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General Speereo Presentation

  1. 1. SPEEREO™ VOICE TRANSLATOR & SPEEREO™ VOICE ORGANIZER everything that anyone needs…
  2. 2. ABOUT SPEEREO SOFTWARE UK SPEEREO™ SOFTWARE UK is a British IT company with the R&D office in St.Petersburg, Russia established in 1998 and involved in the development of voice operated applications. SPEEREO™ SOFTWARE UK develops applications for Symbian OS S60 3rd Edition, Windows Mobile 2003SE/5.0/6.0, Symbian OS UIQ 3.1, Symbian UIQ OS UIQ2.1 & Java Enviroment. Our products and solutions provide universal access, facilitating the interaction with various types of hardware, freeing users from dependence on the mouse, keyboard and stylus.
  3. 3. SPEEREOTM VOICE TRANSLATOR What is it? SPEEREO™ VOICE TRANSLATOR for business communication and travelling, developed for smartphones and Pocket PCs, is an innovative phrasebook which provides translation among 16 languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Turkish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, formal Arabic, Polish, Danish and Finnish. Just select listed phrase and the Translator will show and pronounce the translation to you.
  4. 4. SPEEREOTM VOICE TRANSLATOR What is included? Phrase book Travel and interest guides Online flight timetable Online flight status Actual events in cities Online weather forecasts Online currency rates and converter World time Converter of miscellaneous measures, etc.
  5. 5. SPEEREOTM VOICE TRANSLATOR What is included? Phrase book includes about 4,000 most commonly used phrases including business, technical, medical and legal terms, phrases, idioms, and some slang The phrases are arranged in 16 main categories and 87 sub-categories by subject, such as Travel, Useful, City, Buy food, Shopping, Health and Entertainment 16 Asian and European languages and more to come!
  6. 6. SPEEREOTM VOICE TRANSLATOR City Travel Guides Made in cooperation with leading brands Cover more than 200 cities worldwide Include in depth editorial overviews, historical background, dining and drinking places, advice to where to stay, how to get there and around, readymade tours and fun facts
  7. 7. SPEEREOTM VOICE TRANSLATOR Online currency rates & converter You can view and calculate various currency rates after optional of online update! Actual events Events in 195 cities worldwide Include concerts, family entertainment, national and local festivals, holidays, sports events, theatre, tours, etc.
  8. 8. SPEEREOTM VOICE TRANSLATOR Weather Users of Travel Guides with the built-in weather function have the opportunity to have the actual weather at-the- glance. Downhill Skiing Resorts Guide Covers 61 major resorts in 8 countries Lists various useful information such as locations, skiing details, accommodation, restaurants, etc.
  9. 9. SPEEREOTM VOICE TRANSLATOR On-line Flight Timetable & Status Provides hundreds of thousands of direct and connecting flights worldwide. Flights within your region and to/from the rest of the world. Even Low Cost Carriers! Just indicate where you are going, and the service will show you all convenient flights available Direct access to flight changes: delays, cancellations, terminal gate changes, baggage information
  10. 10. SPEEREOTM VOICE ORGANIZER About SPEEREO™ VOICE ORGANIZER provides user with opportunity not to look at the screen: program will lead user forward by asking questions, all of which are carefully thought through by our psychologists and correctly connected to each separate topic of different arrangements by our programmers. SPEEREO™ VOICE ORGANIZER is a program with seeds of an Artificial Intelligence in a shape of an organizer. Ones interaction with SPEEREO™ VOICE ORGANIZER is based on a real-life dialogue with a secretary! Now entering information is as easy as giving orders to a personal assistant!
  11. 11. SPEEREOTM VOICE ORGANIZER About All you have to do – speak an order! You will get a precise answer! SPEEREO™ VOICE ORGANIZER inherited all the best features and technology used in SPEEREO™ VOICE TRANSLATOR and yet it has become much more efficient in voice data management! Designed to cover wide range of tasks: from voice mailing and voice dialing to the detailed day notes.
  12. 12. SPEEREOTM VOICE ORGANIZER Advantages No more graphic interface, talk to Artificial Intelligence, which listens, speaks and you can even see its face! SPEEREO™ VOICE ORGANIZER – you can use it as a regular mobile phone! Enter a new contact faster than ever! Talk to your device – leave Voice Comments! Set up a reminder with your own voice! Voice Comments: delete, re-record or add to existing ones! Send e-mails from Smartphone or PPC fast & easy!
  13. 13. SPEEREOTM VOICE ORGANIZER: EXAMPLE Enter in a new contact faster than ever! Here is an example of a dialogue with SPEEREO™ VOICE ORGANIZER. Start up the program, press Record button and say: quot;Create New Contact.“ Release Record button. Speereo™ Voice Organizer: quot;Input last name“. You: quot;Jameson“. Speereo™ Voice Organizer: quot;Input first name“. You: quot;Fred“. Speereo™ Voice Organizer: quot;Input home phone“. You: quot;Eight Zero One. Two Two Zerro. Zerro One Zerro Zerroquot; (801) 220-0100. Speereo™ Voice Organizer: quot;Input E-mail address“. You: quot;F-R-E-D-at-J-A-M-E-S-O- N-dot-C-O-Mquot; ( Speereo™ Voice Organizer: quot;Input Company“. You: quot;ABC Technologies, LLC“. Speereo™ Voice Organizer: quot;Input job title“. You: quot;CEO, Marketing“. Speereo™ Voice Organizer: quot;Enter your comments“. You leave your comments – how you met and where, etc. We counted: it took about 57 seconds. How much time would you spend, inputting this information from keyboard?
