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Food processing company in usa manages 2500 devices using opmanager


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Agribusiness & Food Processing Company in USA manages 2500 devices using OpManager

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Food processing company in usa manages 2500 devices using opmanager

  1. 1. About the Customer Industry Food Processing Products • Manufacturing fertilizer & animal feed for farmers • Originating oilseeds and grains • Producing edible oil, mayonnaise, mar garine, shortening and other food products Employees 32,000 - 35,000 Location Over 40 countries
  2. 2. Monitoring Requirements • Visualize & monitor the WAN links for availability and performance • Monitor the VoIP quality across WAN infrastructure • Manage bandwidth usage across the entire network • To validate the effectiveness of your QoS policies • Ensure 100% network security and to keep away from scans, DoS attacks and other network threats • IP Address Management
  3. 3. How did ManageEngine OpManager fulfill their requirement
  4. 4. WAN Management using Cisco IP SLA Leveraging the Cisco IPSLA technology, OpManager helps admins visualize their WAN links. troubleshoot WAN outages and performance issues. Informative reports help in capacity planning and other WAN investment decisions.
  5. 5. End–to–end VoIP network management solution With OpManager’s VoIP Monitor, the customer was able to monitor and report on their WAN infrastructure’s capacity to handle VoIP calls. Using Cisco IP Service Level Agreements (SLAs), they were able to measure critical QoS parameters of VoIP services
  6. 6. Bandwidth Monitoring & Traffic Analysis Flow –based network traffic analysis to monitor how exactly the bandwidth is being utilized and gain in-depth information on network traffic composition.
  7. 7. Advanced Security Analytics Module Advanced Security Analytics Module (ASAM) in NetFlow Plugin offers actionable intelligence to detect a broad spectrum of external and internal security threats as well as continuous overall assessment of network security
  8. 8. IP Address Management and Switch Port Mapping IPAM Plugin in OpManager helps to manage their IP address space & maps devices that are plugged into the switch ports. It also provides a holistic view of IP addresses, IP computer objects information, MAC address list, VLAN information, Switch ports status & much more.
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