG PANLALAWIGANDepartment of the Interior and Local HON. SANTIAGO B. CANE, JR.Government (DILG) Provincial Vice GovernorVice Gov. Cane talked about parliamentary BOARD MEMBERSprocedure in one of the sessions. FIRST DISTRICT: 1. HON. CESAR M. ALONDE 2. HON. ALLAN J. SANTIAGO 3. HON. VIRGINIA M. GETES 4. HON. NESTOR L. CORVERA 5. HON. VICTOR VICENTE G. PLAZA SECOND DISTRICT: 1. HON. JOSE C. BUNILLA 2. HON. GILBERT G. ELORDE 3. HON. EMMANUEL L. DAIRO 4. HON. SAMUEL E. TORTOR SPO meet Prof. Guiza to Enhance 5. HON. AGUSANI A. ANANORIA SM,BSC EX-OFFICIO:ALL STAFF of the Office of the Secretary tothe Sangguniang Panlalawigan met Prof. 1. HON. ALFELITO M. BASCUG 2. HON. RICHARD M. PLAZAEdel Guiza to enhance the Balanced 3. HON. CLINT Y. YUBUCO For your comments and suggestions, please email at cespag2005@yahoo.com 10