CDX Presentation: Promoting events with social media


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We were invited to present at the Caribbean Digital Expo this year! Our presentation focused on the continued evolution and success of our UWI Fete digital campaigns.

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CDX Presentation: Promoting events with social media

  1. 1. Connecting withY.U.M.A’sHow a mature brand repositioned itself using social media
  2. 2. 5 key steps1. Map out a strategy2. Build the buzz3. Increase interaction4. Cross promote5. Tie it all together
  3. 3. UWI Fete Case Study• Start early• Integrate offline and online• Activate Influencers eg. Trinidad Carnival Diary,Triniberry,, etc.• Have a dedicated Social Media Activist• Create custom graphics• Say thank you• Ask for feedback
  4. 4. Facebook Advertising
  5. 5. FacebookAdvertising2013Dates:Dec/Jan 2013
  6. 6. FacebookAdvertising2012Dates:Jan 2012Impressions/Views:10,084,699Clicks:14,103
  7. 7. FacebookAdvertising2011Dates:Jan 2011-Feb 2011Impressions/Views:6,733,551Clicks:6,148
  8. 8. Google Advertising
  9. 9. GoogleAdvertising2012Dates:5 Jan 2012 – 21 Jan2012Impressions/Views:496,805Clicks:878
  10. 10. GoogleAdvertising2011Dates:13 Jan 2011 – 5 Feb2011Impressions/Views:1,640,706Clicks:2,303
  11. 11. Affiliate Advertising
  12. 12. AffiliateAdvertising2012Affiliate:Trinidad Carnival DiaryDates:Tue 15th Nov 2011Mon 16th Jan 2012Sun 22nd Jan 2012Thurs 26th Jan 2012
  13. 13. AffiliateAdvertising2012Affiliate:TriniSceneDates:Feb 2011
  14. 14. Facebook Fanpage
  15. 15. Tab Features:• About the Fete• Performers• Venue• Menu• Email Subscription•Fan GateLikes10,492
  16. 16. Tab Features:• About the Fete• Performers• Venue• Menu• Email Subscription• LiveStream• Fan Gate• Facebook CommentsFans:7,493Tab Views:11,176
  17. 17. Tab Features:• About the Fete• Performers• Venue• Menu• Contests• LiveStreamFans:4,078
  18. 18. Facebook Event
  19. 19. FacebookEvent2013Attendees:2,629Invitees:2,129
  20. 20. FacebookEvent2012Attendees:653Invitees:418
  21. 21. FacebookEvent2011Attendees:731Invitees:1,675
  22. 22. Twitter
  23. 23.• Automatically repostsFacebook StatusupdatesFollowers:50
  24. 24. Email Marketing
  25. 25. EmailMarketing2013Organic Subscribers:1,463UWI Listing: 858Open Rate: 37.8%Click Rate: 9.1%
  26. 26. EmailMarketing2012Organic Subscribers:231UWI Listing:889
  27. 27. EmailMarketing2011Organic Subscribers:0UWI Listing:1,057
  28. 28. Reputation Management
  29. 29. ReputationManagement2013“It is withouthesitation, I the DParty Maco doendorse this yearlyevent, simplybecause partygoersalways seems to gettheir monies worth,something all otherpromoters shouldnote.”This year UWI decided to take the partyall the way to the Arabian peninsula fortheir 2k13 all-inclusive affair ...YALLA! Numerous patrons went along withthe theme as they came out in theirArabian inspired wear.The annually themed event, as usual, wentall out to entertain partygoers; varietyseemed to be on top of organizers lists.Patrons were offered lots to choose fromin every category, from food to music todrinks to dessert to liveentertainment. There were foods of allkind, from popular Uncle Sams Bake andShark to Arabian themed full coursemeals partygoers were left with optionsevermore.Live performances ... Check! There weretwo stages, which entertained the crowdsimultaneously from different parts of thevenue. On one stage Kes the Band wasjamming out for the ‘younger’ folks, whileon the other side, calypso/soca veteranslike Black Stalin, Shadow, RonnieMcIntosh, The Mighty Trini and DavidRudder serenading the ‘older’ folksbacked by Blaxx and Roy Cape All-Stars. And lets not forget solidperformances by Dil-E-Nadan and KI &3veni on the day.Grog ... Check! Seven well stocked barsexcluding the various promotional stallsincluding Grey Goose, Rum Cocktail andYellow Tail.It is without hesitation, I the D PartyMaco do endorse this yearly event, simplybecause partygoers always seems to gettheir monies worth, something all otherpromoters should note.Did we forget anything? Add your 2cents below...They Call me Mrs Fete :UWI Fete - The Review
