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Youth Participation Guidelines For Dcc Jan09 (2)


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Youth Engagement Guidelines, developed by Nurture Development

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Youth Participation Guidelines For Dcc Jan09 (2)

  1. 1. Youth Participation Checklist Youth Led and Youth Decisions 4 Checklist Youth Participation Checklist 4.6 Practical Considerations for Public Events Supporting young people in their independent decision making doing The following practical issues have been considered: Example 1: The checklist is a tool which will help you plan and bring about the participation of young people in your work. This quick checklist will take you through the Planning, Doing and Reviewing stages of any young people’s participation exercise. It is essential that you spend time determining who you are inviting to participate. The project should be relevant and meaningful to those you are inviting to participate in order for the outputs to be of benefit. It is recommended that a minimum Appropriate time Appropriate space Accessibility of venue Public transport Yes Ì No Ì Yes Ì No Ì Yes Ì No Ì Yes Ì No Ì Valuing Youth Youth Cafés of three participation methods (see 4.2) are employed where possible and that participants are involved in selecting them. Additional resources Catering Yes Ì No Ì Yes Ì No Ì A ‘How to’ Guide for Ensuring St. Catherines Sports Centre and Foyer is a joint sports centre, gym and 50-bed housing Project Details Key Guidance Question Sufficient notice given Cultural or religious factors Yes Ì No Ì Yes Ì No Ì Young People’s Participation project located in Dublin’s South Inner City. One major element constructed as part of 1. Considering the goals and objectives, what participation Project Title:____________________________ Department:_________________________ Literacy issues Yes Ì No Ì the facility was a Café area to service both the sports centre users and foyer residents. methods are appropriate for this project? This element over time became synonymous with an area where teenagers would The following sections are all critical to the success of the Details of event: participate in youth activities not generally aligned to sports programmes. In 2007, Strategic Objectives:_____________________ National Ì Local Ì Interagency Ì project, particularly where participation is at levels 2 to 4 (see young people directly or through their youth leaders were seeking an improved area 3.2). It is essential that all elements are completed in advance where they could meet, socialise and just hang out. The result was the construction of Start Date:_____________________________ Lead Person:________________________ of the participation exercise itself. Dublin City Councils first dedicated “Youth Café”. Date Agreed: Young people were very much to the forefront of the decision making process with planning 4.1 Identifying Young People The young people interested/affected by this project are: Signature: This section will help you ensure that the level of participation selected matches the goals of the regard to the Café. A focus group of young people decided what should be in a Youth project and the resources available (staff and financial). The anticipated outcomes will influence Name: Café (I.T, music, chill-out areas etc.) and how the Youth Café should look and what it who you invite to participate and what methods are employed. Working with partners is a way of 4.2 Method of Participation should be called. Following the opening of the café, a young persons’ committee is now leading the overcoming resource limitations. It is preferable that participation is at Level 2 or upwards but in some cases Level 1 may be sufficient for the objectives of the project (see 3.2). Surveys/Questionnaires Ì Interviews Ì reviewing debate on issues including: Key Guidance Questions Casual conversations Ì Postcards Ì The final stage involves a review of all that has been planned Comments/suggestions box Ì and done. This is essential to the process and must be T The programming of the café 1. What are the anticipated outcomes from this project? completed. The purpose of this stage is three-fold, firstly it allows SMS text consultation Ì Internet discussions or T Future events 2. What is the appropriate level of participation? you to assess achievements, secondly it promotes learning from feedback Ì the experience, and thirdly it informs future planning. T Menus 3.1 Setting Goals and Objectives Graffitti Walls/Boards Ì Vox pops Ì Young people are more likely to participate when they are T Pricing Forums/Conferences Ì Focus Groups Ì acknowledged and when they are provided with feedback. It Goals/Objectives: Peer-to-peer Consultation Ì also enables you to build your relationship with them, to get Art Projects/Competitions Ì Site Visits Ì advice regarding future