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Pepper Advertising's About Us, March 2010


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Pepper Advertising is a full service advertising agency, based in Trinidad, that offers marketing, advertising & digital (internet) marketing, public relations, brand management and events management solutions.

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Pepper Advertising's About Us, March 2010

  1. 1. Missing something? Just
  2. 2. Advertising & Experiential Marketing a full service advertising agency that understands branding and believes in its power, because brands sell
  3. 3. Our Mission To build strong differentiated brands, so as to create growth for our clients & lasting relationships for our agency
  4. 4. Who we are We like it Hot! In this business it’s the ones who stay in the kitchen, the ones who churn out exciting, engaging campaigns under extreme conditions (deadline? Yesterday!), are the ones who get their clients to succeed. Passion is the new ‘it’ word in the industry, but we’ve been eating, drinking, dreaming passion since our inception. It’s our ‘sauce’, what makes Pepper, well, hot!
  5. 5. Our Philosophy one own thing
  6. 6. believes in branding creativity partnership 6
  7. 7. ‘s work is strategic persuasive passionate
  8. 8. What we do we we sell our we reach we are develop clients’ the right brand brands products target police services using relevant media
  9. 9. We offer + brand strategy development + creative development: + marketing consultancy press, radio, TV, point of sale merchandising material + market research coordination + print design: + public relations logos, brochures, annual reports, + experiential marketing: mailings, posters, packaging events, trade shows sampling + web design coordination + social media
  10. 10. Why choose us + We bring a marketing perspective to the table, not just an advertising or communications one. + Together, via continuous two-way collaboration we mould your brand. + Finally, we are a young agency and have something to prove, so we’re determined to succeed for our clients for ourselves. 27
  11. 11. Contact Us Dennis Ramdeen Warner Street Newtown, Port-of-Spain P: 622-2762/602 F: 62-7 C: 70-21 E: W: 2