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Osh camp 2012 experience with adk


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Talk on ADK and Android Accessary Development give at OSHCamp 2012

Published in: Technology
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Osh camp 2012 experience with adk

  1. 1. OSHCamp 2012 Experience with ADK
  2. 2. Why ADK?Google want peripheral manufacturers to create interesting stuff Android hardware cant do everything Arduino can do a lot that a phone cant Together theyre a powerful combination And mostly Open Source!
  3. 3. Typical Apps● Wall Clock ● Lighting Control● Car/ Bike Monitor ● Wireless Orb● Body Monitor ● Door Monitor● Multimeter ● Terminal● Logic Analyser ● AV Controller● Scope ● Door Key List of sensors and actuators
  4. 4. How it works ● Android ● Cable/ USB ● Arduino w. USB host (multiple options) ● Software libraries (from google code)
  5. 5. How it works (2) Android Arduino● Open UDP socket ● Open UDP socket● Listen for messages ● Listen for messages● Send messages ● Send messages● Dialogue w. server ● Handle sensors● Handle sensors ● Handle actuators Concurrent execution of multiple threads
  6. 6. ADK 2011 vs. 2012 2011 2012● Mega 2560 AVR ● ARM processor● Standard shield(s) ● Clock shield combo
  7. 7. Software Android Arduino● Program in Java w. ● Program in C++ w. Eclipse Arduino IDE● Examples available ● Examples available● Processing a ● Theres an Arduino- restricted option style IDE for the 2012 (ARM) as well
  8. 8. Alternatives IOIO Amarino● Cheaper w. limitations ● Cheaper w. limitations Anyone want to explore these?
  9. 9. Apps ExperienceAs an output device As an input device
  10. 10. Orb(s) ● 1st version was MBED hack nd ● 2 a Nanode version (memory issues) ● 3rd version using ADK (at OTA2011) ● Cosm as intermediary
  11. 11. Soil Probe ● Mapping moisture patterns: sensors in contact + geolocation ● Built this at OTA2012 ● Air + soil ● Temp. + humidity ● Linked to “JatRobot” project - “Lets disrupt the farming business”
  12. 12. Car Monitor ● Started to make this using OBDII ● Large number of measurements from most cars ● Shame mine not included :-( ● Alternative of CANBUS
  13. 13. Bike Monitor ● Commercial products out there. ● Potential for adding sensors etc ● London cyclists want this with cheap and accurate pollution measurement !?
  14. 14. Code● ADK 2011 package download (zip)● Also check board suppliers sites for examples● e.g. Seeed Studio wiki● IOIO from the main man● Amarino docs/ code
  15. 15. Sunday Session● Anyone want to hack this stuff?● ADK 2011 (1)● Sorry no 2012 (yet)● IOIO (1)● Amarino (1)
  16. 16. References● Sensor list● ADK 2011 | ADK 2012 (Google IO videos)● ADK website● IOIO vendor page● Amarino shield vendor page● Soil Measurement hack● Orb (MBED version) hack● Notes from recent Londroid event● Wahoo kit● OBDII from SK Pang
  17. 17. OSHCamp 2012 Experience with ADK