  30. 30. ReputationManagement2013Once again I would put UWIFete as one of the bestFetes you can choose topatronize for the season, ifonly for the excellentdevelopment and followthrough withtheme, variety of foodoptions, choice of drinksand the fact that yourcontribution to the fete isalso going to a good cause.I love the layout of thevenue and the familiarfaces you see in the crowd,so a solid 8.5 out of 10 forme.Location:Held on Campus the layout was very similar to last year,this time we got parking on the field near to the entranceso that was not an issue. The main food court had flooringlaid down, great improvement and seemed to be biggerthan last year’s set up so there were no long lines at any ofthe food tents.Ambiance/Décor:The theme this year was “Yalla” and I really liked that theytried to be cohesive with the theme from the timeyou entered the venue. Complimentary scarves were givenalong with your wristband which many people usedto accessorize their outfit. Hookas,henna, belly dancingand even a decorated photo tent were all in keeping withtheme.Bar:Cocktails, scotch, vodka, rum, tequila shots, wine,champagne… you name it there was a tent for it with theexception of Nuvo! There was a deviated Johnnie Walkerbar serving Double Black, several wine tents, a PatronStation, Grey Goose Tent, Carib Brewhouse and manymore choices at the main bar as well. I liked the varietyand the fact that you could find a drink station at any pointthroughout the venue, again well laid out for ease.Food:Keeping with the theme Arabian was the featured dish, Ihappen to love Arabian food and I also happen to LOVEJoseph’s Restaurant so I was very happy they were one ofthe options. In addition to Arabian the menu also includedCreole, Indian, bake and shark, pulled pork sandwiches,crab stuffed dumplings, the BEST pork ribs ever, sweetsand many more other dishes I did not have the time orinclination to sample as I was properly well stuffed!Performances:We arrived in time for David Rudder, a performance wellappreciated by many of the patrons. Dil E Nadan also gavea solid showing and Kes closed the night off with his band.The only thing caveat with the tw0 stage set up is thatBlaxx was performing at the same time as Kes so you hadto choose which stage to be at as you could not possiblysee both artistes at the same time.Crowd Vibe:I personally thought the crowd was mellower than lastyear, possibly because it looked like there may have beena bit less patronage for Yalla as the venue did not feelcrowded. However UWI Fete is THE networkingand socializing Fete on the calender, lots of “who is who”spotted.Eye CandyEye candy of ALL ages,it was very refreshing to see howwell decked out some of the more mature patrons turnedout as well as the younger ones.Overall Rating:Once again I would put UWI Fete as one of the best Fetesyou can choose to patronize for the season, if only for theexcellent development and follow through withtheme, variety of food options, choice of drinks and thefact that your contribution to the fete is also going to agood cause. I love the layout of the venue and the familiarfaces you see in the crowd, so a solid 8.5 out of 10 for me.Bathroom:Only used the ones in VIP.-Trinidad Carnival DiaryJanuary 18, 2013I am a Feter – UWI Fete The Saucy Review
  31. 31. ReputationManagement2012“and I must add I loved that maps wereavailable for patrons on the day aswell”“Wow, I know the menu was availableon UWI Fetes Facebook page forweeks leading up to the event but I wasstill impressed by the variety of food inperson.”“Having two stages I think is brilliant,since the stage often becomes the focalpoint at a fete with patrons standingaround reserving a spot or staring atan empty stage waiting for theperformances to begin.”“There is this myth perpetuated thatUWI Fete is an "old people party", wellthat was not the case on Sunday asboth mature and younger patronsattended the event”LocationSpread out over the northern grounds on Campus close to the Principalsoffice the space was utilized very well for layout and flow. On enteringthe gates the main food area and seating was at your left; along the rightanother food area, both stages and other bars/drink stations. See mapfor details (and I must add I loved that maps were available for patronson the day as well)Ambiance/DecorThe theme of UWI Fete this year was Africa specifically "Zangalewa" andthere were appropriately attired dancers greeting you upon entry plustouches of "African" print and masks in the decor. The theme evencarried out to the printed paper fans that were being handed out.FoodWow, I know the menu was available on UWI Fetes Facebook page forweeks leading up to the event but I was still impressed by the variety offood in person. I sampled the Caribbean and Italian food stations firstthen later on in the night , after two performances , we went back forGreek and Indian and in between we indulged in the "finger foods";stuffed dumpling