the first edition of the "Integrity @ Work" Newsletter


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the first edition of the "Integrity @ Work" Newsletter

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the first edition of the "Integrity @ Work" Newsletter

  1. 1. oUtline of research activities3. Communications arise. An important aspect of the The survey is currently underway4. Integrity Bureau role of the back-uppers was to keep and will run up until the end of integrity alive in the organization August. Vol 1. September 2011The members of the work group thru trainings and workshops. Mrs. The Integrity research pro-meet on a regular basis to brain- Williams-Warner is one of the few ject is an assessment of whether thestorm and share creative ideas on back-uppers that has done this in Government apparatus, civil serv- Message froM the PriMe Ministerexecuting the project based on her organization and is still ants corps and public officials fol- sarah Wescot WilliaMsexpertise and experience of the active on this front. Within the low standard procedures providingteam members. In these meetings work group her role is to assist with public services in an ethical and Dear civil servants, to conduct the research.the program manager is also up- the development of the content of honest, committed, fair and trans- Some of you have alreadydated on the progress of the project the course material for the training parent manner. With the signing been approached and othersso that the developments can be programs. The services should not be of the financial agreement will be called upon in themonitored. processed based on the personal with Usona for the pro- coming months to partici-Mr. Rodney Richardson is the research activities prosperity towards a special condi- ject “Integrity Policy St. pate. This could be in theperson guiding the communications tion or inducement. Contents Maarten”, behind us, the form of an interview, a re-aspect of this project because of his The outcome of the survey work now begins to execute quest for relevant data or to 1. Message froM this project. To get the pro- complete a questionnaire inexperience at DCOMM he is the is to establish the current status of PriMe Minister ject off the ground and focus relation to the research. Allideal person for this. He is also as- affairs in the government apparatussisted by Mr. Roddy Heyliger who as it pertains to the subject matter. on the right components, levels of government will be 2. introduction the first activity will be a included.has developed the communica- Being the first research on integrity, of integrity research into practices, poli- It is recognized thattions plan for this project and was of this magnitudeit can be consid- Project cies and perceptions. leadership is a critical com-assigned several executing roles ered a “nul-meting”within the communications plan. on the awareness of persons em- to establish a solid ponent of good governance. 3. outline of Integrity Program, designed all persons in leadershipPersons can look out for interviews, ployed in the Government appara- integrity Project for St. Maarten’s needs, it is positions in the public sectorpress releases, banners and promo tus on how their actions related tomaterials in the near future. Ad- prescribed laws and regulations, necessary to analyze the as well as civil servants 4. introduction current structures, proce- in general need to operateditional information will be given moral or ethical principles and of integrity dures and processes. and be allowed to operate into civil servants and the general standards as well as measure their WorkgrouP Integrity related rules and a transparent and accounta-public as the project progresses. views, perception and behavior onMs. Denise Williams-Warner works the subject matter of integrity. regulations will also ble way, with public interest 5. outline of be analyzed as to their ef- always at the fore.for the Civil Registry Department Diana henDrickson - The survey is being carried out by research fectiveness and compliance. In every organiza-and has fulfilled a role in the prior fleMing either taking a survey online to be- activities Research into assess- tion, it is important to es-integrity project as a back-upper. ing interviewed individually or in aThe role of the back-upper was to hPs consUlting group setting. ing the ethical climate, com- tablish and embed integrallyact as a go-between the employees HPS Consulting has been selected Everyone’s cooperation is needed mitment and vision are also accepted values and normsand management with regards to to carry out the research component in order for this project to be a suc- part of the project. Without that will underpin decision- i look forward toany issues or problems that may of the project. cess. your cooperation, we will be making and other actions. your participation in craft- unable to make the assess- Values such as fairness, ing the Integrity Policy St. ment of the current state of accountability, transparency, Keep up with the latest affairs and develop the tools respect and moral courage Maarten. information on Integrity and other to sustain best practices and are essential and consistent Prime Minister matters for Civil Servants strengthen weak areas. with the concept of acting in the honorable The consulting com- the public’s interest. on pany HPS has been selected Sarah Wescot Williams
