New NRMPS Organizational Chart - Effective July 1 -2012 - Revised


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New NRMPS Organizational Chart - Effective July 1 -2012 - Revised

  1. 1. All assignments and transfers of employees to schools are the responsibility of thesuperintendent. In-school transfers are the responsibility of the principal. The boardmust be promptly notified of all employee transfers authorized by thesuperintendent.The superintendent may assign school employees in any manner that he or shedeems appropriate, consistent with legal requirements. In assigning professionalemployees to an alternative school, the superintendent shall consider the experienceand evaluation ratings of the professional employees, as provided inpolicy 3470/4305, Alternative Learning Programs/Schools.The superintendent and principal shall ensure that no family member be placed in adirect supervisory or an evaluative relationship with another immediate familymember. Voluntary and involuntary transfers of employees will be made inaccordance with course requirements, fluctuating enrollments, allotment, efforts toimprove student performance, and the general welfare of the school system.The interests and aspirations of employees will be considered in making assignmentsand transfer decisions; however, such interests must be weighed against what is inthe best interest of the students, school or school system. Employees will beinformed of transfer decisions as soon as is reasonably feasible.
  2. 2.  November 2011  Superintendent informed the BOE of his intentions to reorganize the central office effective July 1, 2012 at their planning retreat in November 2011. January 2012  Proposed reorganization was shared with school board members in January 2012.  Meeting with ALL central office employees held to share the proposed plan  Reorganization plan shared with Principals and administrative staff February/ March 2012  Individual meetings held with affected staff members to discuss process for applying for open positions.
  3. 3.  February - July  Weekly updates shared with senior staff and school board members relative to process and communications  Job descriptions for re-purposed positions developed, approved and posted per policy  Applications accepted and screened  Interviews held and recommendations made to the Board of Education  New structure operational on before July 1, 2012
  4. 4. Organizational Chart School Board Superintendent Public Relations OfficerAssociate Superintendent Assistant Assistant Assistant Chief Administration and Superintendent Superintendent Superintendent Financial Officer Operations Instruction Student Support Human ResourcesOperat Finan Instruc Student Human ions tion AIG/ Support Resourc Mainten ance ce Payroll PK-12 InstrucPrincipals Fine School Safety Discipline/ es Personn tion Arts Non-Traditional Accounts Programs el Profess CTE Student Licensu Transport Payable ional Assignment re ation Parent / State Federal Develop Benefit Community Grants ment sNutrition Exceptiona Outreach Purchas StudentServices Content l HRMS ing Activities/ Facilit Budget Support Childrens Nurses Counsel Subject Area Athletics Mentori ies Energy Development District Coordinators Social ors ngManagement Transformation Workers Staff Fixed Asset/ Federal Testing Environmental Accountability Evaluations Cash Programs Volunteers Services and Program Management Internal Records Evaluation Management Audit Chief Technology Officer Technology Instruc Media / Tech Network tional InformatioSupport Manageme Technol n Centers nt ogy 11/27/2011
  5. 5. Assistant Superintendent Human ResourcesReceptionist Director of Personnel Administrative Assistant Licensure Benefits HRMS
  6. 6. Associate Superintendent Facilities and Operations Administrative Assistant Exec Director of Operations Transportation Director of Maintenance Facility ServicesNutrition Services ARAMARK Environmental Records Officer Energy Management
  7. 7. Assistant Superintendent Student Support Services Administrative AssistantDirector of Disciplinary Review and School Safety Director of Director/ Student Support Services Athletic /Activities/ LEA Hearing Officer Student Assignment HOPE Coordinator Parent Outreach Alternative Ed CIS Community Engagement Homebound Virtual Learning Director Student Information Homeless Coordinator Student Health Guidance Counselors Services and / Social Work Director Accountability/ Data Analysis Coordinator At-Risk Programs Director Testing These are Programs NOT People
  8. 8. Assistant Superintendent Curriculum and Instruction, Administrative AssistantExecutive Director of Elementary Executive Director Executive Director of Secondary School Transformation (RttT) Educational Specialists (2) Director - Federal Director - Educational Specialist (2) Programs Exceptional K-5 Reading Children’s Programs K-5 Mathematics 6-12 English 6-12 Mathematics EC Support 7 Literacy Coaches 2 Math Coaches 2 Director - Career Director - Technical Education Professional Development Educational Specialist (1) Educational Specialist (1) K-12 STEM K-12 History/ Social Studies PD Trainers 2 Educational Specialist Educational Specialist AIG/ Fine Arts ESOL/ Foreign Languages
  9. 9. Chief Technology Officer Administrative Assistant Coordinator of Instructional Network Managers 4 TechnologyTechnology Support 11 Instructional Technology Specialists 5
  10. 10. Public Information Officer Administrative AssistantPublic Information Associate / Grant Writer Webmaster/ Ed TV