Soulworks CoI Model of Engagement


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We try to look at consumer engagement from a socially evolved consumer's perspective. Where consumer behaves as a community.

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Soulworks CoI Model of Engagement

  1. 1. The Consumer : A community The paradigm Shift
  2. 2. The COI Model Community of Interest Community of interest – A group of people connected to each other by a need to solve common problems, develop skills and share common practices. Each proponent's lifelong-learning center will be its community of interest. A community of interest may contain smaller subsets of people sharing information within their respective communities of practice. * As defined by google
  3. 3. What is in “Community of Interest” for You • The people for whom we communicate should be involved with our brand, what it stands for ? • Change their perception from they to us . • add value via our means of communication approach to their life.
  4. 4. Some basic questions That COI model answers • Is a bigger billboard at a key ,strategic junction creating enough talk or just noise ? • Do we need to move ahead of billboards and get into dual strategy communication vehicles ( communicate and serve a purpose). • Do we need to involve our audience from mere spectators/passerby ( OTS) to interested audience
  5. 5. What is in “Community of Interest” for You • The people for whom we communicate should be involved with our brand, what it stands for. • Change their perception from “them” to us . • Add value via our means of communication approach to their life. • Get away from clutter of eye hurting visibility • The effort is to create a Communication Zone and not just branding , where in we maintain and control the environment and offer it to the city as Your contribution to make this city/Community a better place, but keeping our communication and visibility needs in sight.
  6. 6. More than just branding • It would give Your Brand a Community leadership position, shift it from They to us platform. • We might be able to set up example for corporate sponsored branding projects. • The PR value that it would generate and has potential of generating.
  7. 7. What matters to clients and their customers Visibility engagement Soulworks
  8. 8. Soulworks – what we do • We understand your consumer and design our program around them. • We define visibility ( where when and how the brand /product/service) needs to be visible and engagement ( where, when and how the brand/product / service) needs to Engage. • Mass /Class/ Alas. Retail, smart media, engaging OOH, Content creation and delivery. Hands on executing capability. • Network of experts across all fields.
  9. 9. It starts with consumer consumer Soulworks We advice the best route to interact with consumer client
  10. 10. The Vision – Consumer Delight
  11. 11. The Vision – Consumer Delight • Stylos don’t work because a consumer sees 1 vision,1 brand , 1 product. • Creative agency, PR agency, Digital Agency, Media Agency, Activation agency, OOH agency and the client. But who owns the brand ? Are the owners, real owners ? Do they have control ? • We wish to create conversations around brands, tell consumers the real stories, help brands being more active listeners and being seen as ones. • We also want to partner and not isolate the newage consumer ( and not just youth) • We wish to be the friendship bridge which brings friends together ( the brand and the consumer) • Internal consumers . Any one ????
  12. 12. Soulworks mandate customer entice engage convert converse