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Going Live With Story Paul

  1. Going Live with Story Paul An overview of online classes with Me (Paul Ponce, aka Story Paul)
  2. Going Live with Story Paul  Another Mindset  Technology  Before Class  Class Organization  Class Material  Attendance  Your Time  Payment  About Me
  3. Another Mindset First, I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to bring the English language closer to you. It’s a special privilege for me. As you already know from my video, I take a different approach to teaching English. Now, I invite you to think of language learning not as a destination, but as a continuous journey. An ongoing life experience where taking lessons is only a transitory phase. Beyond that phase, you continue learning on your own, as you do in your native language, as we all do in life. I’m here as your coach and facilitator of this phase. My goal is for you to learn how to continue the English-learning journey on your own. Going Live with Story Paul
  4. Technology The Internet is our classroom. Your computer is your desk and my computer is mine. But of course, the internet is much more than a classroom. It’s a library, a theater and a vessel of instant travel. In class, we take full advantage of this and much more. I use the following video conferencing technology to meet learners:  Skype  Google Hangout Make sure you have an account, ahead of time. Going Live with Story Paul
  5. Technology In addition to your video conferencing account, it is useful to have a Google account which enables you to easily use the following online tools and services used and shared in class:  Google Docs  Google Calendar  YouTube Going Live with Story Paul
  6. Before We Start Prior to starting classes with a possible student, we establish two key parameters: the learner’s level and his or her goal. To achieve this we carry out the following:  A Diagnostic Exam  An Interview to Determine Language & Life Goal Going Live with Story Paul
  7. Before We Start Knowing the learners’ level and goal will allow me to better design the strategies to coach and facilitate language learning. We’re also ready to determine the following preliminary tasks:  Establishing Goal Achievement Dates  Agreeing on Schedule  Coordinating Payment Procedures Going Live with Story Paul
  8. Class Organization For class booking, learners can choose 3 class durations: Why not 30, 45, 60 minutes? Because teachers need a few minutes between lessons. Going Live with Story Paul 1H • 55 Minutes 3QH • 44 Minutes HH • 27 Minutes
  9. Class Organization Segments Each lesson is broken down into the following segments, based on The Story Method. Depending on the lesson, a different amount of time may be spent on each section. Going Live with Story Paul Start • Greeting • Lesson Objective Focus • Key Lesson Activity Decode • Grammar • Vocab • Pronunciation Evaluate • Questions • Skills Evaluation Practice • Student production based on skills
  10. Class Material Because language students have a variety of learning needs, we work with a variety of materials chosen to suit those needs. Going Live with Story Paul Language Books Life Situations Movie Clips Games Photographs Interviews Songs News
  11. Class Material In fact, during the interview, I ask students to provide me with a list of real life topics they are interested in, so they can learn in context. The topics can vary a lot. Here are some examples. Going Live with Story Paul TOEFL Phone Calls Shopping Emailing Job Interviews Life in the US Language Learning Travel
  12. Class Material By applying The Story Method, we engage the topic of our material with a roadmap that will help the learner decode the language and use it actively. He or she will know the following: Going Live with Story Paul Story • What is the topic about? Time • What verb and grammatical structures are we dealing with? Objective • What are we trying to get out of this topic? (Speaking, vocab, idioms, cultural insight) Recognize • Which language structures is the learner expected to recognize and understand? You • Which language structures is the learner expected to actively use?
  13. Attendance Students are expected to notify me 24 hours in advance, if they need to cancel a class in order to be able to recover it. Exceptions can be made in case of emergency. As there is high demand, students with a high incidence of cancellations may risk losing their seat. Likewise, if I have an inconvinience, I will notify students with at least 24 hours notice and we will reschedule to the student’s convenience. If it’s not possible, I’ll return the student’s money. Going Live with Story Paul
  14. Your Time During the interview, we discuss the concept of Your English World, of which your lessons with me are only a small part. To achieve success in language learning, you must bring the language into your life, your job, your studies, your hobbies, your smartphone language, your reading, movie and other entertainment. And above all, you must embrace the language with a sense of curiosity and openness. Basically, relax and have fun with it. Going Live with Story Paul
  15. Payment During our interview, I will tell you my fees and coordinate means of payment. If you agree, we will move forward and begin our lessons. My fees are highly competitive in today’s vast EFL market. But I do not openly disclose them for business reasons. If you cannot afford to study with me, follow me on social media and get access to free learning materials, many of them created by me. I also teach Open Classes from time to time. Going Live with Story Paul
  16. About Me | BIO I grew up in Miami Beach, Florida, the grandson of an Argentine airline executive. From early on, I was exposed to languages, traveling and meeting people from all over the world. After getting my Bachelor’s Degree in Audiovisual Media, I worked as a television writer and producer. Later, I gravitated toward educational media. I also moved to Buenos Aires, trained as a TEFL and actively began working in the field of English as a Foreign Language. Initially, I taught professionals in business environments, but overtime began teaching students as well. Additionally, I also trained language teachers in the use of educational technology. Through the years, I developed a contextual teaching methodology based on the principles of storytelling. As internet broadband became a global reality, I set my course toward online education. I taught for several of the leading online English schools. Today, I run my own online English language service and produce fun videos for English learners. Find out more about my services at Going Live with Story Paul
  17. About Me | TESTIMONIALS Going Live with Story Paul Robin (China) • “Thank you for this productive session Paul. You were very nice during our course and really gave me great suggestions for my job interview.” Sindy (Germany) • “Paul is such a lively and pleasant person! I had never thought that 30 minutes can be so short. I'm looking forward to the next lesson! Thanks Paul.” Yul (Romania / Austria) • “One hour of coversation with you it feels like 5 minutes. I believe this a sign of a great teacher. Paul, thank you for helping me to tell my story!” Marcela (Brazil) • “With Paul, I was able to focus on my specific needs, which at that moment were preparing myself for job interviews in English. After a while I was more confident. Paul helped me a lot, giving me good tips and exercises to practice.” •(Marcela was hired by a multinational company in Indonesia)
  18. Going Live with Story Paul Paul Ponce (aka Story Paul, Pablo Ponce) ENGLISH TRAINER, ENGAGING MEDIA PRODUCER Story Paul English @StoryLingo About Me | CONTACT