with crab, ribs, barbque pigtail and aloo pie from theDebe Delicacies. Everything I had tasted great, no complaints. Kudos tothe "fancy" square disposable plates that were used.BarThere were two main bars where I found service to be a bit slow and wewere just waiting to get water! The Johnny Walker Green drink station (itwas way too small to be called a bar) was my spot for drinks for the day.The only issue was it was situated in a passage way so it got crowded andit was a small bar that was very popular so always a wait to get a drink. Ialso saw an Angostura Cocktail Bar, Yellow Tail Bar, Chivas Bar and CaribBrewery. On the map there were other bars that I missed on seeing inperson.PerformancesAgain I missed Roy Cape and only saw the ending of Karmasperformance. Having two stages I think is brilliant, since the stage oftenbecomes the focal point at a fete with patrons standing around reservinga spot or staring at an empty stage waiting for the performances tobegin. With the two stages there was no gathering of the crowd in anyone area so people were moving all over the grounds.Dil E Nadan, totally surprised me as the last time I saw them live I wasnot impressed. However the band was redeemed on Sunday giving arousing performance that the crowd enjoyed. I dont know if it was thefact that I was up front for Kes or that the space was a bit smaller andmore intimate but I loved his set, full of energy and I really do appreciatea Soca Artiste who can SING! Kes is proving that last year was no fluke,very strong performance.Crowd VibeThere is this myth perpetuated that UWI Fete is an "old people party",well that was not the case on Sunday as both mature and youngerpatrons attended the event, a very nice mix of people who all came outto party. As far as I could see a good time was had my many, selfincluded!Eye CandyOn a scale of 1 to 10 eye candy rating would be around 8 , there weresome good looking men (and women) at this fete! Everyone who dressedto theme looked fabulous as I saw some very interesting interpretationsof "African Wear".ExtrasThe VIP area hosted stars Tatyana Ali, CCH Pounder and Lyriq Bent all ofwhom I had the pleasure of meeting.BathroomAndy Loos (or something of that same nature) were used. When I visitedthere were no lines, they were clean, air conditioned and pretty fancy fora mobile restroom.Overall RatingUWI fete gets a solid 8.5, it was a pretty good fete! The rain of Saturdayand early Sunday was both a blessing and a curse. Because of the rainand overcast weather it was not as stiflingly humid and hot as if we hadblazing sunshine as there are not that many shaded areas at UWI. Thecaveat however is that some of the areas were muddy and water loggedso that was a slight bit challenging to navigate. Other than that, I had nomajor complaints and I look forward to theme 2013.-Trinidad Carnival DiaryThursday, January 26, 2012They Call me Mrs Fete :UWI Fete - The Review
  32. 32. ReputationManagement2012“a staple of the fete season and amainstay in the T&T event calendar”“The event attracted a number ofTrinibagonians who were in Trinidadjust for the weekend for one of themost highly anticipated fetes for theCarnival Season.”“lauded the organizers’ ability tomaintain a classy, upscale affair whilesimultaneously encompassing anauthentic T&T experience for all”The Carnival 2012 edition of this event brought awelcomed dosage of warmth to the university campuson a day plagued by unseasonal rainfall. Hundreds offete-a-holics braved the rainy weather to come out tothis all-inclusive affair that has become a staple of thefete season and a mainstay in the T&T event calendar.The bmobile-sponsored UWI Fete bore the theme“Zangalewa… It’s Time For Africa” and this theme wasquite evident throughout the grounds of theprincipal’s office as several guests and performersheld nothing back in adorning the appropriate ethnicwear inclusive of dashikis and African-patterneddresses, skirts and head-wraps.Although placing emphasis on the African continentthis year, the UWI fete organizers kept the feteuniquely Trini by mixing East Indian, Arabic andChinese cuisine amidst the traditional African foodofferings served at the famed all-inclusive. The eventattracted a number of Trinibagonians who were inTrinidad just for the weekend for one of the mosthighly anticipated fetes for the Carnival Season.One female patron from New York shared, “I’ve beencoming to UWI for the past 8 years and every year itgets better. I flew into town just for this fete becauseit offers a diversity that I can’t encounter at