Word press!you're doing it wrong


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A short presentation of problems that both users and developers face while using and developing for WordPress

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Word press!you're doing it wrong

  1. 1. WordPress!You’re DoingIt WrongWordPress! You’re doing it wrong | 1/23 | www.pantso.gr | @pantso
  2. 2. Yet another WordPress guy! (who am I?)WordPress! You’re doing it wrong | 2/23 | www.pantso.gr | @pantsoMy name is Panagiotis Grigoropoulos (although I hearto Panos and Pantso as well), I am a Front-End Designer& Developerand I live in Athens,Greece.I studied VideoGame Programming,Application Programming,and Ialso have a bachelor at Computer Science fromRoehampton University of London with amajor in Web &Multimedia.The tools of my trade are HTML, CSS, jQuery,Photoshopand WordPress.I currentlyworkfor AtcomS.A and Ialso maintain GreekTuts.net where I share parts of myknowledge.Enough about me I’m startingto blush!Let’s move on…
  3. 3. Things you’re doing wrong : 1. The Database PrefixWordPress! You’re doing it wrong | 3/23 | www.pantso.gr | @pantsoALWAYS change the Table Prefix.And don’t be afraid to try somethinglikeifyoucanfindthisthenyouarefreetohackme_Prefixes can be 1000 bytes long !!!
  4. 4. Things you’re doing wrong : 2. PHPinfoWordPress! You’re doing it wrong | 4/23 | www.pantso.gr | @pantsoDon’t allow visitors to see your phpinfo.php file.HOW TO DO ITJust open your .htaccess fileand write the following lines:<Files php-info.php>Order Deny,AllowDeny from all</Files>To allow a specific IP just fill in:Allow from 123.456.789
  5. 5. Things you’re doing wrong : 3. ReadMe.htmlWordPress! You’re doing it wrong | 5/23 | www.pantso.gr | @pantsoHide the readme.html file, so the visitors won’t know what version you’re running!Even though most hacker attacks are deployed without scanning for the WordPressversion, it can’t hurt being cautious can it?HOW TO DO ITJust delete the filereadme.html that comeswith the WordPressinstallation and voila!
  6. 6. HOW TO DO ITOpen your theme’s functions.php file and add the following line:function remove_wp_version() {return ;}add_filter(the_generator, remove_wp_version );If your theme for some reason comes without a functions.php file, just create it!Things you’re doing wrong : 4. WordPress versionWordPress! You’re doing it wrong | 6/23 | www.pantso.gr | @pantsoFor the same reason as the readme.html file, you should also hide the WordPressversion from the <head> of your site.
  7. 7. Things you’re doing wrong : 5. Kill the Admin (user)WordPress! You’re doing it wrong | 7/23 | www.pantso.gr | @pantsoIf you already have a WordPress website, and you are not up-to-date with the latestWordPress version, consider removing the Admin user, or simply disable it.NOTE: For v3.x users this is not necessary since during the installation, WordPressasks for both username and password. Just avoid using the username Admin.HOW TO DO IT• To disable the admin user, you will need to first of all have an Administrationaccount (so you won’t get locked out) and then just go to Users panel in theAdministration panel, and turn the role of the user with username Admin tosubscriber.• To completely remove the Admin user go to the Users panel in the Administrationpanel, simply select the user with username Admin and delete it, attributing allposts and links to your account.
  8. 8. Things you’re doing wrong : 6. Use the Editor correctlyWordPress! You’re doing it wrong | 8/23 | www.pantso.gr | @pantsoMany users believe that using WordPress is a walk in the park. And most of them arekinda right! However, why not use WordPress in the way it was made to be used?
  9. 9. Things you’re doing wrong : 6. Use the Editor correctlyWordPress! You’re doing it wrong | 9/23 | www.pantso.gr | @pantsoOne of the most annoying things for WordPress theme developers is the postcontent formatting.PERSONAL FAVORITE: THE MORE TAGThe more tag is used to create an excerpt of the full post content. Why not use theactual excerpt that WordPress has for us?Try developing this layout with a post that hasan image and some text followed by a moretag in it’s content.You will have to catch the image and save it,parse and save the text, and then display it theway you want.NO! Simply open your screen options (righttop of the Administration Panel) and enablethe post excerpt! WordPress is not Word!
  10. 10. Things you’re doing wrong : 7. Don’t paste from WordWordPress! You’re doing it wrong | 10/23 | www.pantso.gr | @pantsoWordPress (and almost every CMS on the planet) does not play well with Wordformatted text. So stop bringing all of Word’s garbage into your site!Next time you need tocopy/paste content from aWord file, think of using thecute little Word icon in theeditor toolbar.Paste, hit Insert, and you aregood to publish!
  11. 11. Things you’re doing wrong : 8. Not Using Featured ImagesWordPress! You’re doing it wrong | 11/23 | www.pantso.gr | @pantsoSome people say that everything happens for a reason! In the Featured Images case,that has been going along with WordPress from version 2.9 (known as PostThumbnail then) and later in version 3.X named Featured Image, the saying iscorrect!They do exists, so use them!WHY USE THEM? One image to rule them all Easy resizing/cropping Easy upload Facebook friendly (withog:image) Because it’s there!
