Adobe, Flash and HTML5


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Slides from a presentation about Adobe's take on HTML5, Flash and the future of interactive.

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  • Another exciting aspect of the mobile device explosion is that Creative Pros are using mobile devices themselves, adopting tablets. 1 in 3 CPros is considering a tablet purchase. With that, Adobe is responding by enabling these Creative Pros to extend their workflow beyond the desktop. to iterate, and create(click) We have some mobile apps already in market that allows mobile creativity. a) The Adobe® Ideas mobile sketching software app is your ideal companion for Adobe Illustrator® and Adobe Photoshop®. (over 2 M downloads)b) The second is Adobe Photoshop Express – It is a simple and intuitive photo editor that allows users to edit and adjust exposure, saturation, contract and sharpness. 20+ million users(click) Now, let’s talk about what is new….. We are introducingAdobe Story for the iPhone – Adobe Story is a collaborative tool for writing scripts and now allows you to review and comment on your iPhoneBig move is that Adobe is also shipping an SDK inviting developers to connect Photoshop CS5 to their mobile applications and devices. Over 10,000 plugins for Photoshop on the desktop. This SDK can be used for Android, BlackBerry and iOS. Use the tablet for fun, interactive environment but allow Photoshop to pick up when it comes to precision.We’d like to show you examples of how we leveraged the Photoshop SDK and created these initial new apps today.  Adobe Eazel for Photoshop: Adobe Eazel lets you use your iPad and your fingertips to create beautiful paintings and instantly access them in Photoshop CS5.Adobe Color Lava for Photoshop: With this companion app, you can use your fingertips to mix colors on your iPad and create custom swatches and color themes. Adobe Nav for Photoshop: Adobe Nav lets you use your iPad to activate Photoshop tools and select documents. These are just a starting points from Adobe. -------Back-up:Multimedia & Entertainment (which includes photo editing and sketching apps) is currently the second largest segment within mobile applications, and is forecasted to grow to a $6B+ worldwide opportunity by 2015 †  Purchase intention is fairly high in the U.S., as more than 1 in 3 CPros is considering a tablet purchase, with similar interest from all CPro segments. ‡1 in 3 U.S. Education users is considering a tablet purchase. ‡Some Data Points on Photoshop Express:First shipiOS version: October 9, 2009 (17 months in market)Android version: November 6, 2009 (16 months in market)Free app, high brand recognition because of Photoshop name20+ million users as of March 1, 201115.9 million on iOS4.1 million on AndroidHigh active useDefinition: # of customers that log in at least 1x per month,# of customers that update to newer versions40% active use on iOS (6.1m active users)60% active use on Android (2.2m active users)‡ Marketing Insights & Operations (MIO), "2010 Hardware Profile Survey (US) Creative Pros and Education," Aug. 2010  † Mobile App Stores Business Models, Strategies & Market Segmentation 2010-2015, June 2010
  • Updates to the Flash Platform remove the requirement to create multiple disparate applications for every mobile platform. Now developers can utilize a single code base to deliver applications multiple mobile platforms, web and desktop.The same developers can now build apps for the leading mobile platforms.The payoff? Faster time to market, with less resources.
  • The future is here, it is just not widely distributed yet.
  • Adobe, Flash and HTML5

    1. 1. Flash&HTML5“Es Muycalientepor favor!”
    2. 2. Evangelista, Adobe Systems @PaulTrani
    3. 3. The Flash Platform“Es muybuena!”
    4. 4. @PaulTrani
    5. 5. iOS, Android, &PlayBook Apps @PaulTrani
    6. 6. AIR on MobileMulitouch Accelerometer Orientation Microphone Keyboard Geolocation Camera GPS @PaulTrani
    7. 7. The Flash Platform AIR Additional OS’s @PaulTrani
    8. 8. AIR 3.0Captive Runtimes Native Extensions(no AIR required) @PaulTrani
    9. 9. Native Extensions Contacts Gyroscope Vibration Notifications iAD on iOS Android License Verification Maps on iOS In-app purchase SMS with body MMS Bluetooth control Compass/magnetometer Custom camera NFC support Battery information/management @PaulTrani
    10. 10. Flash Professional CS5.5 Snippets HUD Feature & 20 new snippets Scale Content with Stage Export as Bitmap TLF Tab Ruler & TLF Optimization Debug movie on device via USB Project Panel & Shared Assets AIR for Android & iOS Support Convert to Bitmap TLF Support for StyleSheets Auto Recover and Auto Save Incremental Compilation New Library Conflict Resolution Dialog New Publish Settings Dialog Visible Property Copy and Paste Layers Integrated Controller with Loop Range IK Pinning @PaulTrani
    11. 11. What’s Next? @PaulTrani
    12. 12. Innovate Standardize
    13. 13. “The future is here,it’s just not widely distributed yet.” Unknown
    14. 14. • HTML5• CSS3• JAVASCRIPT• JQUERY @PaulTrani
    15. 15. • RGBa & HSLa • Gradients • Rounded Corners • Box Shadow • Multiple Backgrounds • @font-faceLetter Heads • Media Queries • Visual Effects and Animation @PaulTrani
    16. 16. HTML5 @PaulTrani
    17. 17. Video @PaulTrani
    18. 18. Canvas• The <canvas> tag is equivalent to the BitmapData API• Performance currently inferior to ActionScript @PaulTrani
    19. 19. Dreamweaver CS5.5 HTML5 Support CSS3 Enhancements BrowserLab Webkit Built In Native Video JQuery Code Hints CMS Integration JQuery Mobile PhoneGap @PaulTrani
    20. 20. Typekit @PaulTrani
    21. 21. Dreamweaver CS5.5 Fireworks CSS3 Mobile Pack: Extract CSS properties Create jQueryMobile themes @PaulTrani
    22. 22.  CSS Regions CSS Shaders
    23. 23. Adobe Proto Touch App @PaulTrani
    24. 24. Adobe Proto Touch App @PaulTrani
    25. 25. Adobe ♥ Flash
    26. 26. Adobe ♥ Flash ♥ HTML5
    27. 27. What’s next(Yes. There’s more.)
    28. 28. Project Edge @PaulTrani