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Annie in australia


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Annie in australia

  2. 2. Once upon a time Da had a dream! My dream is to own my own little aeroplane. I hope a miracle happens!
  3. 3. Then one day a miracle did happen, Da’s friend Peter said “let’s buy an aeroplane and keep it at my farm.”
  4. 4. So the two wise men ordered their aeroplane from Italy.
  5. 5. It had a shiny new engine.
  6. 6. Once the wings were on and all the instruments were connected it was ready for its first flight!
  7. 7. After a long flight and lots of tests Da flew the new aeroplane to its new hangar at Croxley Stud near Toowoomba.
  8. 8. Elizabeth and Christine christened the little plane and named her Annie!
  9. 9. WOW!! Da was a very happy man, he loved Annie very much, and he looked forward to many happy flying hours.
  10. 10. Welcome to Australia Annie! Hullo Da! Dreams do come true and I will fly you safely all over Australia!