youth participation exercises and to get Youth Advisory Group/Committees Ì feedback on the participation activity. ‘ Young people joining an Adult Working Party Ì Timescale:____________ Total Project:_______________ Youth Participation Element:_____________ Key Guidance Questions Example 2: We will engage with young 3.2 Degrees of Participation 4.3 Recruitment of Young People 1. How will participants be acknowledged during and/or after Bushy Park Skateboard Facility people to ensure that Proposed degree of participation selected Means by which young people will be invited to participate Posters the process? Bushy Park skateboard facility was opened in 2006. Young people from the local area Ì Postcards Ì Email Ì Ezines Ì were very much to the forefront lobbying for the facility to be put in the park, while many proposed changes to Level 1: Informing Ì Websites Ì Leaflets Ì Newsletters Ì 2. How will their contributions be used in decision making and how will this be communicated to them? of the local residents were objecting to it. A group of young people made a presentation policies, programmes and Level 2: Consulting Ì Magazines Ì SMS Ì 5.1 Acknowledgement and Feedback to one of the council committees involved in the decision to locate the skateboard facility services are appropriate Level Level 3: 4: Joint Decision Making Youth Led, Youth Decisions Ì Ì Local newspapers Ì Ethnic press Ì Participants were acknowledged during and/or Yes Ì No Ì in Bushy Park and this presentation had a positive impact on the decision making process. and effective for a diverse Meet young people in their own environment Ì after the process and given feedback: range of young people. 3.3 Resources Is there other relevant information on this topic? Yes Ì No Ì Links to Local/Relevant Groups Ì Comhairle na nÓg Ì The participants know how their Yes Ì No Ì contributions will be used in decision making: While in the design stage, young people who skate were consulted by questionnaire. (Consultations/publications etc.) Partnerships with local schools (CSPE curriculum) Ì Since opening the skateboard facility has been very well used and is almost self- We will engage with young Staff with appropriate skill set identified: Yes Ì No Ì 5.2 Evaluation and Review regulated by the young people between those who skateboard, mountain bike and roller people on issues that are Consultants to be engaged: Participation of Youth included in tender brief: Yes Ì Yes Ì No Ì No Ì Feedback was obtained from the young people involved: Yes Ì No Ì blade. Dublin City Council also provides skateboard lessons for young people in the park. relevant to their lives as 4.4 Preparing Young People to Participate Participants have been informed and understand the purpose Young people involved encouraged Yes Ì No Ì well as on broader Projected Cost of activity: _________________________________ and nature of the participation process. and supported to initiate ongoing ’ Budget available from DCC: _________________________________ community issues. Other sources of funding: _________________________________ The topic Yes Ì No Ì work related to the project: The processes being used Yes Ì No Ì Appreciation of the contributions Yes Ì No Ì The anticipated outcomes Yes Ì No Ì of young people demonstrated by DCC: 3.4 Working with Partners How they will participate Yes Ì No Ì Young people invited to assist in Yes No Proposed Partners: Yes Ì No Ì Ì Ì How they will get feedback Yes Ì No Ì implementing the results: Other DCC Involvement: Yes Ì No Ì Boundaries and guidelines Yes Ì No Ì Mechanism for long term evaluation Yes Ì No Ì Details of Agencies/Partners:_______________________________________________________________ Timelines expected Yes Ì No Ì of project selected: Proposed Role Planning Ì 4.5 Confidentiality and Consent Considerations 5.3 Proposed next steps:___________________________ Sourcing Young People Ì Written consent is required from the parents of the Organising Ì children participating Yes Ì No Ì ____________________________________________________________ Facilitation Ì Valuing Youth: A ‘How to’ Guide for Ensuring Young People’s Participation: How do we do it? Date Agreed: Interpretation of Data Ì Signature: Date Agreed: This strategy has been produced by the Culture, Recreation & Amenity Department, Name: Signature: Dublin City Council as an action under Goal 1 of the Youth Affairs Strategy & Action Plan 2006 - 2009. Name: Copies of the Youth Strategy & Action Plan area available from the Culture, 6 Recreation & Amenity Department, Block 4, Ground Floor, Civic Offices. Tel: (01) 222 2167 6 Valuing Youth: A ‘How to’ Guide for Ensuring Young People’s Participation: Planning 6 Valuing Youth: A ‘How to’ Guide for Ensuring Young People’s Participation: Planning
