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2016 Building a Grad Nation Partner and Community Toolkit


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Join the conversation and help spread the word about the progress we’re making to increase high school graduation rates and the urgent work that remains using the hashtag #GradNation and downloading the partner and community social media guide.

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2016 Building a Grad Nation Partner and Community Toolkit

  1. 1. For  the  release  of  the  2016  Building  a  Grad  Nation  report,  we  are  encouraging   conversation  about  the  progress  we  are  making  and  the  urgent  work  that  remains.   You  can  find  the  report  at       Please  join  the  conversation  by  using  the  hashtag  #GradNation.       NEWSLETTER  BLURB     New  Report:  Roadblocks  on  the  Path  to  #GradNation     Even  as  the  nation  reaches  an  all-­time  record  graduation  rate  of  82.3  percent,  low-­ graduation-­rate  high  schools  –  a  key  focus  of  the  recently  passed  Every  Student   Succeeds  Act  (ESSA)  –  pose  a  significant  roadblock  to  the  national  goal  of  a  90  percent   graduation  rate  for  all  students.       Get  the  details  in  the  new  2016  Building  a  Grad  Nation  report,  the  seventh  annual   update  on  the  progress  and  challenges  in  raising  high  school  graduation  rates.  The   report  provides  a  new  national  and  state-­by-­state  analysis  of  low-­graduation-­rate  high   schools;;  the  number  of  additional  students  it  will  take  for  the  country  and  each  state  to   reach  90  percent;;  a  look  at  the  validity  of  graduation  rates;;  and  policy  recommendations   for  change.  For  more,  go  to     REPORT  PROMOTION Facebook/LinkedIn:   Download  the  2016  Building  a  #GradNation  report  by  Civic  Enterprises  and  Everyone   Graduates  Center  and  learn  about  the  progress  and  challenges  that  remain  around   increasing  graduation  rates  for  all  students.   How  can  we  reach  a  90%  graduation  rate  nationwide  by  2020?  Learn  what  it  will  take  to   get  there  in  the  2016  Building  a  #GradNation  report  by  Civic  Enterprises  and  Everyone   Graduates  Center.   For  the  first  time  since  2011,  the  nation  is  off  pace  to  reach  the  90  percent  goal.  Find   out  how  we  can  tackle  the  considerable  challenges  that  remain  in  the  2016  Building  a   #GradNation  report.            
  2. 2. Sharable  Graphics       Download  our  gallery  of  sharable  gifs  and  images:     Sample  graphic  posts:       How  many  more  students  need  to  graduate  for  us  to  reach  a  90%  HS  #gradrate?   #GradNation  [Attach  How  Many  More  Students  Graphic] Thanks  to  #ESSA  we'll  know  how  many  homeless  youth  will  graduate  high  school  in   2016.  #GradNation  [Attach  Homeless  Youth  Graphic]     Twitter: General  Tweets JUST  RELEASED:  Download  the  2016  Building  a  #GradNation  report  by   @CivicEnterprise  &  @JHU_EGC         Download  the  2016  Building  a  #GradNation  report  by  @CivicEnterprise  &  @JHU_EGC   w/  @All4Ed  @AmericasPromise   Want  to  eliminate  roadblocks  to  HS  graduation  for  all  students?  Learn  how  in  the  2016   Building  a  #GradNation  report.   We  must  continue  to  close  #grad  gaps  for  ALL  students.  Download  the  2016  Building  a   #GradNation  report.    
