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NPR Week By Week Broadcast Ratings 2011


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NPR Week By Week Broadcast Ratings 2011

  1. 1. Audience Insight and Research Week-by-Week Broadcast Ratings for 2011 NPR Newsmagazine stations, AQH Listening Japan Bin Laden Tsunami killed 10-years Gaddafi since 9/11 killed Egyptian President Mubarak resignation US Govt. Shutdown averted Giffords Holidays shooting in AZ WEEK BEGINNING 21-JUL 14-APR 28-APR 23-JUN 23-DEC 18-AUG 22-DEC9-DEC 17-FEB 3-MAR 7-JUL 9-JUN 4-AUG 8-DEC 20-JAN 10-NOV 24-NOV 3-FEB 1-SEP 6-JAN 17-MAR 31-MAR 12-MAY 26-MAY 13-OCT 27-OCT 15-SEP 29-SEP2010 2011 Source: Arbitron PPM Analysis Tool, NPR Newsmagazine stations (incl. News/Talk and News/Music stations), December 9th, 2010-January 4th, 2012, Top 25 PPM-measured markets, Persons 12+, Mon-Sun 6am-12midnight