  2. 2. Example 2: What are we Understanding Let’s make it Review of the Dublin City Development Plan going to do? In 2003, the views of young people were sought on the review of the City Development Plan through Comhairle na nÓg. Five to six large seminars (involving about 100 young Participation The Dublin City Council Youth Affairs Strategy and Action Plan 2006-2009 sets out a number of strategic Who will happen 3 people from 7 to 17) in the City were organised by the City Council's Area Managers and the Dublin City Development Board so that young people’s views could be fed into the review process. All schools and youth groups were invited to participate. Joint Decision Making Working and deciding together goals in relation to young people. The first of these What is Young People’s Participation? goals is ‘to encourage the participation and involvement of young people in Dublin City Council’. To realise this goal, the Council committed to benefit? How will we do it? Example 1: Young people’s participation involves young people being active in decision making developing these guidelines. This guide and resource pack will show you, step by step, how to engage with young people. Model Planning processes and issues that affect them. Dublin City Council The Diamond was part of the Intergrated Area Plan carried out by the North East Inner It may not always be necessary to talk to young people, but it is important to at least to ask The guidelines were developed around the central Area office and part of a consultation exercise to find out local people's opinions about “ “The only thing I would change [in Ireland] would be that we would listen to our nation’s belief that if we are to genuinely value young people T More informed decisions can be made when some key questions: four projects that were in the planning stages. One of these was the Diamond Park children and young people much more, as they are the next generation that will have to then we must make young people’s participation a young people’s voices and opinions are : Will this process, programme or policy affect young people’s lives or their community? which had become an unsafe area. run the country. The voice of innocence can sometimes be wiser than a hundred years priority. These guidelines are a step by step guide to heard and therefore: : Is this process, programme or policy relevant or of interest to young people? T The quality of services offered improves. Rutland Street National School were asked to make a model of the park which was then of experience.” helping you ensure that it does happen. The T Resources are targeted more effectively. used as the centre piece for public consultations in the area. Local schools were also The National Children’s Strategy: Our Children – guidelines are based on the following principles: If the answer is yes, then this resource pack will help you decide how you should engage with T Services are more youth accessible. invited to the consultations. Their Lives Department of Health and Children (2000) young people and how to make it happen. T When young people are involved in the Dublin City Council’s view had been that the park was too small to facilitate a We will engage with young people to ensure decision making, they have a stronger sense football/basketball pitch. The children and young people voted overwhelmingly for the Participation is defined in its broadest sense, to mean ‘children and young people 1 that proposed changes to policies, of ownership of the outcome. What will I have to do? pitch to be retained. They also voted for a quad bike track. taking part in making decisions on issues that affect their lives’. programmes and services are appropriate T Other agencies and organisations will look to We set up a committee of interested people after the public sessions and they looked at Young Voices: Guidelines on Involving Children and Young and effective for a diverse range of young There are different levels of engaging with young people. Your approach will depend on the follow the initiative shown by DCC. the opinions and divided them into three categories: People in Your Work (2005) Office of the Minister for Children people. project, your objectives and the amount of influence that young people can have on the final 1: essential to have You decision. Some of the approaches that you may find useful include: 2 We will engage with young people on issues 2: nice to have 3: impossible to have “The active participation of young people in decisions and actions at a local and that are relevant to their lives as well as on broader community issues. T It can bring another dimension to your role. 1 Informing young people regional level is essential if we are to build more democratic, inclusive and prosperous T It will mean positive engagement with young Tell them what you are doing. The quad bike suggestion was the only one that was classified as a ‘category 3’ as the people as they become part of the solution. committee considered it unsafe and felt that it would attract