Script For 'The City Dream'


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Script For 'The City Dream'

  1. 1. SCRIPT FOR “THE CITY DREAM”THE COUNTRYSIDEA bright summer day two sisters are in themiddle of the countryside surrounded byland and nature.Emily is the shorter one of the twosisters, Black hair and fair skin wearingschool uniform.Pipi is a bit taller with brown hair alsofaired skin wearing school uniform. PIPI (Sighing)I love it out here wouldn’t swap it foranything in the world, the blue sky thebirds singing… EMILY (Puts on a disagreeing face)I know but like don’t you remember ourdream to go to the city and live the life. PIPIOh yehh the people, the theatres… EMILY & PIPISHOPPINGGG …The girls walk back home to get ready forschool and giggling at the same time.HOME
  2. 2. They sit on their sofa talking about theirdreamA young pale woman walks in eating and sitson an old rocking chair PIPI AND EMILYMUUUMM PIPIYou use to work in the city, it must havebeen great. MUMYes I did one of the best times of my lifewas there, I had my own little boutiqueselling the cutest clothes ever and myshopping pals and all the tall buildingsalso going out every Saturday god thosewere the days. EMILYI wish I could go there, I can imagine itpipi me and you on a little adventurearound the city discovering things wecouldn’t even imagine. MUMAnyways you to off to school NOWW beforeyou’ll late(Opportunity finally arrives for them to goto the city where they see big buildings
  3. 3. and loads of people walking about mindingthere own business)Pipi and Emily put on their best outfits PIPI AND EMILYOHH MYY GODDD PIPIWe are here; I can’t believe it come onletsLook around(Loads of people are walking about butlooking at the two sister in a weird waybecause of what their wearing and how theirbehaving) EMILYWhy are people looking at us, is my hairalright. PIPII want to go home I don’t like it here lookat everyone looking at us.(Young people are laughing at them, pipistarts to cry and they both start theirjourney back home when a young man dressedin jeans and a black vest top sees themboth upset) ROBERTAre two ok… EMILY
  4. 4. Yes were fine PIPINo were not.. EMILY (Gives pipi a dirty look)PIPIII(Both girls tell Robert their story) ROBERTThe names Robert, Listen im free for theday let me show you trust me I will showyou the better side EMILYOk then come one Pipi cheer upROBERT SHOWS THEM BOTH THE WONDERFUL SITESAND TAKES STHEM SHOPPING WHERE HETRANSFORMS TEHM BOTH INTO BEAUTIFUL UPDATEDGIRLs.