What a Brand Is … And Is Not


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Presentation for UCDA National Conference held in Minneapolis, October 2-5, 2010.

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What a Brand Is … And Is Not

  1. 1. What a Br and is and is not
  2. 2. dan Woychick Woychick de sign chris r ahill Magne t Mar k e ting
  3. 3. a Br and is not
  4. 4. a Br and is not a coMModit y
  5. 5. a Br and is not a tac tic
  6. 6. a Br and is Compelling Distinct Believable Enduring
  7. 7. a Br and is A trusted relationship An emotional connection A promise of value fulfilled over and over
  8. 8. a Br and is
  9. 9. a Br and is an ide a
  10. 10. between how you see yourself i s t h e re a gap and how others see you?
  11. 11. posi t ioning
  12. 12. posi t ioning
  13. 13. your iMage p ositiv e f uz z y d i s t i nc t negativ e
  14. 14. is i t rele vant and Me aningful ? Faculty Current Students Staff Prospects Alumni Parents Brand Promise Donors High Schools The Competitive Employers Set The Local Community
  15. 15. the Br and pl atfor M Captures the most meaningful and compelling truth(s) about the school. Is the foundation from which the brand comes to life. Consists of a brand promise and a brand personality.
  16. 16. the Br and pl atfor M Brand promise > Consistently reinforces relevant and distinctive benefits – the essence of why people choose us. Brand personality > Represents our attitude and how we act – the essence of what we’re all about.
  17. 17. the daily Bat tle figh ting the good figh t
  18. 18. does this sound faMiliar ? “Budgets are tight. Everyone needs a raise. We need new biology labs. So, why are we wasting money on branding?”
  19. 19. counter point “A prospect is going to spend $100,000, and dozens of competitors want the business. Will the prospect choose a school she’s never heard of? A school that isn’t sure what they stand for?”
  20. 20. five good arguMent s Relative to the cost, we’ve made little effort to tell our story. The value of a degree is no longer assumed. On paper, we’re identical to dozens of schools. Competition will only get tougher. Strong branding reinforces a common vision that everyone can rally around.
  21. 21. navigating Br and success
  22. 22. 1. e xecu tive support Visible endorsement and budget commitment essential. > Everyone on campus needs to understand that branding is a priority.
  23. 23. 2. gather Broad inpu t Process matters as much as product. > Success depends on internal adoption. > People in higher ed like research. > Include major stakeholders.
  24. 24. 3. focused decision Making Include the right people at the right time. > Be specific about what type of feedback you seek.
  25. 25. if you want to kill any idea in the world, get a committee working on it. char le s k e t t er ing
  26. 26. 4. centr alize control Athletics Civic Engagement Chancellor Equity & Affirmative Action Emergency Preparedness & Response Special Alumni Relations Executive Project Research/Support Assistant to the Director, Foundation Chancellor UW System Multicultural/ Advancement Disadvantaged Coordinator Legislative Affairs Director, Public News Bureau Affairs Photography Services Assessment Sports Information Global Connections Grants & Research Provost & Vice Vice Controller (Accounts Payable, Accounts Institutional Research Chancellor, Chancellor, Receivable, Cashier) Interdisciplinary Studies Academic Administration Human Resources Library Affairs and Finance Public Safety Publications Purchasing Academic Success Center (Pre- Major Advising, Disability St. Croix Institute for Support, TRIO, Tutoring) Sustainable Community Development ADA Compliance Assistant to the Associate Vice Associate Vice Wisconsin in Scotland Career Services & Internship Provost Chancellor, First-Year Experience Chancellor, Coordination Enrollment Student Affairs Honors Program Services Representative to FASDB Budget Director Associate Vice Bookstore Pre-College Programs Admissions Chancellor, CHILD Center Residence Life General Education Liaison Financial Academic Assistance Conference/Dining Services Student Conduct Graduate Studies Affairs & Campus Registrar FredNet Student Health & Counseling Inter-institutional Articulations Director, Planner Hunt/Knowles Rec. Complex Student Life Programming Program Review Graduate Multicultural Affairs University Center Provost UW System Liaison Studies Dean, College Dean, College Dean, College Dean, College Director, Director, Executive of Agriculture, of Business of Education of Arts and Outreach Facilities Director, Food and and Economics and Sciences Management Information Environmental Professional Technology Science Studies Services Agricultural Economics Accounting & Counseling & School Art English Mathematics Continuing Education Building Maintenance Computer & Finance Psychology Network Services Agricultural Education Biology Ethnic Studies Modern Language Pigeon Lake Field Custodial Services Computer Science Communicative Station ITS Administrative Agricultural Engineering Biotechnology Film Studies Music Facilities Engineering & Information Disorders Information Technology Summer Session/J- Systems Broad Field Social Geography & Physics Facilities Purchasing Systems Heath & Human Term Animal & Food Science Studies Mapping Sciences Economics Performance Political Science Fleet Vehicles Telephone & Survey Research Plant & Earth Science Chemistry History & Philosophy Electronic Repair Management & Social Work Psychology Center Grounds Maintenance Marketing Communication International Studies Television Services Teacher Education Sociology, Anthropology Heating Plant Studies & Theatre R.O.T.C. Journalism & Criminal Justice Arts Marketing Women’s Studies Communications
  27. 27. 5. score an e arly vic tory Find an ally with a clear need. > Create a pilot program. > Document and share results.
  28. 28. 6. create Br and aMBassador s
  29. 29. 6. create Br and aMBassador s Every interaction is a brand touch point. > Everyone has a role to play. > Staff and faculty deliver on the brand promise every day. > Alumni and students will share their experience. What story will they tell?
  30. 30. 7. effec tive e xecu tion Branding is a marathon. > Provide updates; celebrate successes. Guide expectations. > Establish metrics: What constitutes success? > Prioritize limited resources.
  31. 31. 8. digital Marke ting Take advantage of new media. > Search engine optimization > Paid search, display and CPL > Social and mobile media > Email, blogs, etc.
  32. 32. good luck!
  33. 33. Questions?
  34. 34. dan Woychick woychickdesign.com twitter: woychick chris r ahill magnet-force.com 763-529-9114