more quads from all over the societies…Participation and active citizenship is about having the right, We will engage with a diverse range of 3 city. The preferences for the pitch were taken on board and other suggestions that came the means, the space and the opportunity and, where necessary, the support to young people, including those with T You may find it improves your skills and job Example 1: from that group were also enacted. The result is that the pitches are now the most used participate in and influence decisions and engage in actions and activities so as to disabilities, from different ethnic groups and satisfaction. part of the park with lots of activity there every day and evening. Another plus of the ” Road Safety contribute to building a better society.” disadvantaged backgrounds. T You will have more information that will assist park and its involvement with the community was the production of the mosaic seat that The Road Safety Unit has initiated the use of drama as a way to change young people’s Revised European Charter on the Participation of Young in your work and decision making. behaviour when using roads. The drama called “Cat Ninelives in Deepest Trouble” was created in the Larkin College by local young people. People in Local and Regional Life 2003 We will engage with young people in an covers cyclist and pedestrian safety and common sense and is linked to the Social, 4 honest and respectful manner and will Personal and Health Education Strands of the primary school curriculum. clearly communicate the purpose and Young People The Barriers possible outcome of their participation. T It develops their personal skills, abilities and life skills. Drama is also used in the Transition Year programme focusing on areas of personal responsibility and road safety with discussions following the drama in a ‘Gerry Springer’ We will listen constructively to young people interview style. The aim is to engage the young people in the debate about road safety Example 2: 5 T It allows them to voice their opinions and to and to make them feel more responsible for their actions on the roads. and will take their contributions and views Why doesn’t it always happen? become involved in their city, resulting in Dublin South Central Action Groups seriously. The idea of the action group is to give young people a voice in their own area, to meet more active citizens for now and the future. Consulting with young people T Sometimes adults don’t think children know what’s best. Sometimes we don’t see it as a priority. We will use methods that are creative and T It increases their sense of ‘buy-in’ and 2 Asking them their views and using the information when making your decision. the councillors, and to try to deal with some of the issues affecting young people. The Junior Action Group have started to work on producing a DVD on bullying with the T 6 innovative and will create opportunities for ownership of the decisions made. help of a facilitator from the Digital Hub, a youth worker and advice from the Trinity T We often don’t know where to start. participation that are fun and enjoyable for College Anti-Bullying Centre. T It increases their sense of responsibility for Example 1: T We don’t have the connections to young people. young people. their own community and city. The Senior Action Group has worked on improving relations between young people and T We think that young people won’t want to be involved. Consultation with youth groups for the Dolphin’s Barn Framework Plan. the Gardai and have looked at ways of improving facilities for young people. The group During consultation for the Dolphins Barn Framework Plan, youth groups were consulted T We don’t have the time, energy or resources. 7 We will provide the young people consulted in regard to their requirements for the area. A “Young People’s Workshop – Dignity And has also received training in communication and radio skills which has assisted them in T We’re not sure how to discuss some issues with young people. with timely feedback and information on getting their message across to a wide audience. Respect” was facilitated by independent consultants on behalf of Dublin City Council decisions and outcomes and will promote Planning Department. Drawings, text and photos were brought together at the T We are nervous about raising expectations that can’t be delivered on. their contribution. workshops. Comments were gathered from all available sources, considered and where appropriate incorporated into the Framework Plan. 2 Valuing Youth: A ‘How to’ Guide for Ensuring Young People’s Participation: DCC 3 Valuing Youth: A ‘How to’ Guide for Ensuring Young People’s Participation: Understanding Participation 4 Valuing Youth: A ‘How to’ Guide for Ensuring Young People’s Participation: How do we do it? 5 Valuing Youth: A ‘How to’ Guide for Ensuring Young People’s Participation: How do we do it?