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OVN E-Newsletter Feb. 2011


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Quarterly newsletter of the Ohio Valley Node (OVN) of the NIDA CTN

Published in: Health & Medicine, Education
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OVN E-Newsletter Feb. 2011

  1. 1. OVN Quarterly Newsletter FEBRUARY 2011 Ohio Valley Node Community Treatment Quarterly Newsletter Programs Dissemination Briefs: NIDA • CTN-052, an OVN concept, has CTN been accepted for protocol devel- opment to investigate buspirone for relapse prevention in cocaine- dependent persons •Dr. Winhusen received the Besteman Award for her ex- traordinary contributions to the NIDA CTN 15 States •FDA has approved Vivitrol (long acting naltrexone) for 23 Programs opiate dependence •NextGen Ambulatory EHR 5.6 is the first EHR with behav- ioral health certificationNIDA CTN Election Results: •In 2009, 2.1 mil ER visits•Greg Brigham, Executive Committee were due to drug misuse or•Kathy Burlew, Research Development Committee abuse•Betsy Wells, Chair of Research Utilization Committee•Dennis McCarty, Chair of Steering Committee •U.S. to Crack Down on Web Drug Stores New Special Interest Group (SIG) •Counties in KY are moving to ban pain clinics The Treatment Decision Guide SIG will work to develop clinical decision-making support tools to assist providers in implementingevidence-based interventions for substance use disorders in a variety of •More people overdose on medial settings. prescription drugs than illegal drugs Education•“Pain Management, Prescription Medication, & Drug Addiction” atShawneee State University (Portsmouth, Ohio), 6.5 CE credits, $55 Current OVN Studiesregistration fee, e-mail Ginnie Moore at•The ATTC is offering 3 NAADAC credits for FREE for participating in a • CTN-0037 STRIDE2hr online workshop on the dissemination of EBP • CTN-0044 Web-based Therapy •CTN-0044-A2 Web-based Please welcome Dr. Felipe Vallejo, our new NIDA IN- Therapy with Native Ameri- VEST Fellow from Chile. Dr. Vallejo is a Psychologist cans at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso. • CTN-0046 S-CAST • CTN-0047 SMART-EDTwitter: AODtxWorks Facebook: Ohio Valley Node of NIDA CTN
  2. 2. OVN Quarterly Newsletter FEBRUARY 2011Upcoming Conferences Dissemination Briefs:• Ohio’s Opiate Epidemic: A Summit on Policy, Prevention & Treat-ment on April 12th, 2011 at the Hyatt Regency in Columbus, Ohio •The CTN STRIDE study ap-($75 registration fee) peared in Addiction Profes-•Addiction Studies Institute, August 17-19th at the Greater Columbus sional (10/7/2010)Convention Center •Financial incentives are being•Let us know about other upcoming conferences in your State, Erin used to encourage healthy be-Winstanley 513-487-7812 ( haviors & address smoking, drug addiction, weight loss (Newsweek 7/22/10) •NIDA has an online tool toEvidence-Based Practice Tips ..... screen for drug use in general medical settings (NM ASSIST)Training Counselors in EBTs •NIDA & NIAAA merger ap-“Which Training Strategies are Optimal to Teach Counselors EBTs? proved by NIH Director, wait-Given the limited evidence about training strategy effectiveness, it is ing for congressional approvalpremature to specify guidelines for how to best train counselors in •Annual staff turnover in be-EBTs. Nonetheless, the research findings to date warrant provisional havioral health programsconclusions that: ranges from 25-50% •distance learning methods appear to develop counselors’ knowledge; •NIAAAs Rethinking Drinking •workshops may serve as a platform for establishing basic website skills; •New websiite helps to iden- •counselors likely require clinical supervision that includes ob- tify health insurance ................ servation, feedback, and coaching to become proficient in us- ing EBTs with real patients; •64% of youth with a lifetime •blending some or all of these strategies is probably the best mental disorder do not receive way to approach counselor training.” tx •AHRQ has a searchable da- --Martino S. 2010. Strategies for Training Counselors in tabase of innovative txs for Evidence-Based Treatments. Addiction Science & Clinical Prac- AOD disorders tice. December 5(2): 30-39. http://www.innovations.ahrq.govResearch Tips .....★ CTN CTPs are getting IRB approval to use Facebook to contact research participants What’s New ★ Research suggests that African-Americans and Hispanics are willing •The CTN Dissemination Li- to participate in health research at a rate that is similiar to non- brary has a blog that summa- Hispanic Whites. rizes new publications - Wendler D et al. 2006. Are Racial and Ethnic Minorities Less Willing •The NIH is forming a new to Participate in Health Research? PLos Medicine 3(2): 201-10. institute on drug discovery, National Center for Advancing Translational SciencesTwitter: AODtxWorks Facebook: Ohio Valley Node of NIDA CTN