  3. 3.   Twitter:  The  National  Picture  Tweets   Getting  to  a  90%  HS  grad  rate  requires  raising  #gradrates  &  closing  grad  gaps  for  all   students.  #GradNation   How  many  additional  students  need  to  graduate  to  reach  a  90%  HS  grad  rate  by  2020?   285K  students.  #GradNation   Iowa  became  the  1st  state  to  pass  the  90%  goal  w/  a  90.5%  grad  rate.  Learn  more:  #GradNation   29  states  equaled  or  exceeded  the  nat'l  average  HS  grad  rate  of  82.3%.  Did  your  state   make  the  list?  #GradNation   How  many  more  students  need  to  graduate  for  us  to  reach  a  90%  HS  grad  rate?  #GradNation  [Attach  How  Many  More  Students  Graphic  or  GIF]   Twitter:  Subgroup  Gaps  Tweets 16  states  have  HS  grad  rates  below  70%  for  low-­income  or  Black  students.  View  the   Building  a  #GradNation  report. 11  states  have  HS  grad  rates  below  70%  for  Hispanic/Latino  students.  View  the  Building   a  #GradNation  report. 35  states  have  HS  grad  rates  below  70%  for  English  Language  Learners.  View  the   Building  a  #GradNation  report. 30  states  have  HS  grad  rates  below  70%  for  students  w/  disabilities.  View  the  Building  a   #GradNation  report. Twitter:  The  Economic  Impact  of  90%  via  @All4Ed   Thanks  to  @All4Ed,  we  know  a  90%  HS  grad  rate  means  more  jobs  &  income.  #GradEffect  #GradNation   Know  the  facts  &  why  increasing  the  HS  grad  rate  should  be  a  priority:  #GradEffect  #GradNation  @All4Ed       5  Reasons  graduating  from  high  school  matters:  via   @All4Ed    #GradEffect  #GradNation  [Attach  5  Reasons  graphic]          
  4. 4.     Twitter:  Roadblocks  on  the  Path  to  90  Tweets What  are  the  5  major  roadblocks  that  threaten  a  90%  HS  grad  rate?  Learn  more  in  the   Building  a  #GradNation  report. Where  are  the  high-­  &  low-­graduation-­rate  high  schools  located?  Find  out  in  the  2016   Building  a  #GradNation  report. Low  #GradRate  high  schools  (graduate  67%  or  less  of  students)  are  on  the  decline,  but   many  still  exist.  #GradNation Learn  more  about  the  #ESSA  definition  for  low-­performing  high  schools  &  what  that   means  for  your  state.  #GradNation #ESSA  requires  evidence-­based  approaches  for  HS  enrolling  100+  students  w/  67%   grad  rate  or  less.  #GradNation   Twitter:  Policy  Recommendations  to  Reach  90  for  All     How  can  we  help  more  students  graduate  from  HS  &  reach  the  #GradNation  90%   #GradRate  goal?  [Attach  policy  recommendations  graphic]     Twitter:  The  Nation  Continues  the  Push  to  90     Did  you  know  that  the  number  of  students  taking  &  passing  AP  courses  has  increased?   @CollegeBoard  #GradNation   Thanks  to  #ESSA  we'll  know  how  many  homeless  #youth  will  graduate  HS  in  2016.  #GradNation  [Attach  homeless  youth  graphic] American  Graduate/CPB   Learn  about  @CPBmedia  &  @TheNineNetwork's  commitment  to  increase  grad  rates   through  @AmeriGrad.  #GradNation   .@AmeriGrad  pub  media  stations  are  working  to  improve  youth  outcomes  in  their   communities.  Learn  more.  #GradNation              
  5. 5.   AT&T  Aspire     .@ConnectToGood  has  helped  increase  HS  grad  rates  by  driving  innovation  in  edu   through  #ATTImpact.  #GradNation     .@ATT  Aspire  connects  employees  w/  students  to  help  them  discover  their  career   passions.  #ATTImpact  #GradNation In  2016,  @ATT  reached  1M  hrs  of  #mentoring  &  launched  the  Connect  to  Success   Competition.  #ATTImpact  #GradNation Thank  you  to  @ATT  @ConnectToGood  for  helping  to  build  a  stronger  #GradNation  for   generations  to  come.  #ATTImpact       #GradNation  Community  Summits  bring  together  key  stakeholders  at  the  local  level!  #ATTImpact   GradNation  State  Activation  w/  Pearson   #GradNation  State  Activation  w/  @AmericasPromise  &  @Pearson  helps  to  invest  in   state-­wide  innovation. With  #GradNation  State  Activation,  we  can  develop  successful  models  all  states  can   replicate.  @Pearson #GradNation  State  Activation  grantees  @MNYouth  @MASchoolsK12  @WestEd  are   leading  efforts  to  increase  grad  rates.