Sm10 Marketing Opportunities


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Sm10 Marketing Opportunities

  1. 1. SPORTELMonaco 2010<br />Marketing Opportunities <br />The International Sports Content Market for Television & New Media <br />
  2. 2. Table of Contents <br />Table of Contents<br />Overview<br />Why SPORTELMonaco 2010?<br />The M.i.E. Factor<br />Market Opportunities<br />Customized Events<br />Advertising<br />SPORTELMonaco 2010 Guide<br />SPORTELNews<br />Online<br />Promotional Opportunities<br />Grimaldi Forum <br />Contact <br />
  3. 3. Overview<br />Last year SPORTELMonaco 2009 played host to 2,247 high level decision <br />makers from 938 companies representing 68 countries.<br />SPORTEL markets are recognised worldwide as the most important gatherings of high-level<br /> executives from the international television and sports content industry.<br /> SPORTEL offers a proven marketing and sales platform that is efficient and cost effective.<br />SPORTEL provides a direct communication channel for your brand, products and services to the industries elite decision makers. <br />To view a list of delegates that attended SPORTELMonaco 2009 please select <br /> the following link -<br />
  4. 4. Why SPORTELMonaco?<br />Only SPORTELMonaco can offer you proven value-for-money:<br />A 4-day market of intensive meetings, deal making and rubbing elbows with the highest-level executives in international sports content in one venue.<br />A series of International Symposia, conferences, special press events and round table discussions to learn about the latest trends.<br />A cost-effective way to promote your business or your brand through high-visibility advertising and on-site promotional opportunities specifically designed to get your message directly to your target audience.<br />A way to identify yourself as an important player in the sports content business.<br />SPORTEL's 20-year experience in managing top-level executive events<br />
  5. 5. All SPORTELMonaco 2010 Delegates’ will have complete access to M.i.E. 2010 <br />Monaco iGaming Exchanges is an international exhibition for the online gaming and <br />betting industry.<br />The convention will feature a professional trading market, bringing together key <br />executives from the online gambling community, host a series of conferences and an <br />awards ceremony.<br />For more information please select the following link – MiE 2010<br />The Monaco iGaming Exchanges (M.i.E.) Factor<br />
  6. 6. Exhibitor<br />Equipped stand (3M x 3M) & registration for four people<br />Cost: 6,900 Euro <br />Meeting Kiosks<br />Individual kiosk with table and chairs<br />Cost 2,500 Euro (excluding visitors registration) <br />Visitor <br />4 day entry for a specific individual<br />Cost: 790 Euro <br />Click here to register NOW – Market Opportunities <br />Market Opportunities <br />All prices in Euros and exclusive of refundable 19.6% VAT<br />
  7. 7. Customized Events <br />SPORTELMonaco 2010 Customized Events offer you the opportunity to create your <br />own bespoke sales and marketing platform. Examples of past event formats include <br />workshops, expert panels, press conferences and other special events.<br />In addition to this, if you and your brand would like to be associated with an existing <br />SPORTELMonaco 2010 event, please do not hesitate to contact us in regard to <br />developing a bespoke sponsorship package for your brand and the associated product.<br />Example: <br /> <br />SPORTEL Football Workshop™ 2009 <br />Maximising Revenues and Engaging fans with Digital Media <br />2 Case studies: FC Barcelona & Arsenal FC <br /> <br />
  8. 8. Advertising<br />
  9. 9. Advertising – Official Guide<br />OFFICIAL SPORTELMonaco 2010 GUIDE<br />Recognised as the sports content industry's "Bible", the official Guide is used not only during the <br />market but also as an important reference tool back in the office. Advertising in the most up- to-<br />date ‘‘Who’s Who’’ for the international sports industry will give your company year-round <br />quality exposure.<br />SPORTELMonaco 2010 Official Guide Rates<br />All prices in Euros and exclusive of refundable 19.6% VAT<br />
  10. 10. Advertising - SPORTELNews<br />SPORTELNews<br />The Official magazine where Delegates can read about all of days market news, which will <br />include reports on the conferences, highlights of the day, interviews of VIP, program of the <br />following day...<br />3 Issues : Monday morning (11 October), Tuesday morning (12 October), Wednesday <br />Morning (13 October)<br />SPORTELNews Rates<br />Rates per page, per issue <br />Trim <br />(mm – width x height)<br />All prices in Euros and exclusive of refundable 19.6% VAT<br />
  11. 11. Online<br />Skyscraper Advertising<br />For more information please select the following Link – SKYSCRAPER<br />Advertising - Online<br />
  12. 12. Advertising<br />Promotional Opportunities<br />Please select any of the following links to view the related SPORTELMonaco 2010 <br />Promotional Opportunity;<br />High-profile Sponsorship Opportunities <br />Promotional Opportunities on the Exhibition Floor<br />Delegates’ Bag Insertions<br />Giant Screen Advertising<br />Advertising Walls<br />Hanging Banners<br />Espace Ravel Entrance <br />Advertising Columns and Panels<br />Light Boxes<br />Stair Risers <br />Golden Podium Cocktail Diner <br />Ravel Lounge <br />The Lounge <br />Delegates’ Bags<br />Accreditation Badges<br />Badge Cords<br />Networking Tool<br />Internet Stations<br />
  13. 13. The Grimaldi Forum offers SPORTELMonaco 2010 and its guests a superiorvenue to host <br />this years exhibition. <br />Located on Monaco’s Larvotto Seafront, the Grimaldi Forum is Monaco’spremier<br />conference centre facility that is fully equipped to produce unforgettable events,<br />congresses, exhibitions & artistic manifestations. <br />Boosting state of the art technology and experienced, passionate anddedicated staffthe <br />Grimaldi Forum will provide the event platform needed toensure SPORTELMonaco2010 <br />will sustain its global position as the leading international sports market. <br />The Grimaldi Forum dimension is dynamic, skilled,creative and experienced.<br />Welcome to the GrimaldiForum Monaco!<br />Grimaldi Forum<br />
  14. 14. Nick Volante<br />New Media Sales & Marketing Manager<br />SINERGI Sports Consulting<br />SPORTEL New Media Sales & Marketing Partner <br />Maison du Sport International<br />Avenue de Rhodanie 54<br />1007 Lausanne - Switzerland <br />Tel: +33 6 71 77 19 84<br />Email:<br /><br />Contact<br />