  2. 2. introDUction of Project integrity oUtline of integrity Project Island Territory under the Nether- the necessary training and tools The Project includes a variety of process infrastructure. Also the in- An extensive Integrity lands Antilles, the island embarked to empower them to execute their activities such as research, integrity tegrity related rules and regulations Awareness campaign will be on its first Integrity Project which work in an atmosphere that is con- trainings & workshops, commu- will be analyzed. launched with the intention of pro- many of you have participated in. ducive to Integrity and enable them nication and the establishment of Research into the ethical climate moting integrity awareness among The completion of the prior project to have more knowledge of the an Integrity Bureau. Each activity related to commitment and vision is the target groups. Different means provided a sound legal framework, workings of the government organi- has its own target-group. Although also part of the project. of communication will be utilized training and Integrity awareness. zation as it relates to Integrity. They the project will primarily target the target groups will be to achieve this goal. St. Maarten is now a country within will have the knowledge and the civil servants and government of- trained in different aspects of integ- The Integrity Bureau will the Dutch Kingdom and this has avenue to discretely and confidently ficials, the entire population of Sint rity, such as application of the code serve as the first station for civil brought about change in differ- report irregularities via the proper Maarten will be addressed. King- of conduct and dilemma solving. servants and the general public to ent areas. We have for instance, channels and make integrity a dom partners also form part of the With regards to so called sensitive report integrity issues (pertaining to new employees which have not constant part of their daily decision target group, in keeping with agree- functions (“vertrouwensfuncties”), government). The agency will act participated in the prior program, making and actions. ments made within the Kingdom in information sessions will be held. on these reports and may also per- taMMy richarDson so we need to start afresh and this relation to Integrity. Special sessions for the persons of form its independent investigations. Project Manager time we are going all out to make Integrity is not achieved effort- Research activities form an confidence and their ‘back-uppers’ The institution of the Integrity Bu-My name is Tammy Richardson sure that this project is as com- lessly, it requires constant attention. important part of the project. To be will also be held. Of course finan- reau also includes the developmentand I currently fulfill the function prehensive as possible. From the Without each of us (Civil Servants able to establish a solid integrity cial policy is often closely related of a confidential digital reportingof Program Manager Integrity at research and training, all the way and government officials) putting in policy, it is necessary to analyze the to integrity, so a workshop on these infrastructure in the form of a web-the department of the Interior and down to the implementation of the the hard work we will not be able to current structure and procedural matters will also be organized site.Kingdom relations. I have a Bach- Integrity Bureau. The approach is achieve this goal for ourselves andelor’s degree in Marketing andInternational Management and a different this time around because we want to professionally analyze that is also why the slogan for this integrity project is: introDUction of integrityMaster’s degree in Organizational the current situation as it pertains WorkgroUP to integrity, the vision and policyScience and Public Administration.I have worked for government both etc., before going over to training, Integrity @ Work The overall coordinator of thein St. Maarten and in Aruba at or- workshops and any other activities ‘It starts with me’ project is in the hands of Tammyganizations with significant roles in of the project. Richardson, the program manager.Integrity management. The depart- In keeping with the comprehen-ment of the Interior and Kingdom This new project is beneficial to all sive approach of the project aRelations is also known as BAK civil servants and the entire gov- work group was formed to assist(Dutch acronym: Binnenlandse ernment organization as a whole. COnTACT InfO: in the overall execution of theaangelegenheden en koninkrijk- It will help improve the working project. The work group consistssrelaties) and is a department of the environment by ensuring that a Tammy Richardson, MA of Mrs. Tammy Richardson fromMinistry of General Affairs. BAK comprehensive integrity policy is Program manager Integrity BAK as overall coordinator, responsible for the coordination created for St. Maarten and also Government of St. Maarten Denise Williams-Warner from theand execution of programs and implemented. This project also en- Department of the Interior and Civil Registry Department andprojects and has responsibilities sures that the necessary checks and Kingdom Relations Mr. Rodney Richardson and Mr.relating to the development and co- balances and support structures will Tel: 00599 5420897 Roddy Heyliger representing theordination of (Integrity) policy for be put in place and that Civil Fax: 00599 5420879 Department of Communicationthe government of St. Maarten. Servants and other government tammy.richardson@sintmaarten- (DCOMM).When St. Maarten was still an officials on all levels will receive The Project is divided into four major areas namely: Left to Right - Rodney Richardson - DCOMM, Tammy Richardson - BAK, 1. research Denise Williams Warner - Civil Registry 2. training and Workshops