  12. 12. Things you’re doing wrong : 9. Ugly permalinksWordPress! You’re doing it wrong | 12/23 | www.pantso.gr | @pantsoIn many cases users don’t mind the URL of their posts. Permanent links is one of thebest features in WordPress though! Make them readable, and user friendly!First structure them correctly, in the Settings > Permalink Settings menu
  13. 13. Things you’re doing wrong : 9. Ugly permalinksWordPress! You’re doing it wrong | 13/23 | www.pantso.gr | @pantsoAnd then take good care of them in every new post you make
  14. 14. Things you’re doing wrong : 10. Where is your Feed?WordPress! You’re doing it wrong | 14/23 | www.pantso.gr | @pantsoWordPress offers the tools to spread the word of what’s going on in your website!Why not harness that power? An RSS feed is the way and you should use it!Make sure that one of the following URLs workshttp://yourdomain.gr/?feed=rsshttp:// yourdomain.gr /?feed=rss2http:// yourdomain.gr /?feed=rdfhttp:// yourdomain.gr /?feed=atomWhen using custom permalinks, you should be able to find one of these:http:// yourdomain.gr /feed/http:// yourdomain.gr /feed/rss/http:// yourdomain.gr /feed/rss2/http:// yourdomain.gr /feed/rdf/http:// yourdomain.gr /feed/atom/
  15. 15. The title of your pages is very important both to users and to search engines!Give it a little facelift!As an example, in your theme’s header.php file, try changing this:<title><?php wp_title(); ?></title>to this:<title><?php wp_title(&raquo;,true,right); ?><?php if ( is_single() ) { ?> Blog Archive &raquo; <?php } ?><?php bloginfo(name); ?></title>Or you can try more combinations/information.You can read more at http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/wp_titleThings you’re doing wrong : 11. Fix your site <title>WordPress! You’re doing it wrong | 15/23 | www.pantso.gr | @pantso
  16. 16. Things you’re doing wrong : 12. Fix your image alt tagsWordPress! You’re doing it wrong | 16/23 | www.pantso.gr | @pantsoOne of the things that people tend not to do, is bothering with image alt tags.Apart from the fact that they are an HTML standard, so their absence instantlymeans invalid code (for whoever cares), not using them means that you are nothelping crawlers “see” your images as part of your content.Spend some secondsinto naming yourcontent images rightfrom the editor.Just click on an imagein your content, clickthe “Edit Image” icon,and enter anAlternative description.
  17. 17. Things you’re doing wrong : 13. Use the Media GalleryWordPress! You’re doing it wrong | 17/23 | www.pantso.gr | @pantsoDon’t ever copy paste images from other websites right into the WordPress texteditor. First of all you are hot linking and secondly you are not using one of the bestfeatures of WordPress! The media gallery.WHY USE MEDIA GALLERY All your images in one place Easily create galleries Control image attributes Drag & Drop upload Edit image information Easily edit images Global media control
  18. 18. One of the best things about CDNed scripts is that because many people use them intheir websites, many of your visitors may have already downloaded them from visitinganother site.Also the speed of a CDN is most of the times faster than your server. Deal with it!So instead of sending your users the jQuery core file all over again, just give them:<script type="text/javascript" src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-2.0.2.min.js"></script>and instead of making them download your webfont, let them get:<link href=http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans rel=stylesheet type=text/css>That way you gain, both speed, and you get a big load off your server!Things you’re doing wrong : 14. Use CDNed ScriptsWordPress! You’re doing it wrong | 18/23 | www.pantso.gr | @pantso
  19. 19. Things you’re doing wrong : 15. Update WordPressWordPress! You’re doing it wrong | 19/23 | www.pantso.gr | @pantsoWe all know it and haveheard it many times!Well don’t just stand there!UPDATE NOW!
  20. 20. Things you’re doing wrong : 15. Update WordPressWordPress! You’re doing it wrong | 20/23 | www.pantso.gr | @pantsoWhy update? Keep up-to-date with bug fixes and security patches Get all the new cool WordPress features Keep hackers away (well at least have a good shot) Stay up-to-date with latest plugin functionality Close shut plugin security holes Because Google says you should!More on codex.wordpress.org/Updating_WordPressAND ALSO…
  21. 21. Things you’re doing wrong : 15. Update WordPressWordPress! You’re doing it wrong | 21/23 | www.pantso.gr | @pantsoEach time an Admin ignores a WordPressupdate notification, a kitten dies!HOW CRUEL CAN YOU BE?
  22. 22. WordPress! You’re doing it wrong | 22/23 | www.pantso.gr | @pantsoTHANK YOUFOR YOUR TIME…and remember!Use WordPress and use it right!
  23. 23. Shameless PromotionWordPress! You’re doing it wrong | 23/23 | www.pantso.gr | @pantsowww.greektuts.netAlso find me around the webwww.pantso.grfb.com/pantsotwitter.com/pantsodribbble.com/pantsolinkedin.com/in/pantso