any otherparty”.Senior Counsel, Martin Daly was present at the fetewith his wife and friends and echoed similarsentiments as he acknowledged the evolution of thisparticular event over the past years and lauded theorganizers’ ability to maintain a classy, upscale affairwhile simultaneously encompassing an authentic T&Texperience for all.bmobile’s super Chutney-Soca band, Dil-E-Nadan keptthe day’s theme alive in their musical set as frontlinersRaymond Ramnarine and Derrick Seales playedAfrican drums while vocalists Candy Hoyte and ImranBeharry performed African folk dances. Also adding tothe entertainment was The Roy Cape All-Stars withBlaxx, JW and Blaze, Kerwin Dubois, Karma, LordNelson and Ronnie McIntosh.Since 1990 this annual all inclusive has been thecornerstone for the UWI Development & EndowmentFund that awards scholarships to undergraduates.Over 3,000 bursaries have been awarded since its’inception.bmobile continues to pledge its support to this eventand is also committed to the provision of scholarshipsto the university and by extension the generaldevelopment of professionals in society.- Chooseavirb.comFriday, January 27, 2012Trinbagonians Unite at UWI Fete 2012
  33. 33. ReputationManagement2012“You know a party bess when you andthe President of the nation in themiddle of the crowd rubbing shoulders”“They had 2 stages, except this yearthey did a better job in keeping the liveentertainment moving along with anew band kicking off their set on onestage as the other wrapped up theirson the next.”“UWI Fete delivered everything wehave come to expect from an AllInclusive.”You know a party bess when you and thePresident of the nation in the middle of thecrowd rubbing shoulders, cause Big Maxknows how to fete! This year UWI Fete tookus deep in heart of the Baluba to a mythicallocation called "Zangalewa".Numerous patrons went along with the themeas they came out in their African inspiredwear. Variety seemed to be on top oforganizers lists as patrons were offered lots tochoose from in every category, from food tomusic to drinks to dessert to liveentertainment. Food ... Check! Whatever youwere craving for, bet youre bottom dollar theyhad IT, this event closely resembled a 5 starcruise. My taste buds were feeling adventuresso I tried the “peanut chicken rice soup”, welllet’s just say the adventure stopped there andstock to familiar.Live performances ... Check! They had 2stages, except this year they did a better job inkeeping the live entertainment moving alongwith a new band kicking off their set on onestage as the other wrapped up theirs on thenext. On the main stage, Kes the Band wasjamming out for the ‘younger’ folks (wellyoung at heart), while on the other sideveterans like Black Stalin, Shadow, RonnieMcIntosh and Lord Nelson serenading the‘older’ folks. And that wasnt all ... Karma, RoyCape All Stars, Dil-E-Nadan and more allput on energetic performances on theevening. Grog ... Check! 7 well stocked barsexcluding the various promotional stallsincluding Grey Goose, Rumcocktail andYellow Tail.Once again, UWI Fete delivered everything wehave come to expect from an All Inclusive. Andafter journeying through China and Bollywoodin the past couple years were excited to seewhere next years journey will take us.-D Party Maco, TriniJungleJuiceSunday, January 22, 2012U.W.I. All Inclusive 2012 "Zangalewa" Review
  34. 34. ReputationManagement2012“Last year I was very impressedwith UWI Fetes interactiveFacebook Page to market theirFete Bollywood and this year Iam still pleased at their socialmedia presence”“Also new is a MAP of the venue.I am really liking the map idea,now you can print it and studythe venue before you arrive ifyou wish so no need to askanyone if they know whereanything is. ”Last year I was very impressed with UWIFetes interactive Facebook Page to markettheir Fete Bollywood and this year I am stillpleased at their social media presence.For 2012 UWIF Fete have added, inaddition to the menu, a listing of allthe performances, times and which stage.Rhapsody New Generation 2.00 pm to3.00 pm Stage 1Roy Cape All Stars: 3:00 pm to 4:00 pmStage 2Karma : 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm Stage 1Dil-e-Nadan: 5:00pm to 6:00pm Stage 2Kes: 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm Stage 1Shadow/Nelson/Ronnie McIntosh: 6:30to 7:30 Stage 2Also new is a MAP of the venue. I am reallyliking the map idea, now you can print itand study the venue before you arrive ifyou wish so no need to ask anyone if theyknow where anything is. I am hoping onthe day there are also maps availablewhen you arrive, now that would be cool!And to maximize the all day affair therewill be two meal servings; Brunch from12noon - 2pm and Lunch from 2pm - 6pm.Take a look at the menu and learn somemore about this years theme and what isin store, I cannot wait for UWI Fete onSunday... Carnival diet will be on pause.- Trinidad Carnival DiaryMonday, January 16, 2012UWI Fete 2012 - Zangawela
