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Martin Bardsley: Nuffield data lab

  1. 1. Annual Health Strategy SummitDr Martin BardsleyHead of ResearchNuffield TrustTwitter: #NTSummit © Nuffield Trust
  2. 2. Annual Health Strategy SummitNuffield Data LabMartin BardsleyHead of Research, Nuffield TrustMarch 2011 © Nuffield TrustTwitter: #NTSummit
  3. 3. You say you want a revolutionMarch 2011 © Nuffield Trust
  4. 4. We all wanna change the worldMarch 2011 © Nuffield Trust
  5. 5. You say you got a real solutionMarch 2011 © Nuffield Trust
  6. 6. Breakfast session tomorrow8am - 8.45amThe digital and Information revolution: how can the NHS make digital productivity real?Tim Kelsey, Trustee, Nuffield TrustSophia Christie, Director of Alignment and Co-ordination, Improvement, Efficiency and QIPP, Department of HealthAzalea Room © Nuffield Trust
  7. 7. Key challenges and opportunities• Outcome measurement• Information to enable patients, service users and their carers to make fully informed choices• Using new information technologies to create efficiencies• Exploiting information across organisational boundaries• Allocating resources Information at the individual level © Nuffield Trust
  8. 8. Looking at individual pathways across services Start of trial Patterns of service use over 2 yearsMarch 2011 © Nuffield Trust
  9. 9. Relative size of data sets collected For one PCT area (WSD project)Accident and Outpatients Inpatients Social care Community GPsemergency 1,680,000 records 360,000 records 240,000 records matrons 60 practices350,000 records 20,000 records 48.5 million records March 2011 © Nuffield Trust
  10. 10. One person hospital cost profile over a year50-60 year old male, total annual cost > £35,000 Outpatients DayCase Elective AE Nonelective Time (weeks) © Nuffield Trust
  11. 11. Uneven distribution of costs The proportion of total costs spent on patients with category of annual costs (area of shape) with the proportion of all patients in annual cost band (dots) Around 3% of patients are responsible for nearly half the total patient costs © Nuffield Trust
  12. 12. Identifying patient costs at GP Practice level               General population: Mix of predicted future costs Practice population@ £10,000 per person per year @ £1,000 per person per year @ £100 per person per year © Nuffield Trust © Nuffield Trust
  13. 13. Breakout Session Azalea RoomAllocating healthcare budgets to general practicesProfessor Peter Smith, Professor of Health Policy, Imperial College LondonChair: Dr Jennifer Dixon, Director, Nuffield TrustAzalea Room © Nuffield Trust
  14. 14. Overlap of health and social care Looking at all over 55s, registered continuously with local GPs from April Registered pop 2005 to April 2008 77,000 Secondary care 53,000 [69% of regd pop] 90% of those with a social care contact have also had Social care secondary care contact(s) contact 13,000 [17% of regd in the three years pop] © Nuffield Trust
  15. 15. Inpatient and SC costs per person in final year, by agebandover two lines £12,000 £10,000 £8,000 £6,000 Social care £4,000 Hospital IP care £2,000 SC+ Hosp £0 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Age Band © Nuffield Trust
  16. 16. Breakout Session Bay RoomInterface of health and social careDavid Behan, Director General Of Social Care, Local Government and Care Partnerships, Department of HealthChair: Dr Geraint Lewis, Senior Fellow, Nuffield TrustBay Room © Nuffield Trust
  17. 17. Predict and Prevent?“Realising the savings needed to invest in improvingoutcomes means moving from a system configuredto diagnose and treat, to one configured to predictand prevent” David Nicholson. Letter to NHS 17th Feb 2011 © Nuffield Trust
  18. 18. Emergency inpatient admissions for four selectedambulatory care sensitive conditions 2001-2010 Combined net difference in emergency admissions between 2001/2 and 2009/10: +77,652 -38,138 -28,563 +3,517 0 © Nuffield Trust
  19. 19. Impact of eight different interventions on hospital use © Nuffield Trust
  20. 20. Evaluation of telecare and telehealth“For every pound spent on telecare, five pounds could be saved on expensive hospital and residential care” Counsel and Care, 2009 © Nuffield Trust
  21. 21. Breakout Session Begonia RoomTelehealth technologies and the management of chronic diseaseStephen Johnson, Head of Long Term Conditions, Department of HealthChair: Dr Martin Bardsley, Head of Research, Nuffield TrustBegonia Room © Nuffield Trust
  22. 22. Parallel Sessions 15:15-16:00 Allocating Professor Peter Smith, Professor of Azalea healthcare budgets Health Policy, Imperial College London to general practices Chair: Dr Jennifer Dixon, Director, Room Nuffield Trust Telehealth Stephen Johnson, Head of Long Term Begonia technologies and Conditions, Department of Health the management of Chair: Dr Martin Bardsley, Head of Room chronic disease Research, Nuffield Trust Interface of health David Behan, Director General Of Bay and social care Social Care, Local Government and Care Partnerships, Department of Room Health Chair: Dr Geraint Lewis, Senior Fellow, Nuffield Trust © Nuffield Trust
  23. 23. Thank you...Dont you know its going to be.. Alright...? Sign-up for our newsletter Follow us on Twitter ( 2011 © Nuffield Trust