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Johnny slick


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Johnny slick

  1. 1. Johnny Slick and his Cancer Stick By Room 25
  2. 2. Into town smoked Johnny Slick, sucking on his cancer stick!
  3. 3. He came upon beautiful Poppy Popular, thought Johnny “She looks spectacular!”.
  4. 4. “Hey baby! Wanna smoke with me?” “No way!” cried Poppy “I’m smoke free!”
  5. 5. So Johnny went to the town soccer club said to the Green Team “Hey, wanna smoke bub?”
  6. 6. The players hissed “Are you nuts!?” “There’s 3000 CHEMICALS in those butts!”
  7. 7. So Johnny slouched along to the local school, but the principal thought he was a fool.
  8. 8. “Smoking at your age will get you dead!” “You may as well smoke arsenicarsenic with leadlead!”
  9. 9. Down to the comic store went Johnny Slick But the sign said “No smoking! You’ll make us sick!”
  10. 10. Dejected, he went for more smokes at the shops, thinking it’d cost him five dollars… tops!
  11. 11. But the screen on the EFTPOS said “Declined!” Johnny sighed “maybe I should ring Quitline”.
  12. 12. Now Johnny’s got Poppy on his arm, he’s the man with ALL the charm!
  13. 13. Stay Smoke Free! Room 25 Starring Johnny Slick Oliver Davey Poppy Popular Alchae Cansana The Clean Team Charne’ van der Walt Hare Wi Joshua Campbell Stella Atkin The Principal Mr. McIntyre Shop Keeper Raven Glendon Teacher Mrs Beukens