  35. 35. ReputationManagement2011“Today I want to highlightone Fete Fanpage onFacebook where I amimpressed by how muchtime, dedication, updatesand relevant information isconstantly, timely andaccurately shared to itsmembers!”“UWI Fete is getting mypraise today for doing anexcellent job at promotingtheir Bollywood themed AllInclusive Fete on theirFacebook Page.”“UWI Fete really blew meaway with their specialBollywood Tab!”For the past few years I have noticed the growing trend of someCarnival fetes having their own websites and Facebook groupsor Fanpage. For instance The Vale Vibe, Sunny Side Up andUltimate Lime all provide websites where you can purchasetickets to their fetes. And you can find a Fanpage or Group forJamboree, Beach House, Island People and TRIBE among otherswhere information about their events can be found.Though this use of Social Media applies to only a handful offetes, it has to be one of the most effective, and underused,tools of promoting your event that is not being taken advantageof by many. I cannot tell you how many emails I get daily askinginformation about various fetes, it would be nice to be able todirect these questions to a website or online presence where allthe information can be found!Today I want to highlight one Fete Fanpage on Facebook where Iam impressed by how much time, dedication, updates andrelevant information is constantly, timely and accurately sharedto its members! All this is done without having to flood my inbox with silly messages either, kudos to UWI Fete, already apopular staple on the Carnival Calender they are taking fulladvantage of Social Media on Facebook.UWI Fete is getting my praise today for doing an excellent job atpromoting their Bollywood themed All Inclusive Fete on theirFacebook Page. Regular status updates keeps everyone in theloop, from when tickets go on sale to who are the bands playingat the fete. They have also included video and photographs ofpast UWI Fetes on their page and when I thought I it was prettycool how they were showing people examples of Bollywoodstyle by putting together a clothing set,UWI Fete really blew me away with their special Bollywood Tab!The Bollywood Tab is an addition on Facebook that is whollycreated for this fete, on this tab you have options to view aninteractive page of sorts. You can learn more about the Fete,Bands, Menu and Venue in detail:I also like that UWI Fete is running a promotion to win FeteTickets and there are three different "competitions" that youcan enter. To sweeten the deal the winners will be pampered bybeing treated to the "Maharaja Experience", full details of whatthat entails listed below, just click to enlarge:I wish more fetes would get on board this trend! When one isspending so much money you really want to see what thismoney is giving you! It is nice to know the menu, what is on thedrinks list, who is performing and about all the extras (in thiscase a free taxi service from the fete) beforehand. Not tomention as a possible patron you have a place where you canask questions, get timely answers and be interactive. So job welldone UWI Fete, I am always impressed.-Trinidad Carnival DiaryWednesday, January 12, 2011Social Media Spotlight - UWI Fete Does Bollywood andDoes It Right!
  36. 36. UWI Fete dedicated
  37. 37. Mobile DevicesPeriod 1st November 2012 to 1st March
  38. 38. UWI Fete is back!– Johnny Soong
  39. 39. Trinidad and Tobago Drinks Festival
  40. 40. WebsiteThe week of Oct 28 - Nov 3site received 2,618 visits9,763 unique visitors over the3 month period - 1 Oct to 15DecTraffic Sources:31.94%- Search Traffic,46.48% - Referral Traffic,16.79% - Direct Traffic, 4.79% -Campaigns
  41. 41. Email673 SubscribersAverage OpenRate: 37.3%(Industry Avg:21.7%)Our first emailperformed thebest with andOpen Rate of54.0%
  42. 42. Social Media / FacebookFans: 6,141 Weekly Total Reach: 2,293Gender: 71.7% Female / 26.4% MaleLargest group are females 25 - 34 at 23.4%
  43. 43. Social Media /TwitterFollowers: 234Mentions: 98
  44. 44. Advertising / FacebookCampaign reach: 164,963Actions: 50,793Clicks:10,555CTR: 0.441%
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