Flexible boutique contact center


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Flexible boutique contact center

  1. 1. Our Vision“The SupportSeven / Eclipse in Action vision is to become one of the most innovative and successful contact center services providers”(Boutique in size, very strong in the delivery of set client objectives through “customer intimacy”) SupportSeven / Eclipse in Action 2012
  2. 2. About UsSupportSeven is a premier provider of contact centerservices located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We operatea 200+ seat call center that combines reliability and anexceptional experience for clients and their customers.Our solutions are created to match your challenges andcustomized to fit your needs. We provide a face for yourbrand and project a positive image that enhances yourbusiness goals.Eclipse in Action, a subsidiary of SupportSeven, is a 450+seat call center in San Jose, Costa Rica. This relationshipallows SupportSeven and Eclipse in Action to provide aredundant environment for their clients. So you can restassured, we are “on” around the clock! SupportSeven / Eclipse in Action 2012
  3. 3. Our Capabilities  Email Communication Inbound Customer Service Inbound Application Acceptance  Customer Retention Data Verification Processing  Instructional Design Data Entry / Healthcare Admin  Stand-Alone IVR Management Employment Verification  Email Response Management Quality Assurance  DNC List Scrubbing Level One Technical Support  Training Development Outbound Surveys  Training Execution Quality Assurance Monitoring  Inbound Order Taking Crisis Management Support  Consumer Affairs Support Real Time Multi-Language Chat  Social Media Support
  4. 4. The SupportSeven DifferenceBilingualThrough our sister organization, SupportSeven offers bilingual(Spanish/English) support to our customers.FlexibleRegardless of size and scope, SupportSeven can almost certainly handle yourproject. Creating custom solutions and tailored support is what we do best.ReliableThe people, processes, and solutions are fully reliable and accountable. Webelieve in our recommendations and follow through on every project.AccessibleSupportSeven is U.S. based and “on” around the clock. That means you canmonitor a project and confidently reassure stakeholders at any time.
  5. 5. The SupportSeven DifferenceTrustworthyUnlike many other contact centers who tend to be obsessed with “what’snext,” we are vigilant in our commitment to deliver on promises.ResponsiveTimelines and budgets come second nature at SupportSeven, and weunderstand inherently how to treat customers.TransparentOur processes are transparent—we welcome client involvement in the bestinterests of building stronger plans and programs. SupportSeven / Eclipse in Action 2012
  6. 6. SupportSeven / Eclipse in Action 2012SupportSeven / Eclipse in Action 2012
  7. 7. Why SupportSeven? 200+ Call Center Seats / Domestic US Location (Chattanooga, Tennessee) Customized Training by our highly educated and experienced Training Staff Quality Management System with a Focus on Process as well as Customer Experience Experienced leadership team with over 60-years combined call center experience Proven and Redundant Technology Above Industry Average Employee Retention Rate Low-Cost Sourcing Options SupportSeven / Eclipse in Action 2012
  8. 8. Why Eclipse In Action? 450+ Seat Call Center located in San Jose, Costa Rica Majority of Employees have College Experience Quality Management System with a Focus on Process as well as Customer Experience Experienced Leadership Team with over 50 years Combined Call Center Experience Proven and Redundant Technology Above Average Employee Retention Rate Low Cost Sourcing Options Multi-lingual SupportSeven / Eclipse in Action 2012
  9. 9. Our People, Our DifferenceSupportSeven’s biggest strength is the people who compose ourteam, from call center representatives to senior levelmanagement- it’s all in our people!Our culture has been developed upon seven core principles. Thedifference is not that we have core principles, it’s that we followthrough with them: – Service Above All Else – Get It Right the First Time – Stand and Deliver – Individual Responsibility © – PeopleVestment © – CommunityVestment – Character SupportSeven / Eclipse in Action 2012