  14. 14. SPEEREOTM VOICE ORGANIZER: EXAMPLE Set up a reminder - quicker than others! Start up SPEEREO™ VOICE ORGANIZER. Press Record button and Say: quot;Remind Me.“ Release Record button. Speereo™ Voice Organizer: quot;Tell Me a Date“. You: quot;Set Tomorrow.quot; Speereo™ Voice Organizer: quot;At What Time?“ You: quot;11 in the Morning.“ Speereo™ Voice Organizer: quot;Dictate Your Comments, I`ll Record.“ You: quot;Meeting with John Snow, at the Blue Lagoon bar. He is a senior VP in Cool Company. David Fletch referred me to him. He says Mr. Snow is the right person to talk to about the contract our Main Office wants quot;ABC Companyquot; to sign on racing engines. Bar is at 233 North 500 Broadway. Table is reserved.quot; How much time would you spend, inputting this information from keyboard? Now try to read your lines out loud and time yourself. Impressive, eh?
  15. 15. SPEEREOTM VOICE INTERNET BROWSER Look ma, no hands using Internet! SPEEREO™ VOICE INTERNET BROWSER is an innovating PC product that turns user Internet surfing and web manipulation into an adventure into the future of technology. Voice operated browser will rid users from need to be tied to a computer screen by mouse and keyboard. Now all the commands can be issued by voice: search, choose, listen to what is displayed from anywhere you want. We are launching a special web portal that will show use of our browser in Internet TV area. With help of our browser user will be able to manipulate video content: choose favorites, ban bores, follow stories and journalists and ultimately – watch news of his choice without imposition from ‘big boys’. How often do you wish to tell your TV to shut up, move ahead to something more interesting? Every other time you are in front of it, eh? Now you can do that and even get what you want.
  16. 16. SPEEREO SOFTWARE UK SPECIALIZATION SPEEREO™ SOFTWARE UK offers developing customized state-of-the-art speaker independent speech interfaces and licensing its speech recognition engine for variety of software and hardware products. ADVANTAGES OF SPEECH INTERFACE Unmatched usability: No more mess of menu buttons and options. Say predefined words for an immediate access or command execution. Broad functionality: An opportunity to create complex applications with a simple user-friendly SPEEREO™ Speech SDK. Charm of novelty: Takes the user to the fantastic world of future.
  17. 17. SPEEREOTM VOICE TRANSLATOR TECHNOLOGY Full-scaled speech technologies are available today! Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Requirements: Memory from 700KB CPU performance from 40(80) MIPS Speech synthesizer (TTS) Requirements: Memory from 500KB(2 Mb) CPU performance from 40(80) MIPS Signal compression (1400 bit/sec) Requirements: Memory from 200 KB CPU performance from 40 MIPS
  18. 18. SPEEREOTM VOICE TRANSLATOR TECHNOLOGY SVT key technology competence Accuracy up to 99,8%*, speaker independent, continuous speech recognition, noise robustness*, minimum CPU and memory requirements*, automated Speech command recognition transcription system, tuned for car noises. systems (ASR) Languages – English, Russian, German, Spanish. Platform – WIN, ARM, MIPS, Embedded. Russian patent #2103753. Seven-year experience, multiply end-user software for Smartphones and PPCs, various software awards. Our partners: Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Microsoft, Texas Speech command Instruments, ARM and many others. interface design CORCP for the Speech Recognition System, #2000610427 * World best results
  19. 19. SPEEREOTM TECHNOLOGY Speereo™ key technology competence High quality, minimum requirements. Languages – English, Spanish, French, Russian, Text-To-Speech systems (TTS) German. Platforms – WIN, ARM, MIPS, SHx, Embedded. Human state We can recognize speaker tiredness and emotions. recognition via voice Our technology and experience are perfect for car command interfaces design. We have tuned ASR for car noises for best accuracy results and extremely high cost effectiveness.
  21. 21. CONCLUSION: BENEFITS Accepting SPEEREO™ VOICE TRANSLATOR & SPEEREO™ VOICE ORGANIZER into the list of OEM will benefit manufacturer in several ways: Unique voice operated software – SPEEREO™ VOICE TRANSLATOR & SPEEREO™ VOICE ORGANIZER can be already installed and operative upon mobile device purchase Awareness of new and unique software installed will benefit the sales Unique voice operated software will become an additional advertising tool for manufacturer’s device SPEEREO™ VOICE TRANSLATOR & SPEEREO™ VOICE ORGANIZER are reliable and well known products that will push clientele loyalty to manufacturer even further
  22. 22. CONCLUSION: BENEFITS SPEEREO™ VOICE TRANSLATOR & SPEEREO™ VOICE ORGANIZER will become handy additional tools for own software and services Interactive nature of our products will benefit manufacturer’s users whilst driving, traveling on business or vacationing Upraise of interest in GPS navigation systems and mapping services calls for user-friendliness of all products offered. Therefore voice operated tools will push manufacturer to the front of the long line of competitors
  23. 23. THANK YOU! Daniel O. Ischenko VP of Business Development +7 (905) 200-3333 SPEEREO SOFTWARE UK Tel./fax +7(812)327-4455