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HTML Media: Where We Are & Where We Need To Go


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Modern browsers both on the desktop and on mobile devices support HTML Media. Chirs Double works for Mozilla and focuses on HTML Media, Nigel Parker works for Microsoft and is experienced in working with broadcast media on the web and more recently HTML Media. Together Chris and Nigel will take you through how you can leverage HTML Media in todays web applications and talk about what is coming next.

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HTML Media: Where We Are & Where We Need To Go

  1. 1. Sponsored byAuckland based Mozilla Developer Web & mobile evangelist at Microsoft NZWorks on HTML5 video & audio Firefox support Motivated by big ideas & unconventional execution
  2. 2. <audio <videosrc= src= The url to the audio or video width= The width of the video element height= The height of the video element poster= The url to the thumbnail of the videopreload= preload= (none, metadata, auto) Start downloadingautoplay autoplay Audio or video should play immediatelyloop loop Audio or video should return to start and playcontrols controls Will show controls (play, pause, scrub bar)> >… …</audio> </video>
  3. 3. • • • application/octet-stream • video/mp4, video/ogg, video/webm• • Fall-back content only displayed by browsers that do not support the <video> element • If the browser supports video but not the given codec, fall-back code won’t fire.• • Content should be served from a HTTP 1.1-compatible web server to enable seek ahead. • Otherwise you must encode the video with key index frames in the file & not at the end.
  4. 4. video { position: relative; border-radius: 200px 50px 200px 50px; box-shadow: #244766 10px 10px 10px; transform: rotate(5deg) translate(15px,10px);}
  5. 5. Sublime Video – Player as a Service mediaelement.jsLeanBack Player – Keyboard Support JW Player
  6. 6. Adobe’s Apple’s Microsoft’s HTTP DynamicHTTP Live Streaming Smooth Streaming Streaming
  7. 7. • • royalty-free?•• • parts of the mechanisms used to protect content may still be up for standardization•••