deep learning classification image processing particle swarm optimization internet of things machine learning iot cloud computing arduino power quality distributed generation support vector machine decision tree convolutional neural network feature selection pid controller genetic algorithm recurrent neural network breast cancer outage probability total harmonic distortion neural network routing protocols global convergence computer vision cryptography security wireless sensor networks energy consumption authentication 5g simulation data mining deep neural network stereo matching algorithm convolution neural network fault diagnosis accuracy encryption wireless sensor network base station image encryption discrete wavelet transform k-nearest neighbor face recognition objective function renewable generation cluster head delay overlapping wsn remote sensing noise mse modelling and simulation fpga multilevel inverter renewable energy artificial neural network svm nodemcu nature-inspired algorithms dos attack class imbalance task scheduling load balancing orthogonal frequency division fanets smart city unconstrained optimization manet scrum devops agile covid-19 coronavirus bluetooth mobile sink smartphone transfer learning clustering image segmentation license plate recognition programmable logic controller speed control bluetooth hc-05 power analysis renewable energy resources photovoltaic voltage stability facts mimo microstrip bandwidth dielectric resonator antenna microcontroller automation pi controller piezoelectric feature extraction modelling energy efficiency power loss minimization sum of absolute differences edge filter depth map reconstruction signal converters real-time control mpc controller labview heat exchanger wavelet neural network sine cosine algorithm servo-hydraulic system functional link neural network underwater sensor networks sensing coverage mobile sensor networks decentralised control sustainability quality of serv internet of thing fuzzy quality of service index index fuzzy performance importance fuzzy logic type 2 fuzzy logic brushless dc motor bearingless motor artificial heart rise time power dissipation performance analysis logic gates adiabatic techniques integrated circuits electromagnetic interference electromagnetic compatibility automotive monitoring system maintenance esp8266 sustainable energy smart grid sdn wireless power transmission sten power transfer efficiency magnetic resonance coupling in stent restenosis ripple carry adder pipelined carry adder half adder carry look-ahead adder winding deformation transformer turn-ratio transformer short circuit insulation resistance frequency response analysis reactive power injection radial system ieee33 grid power and voltage control ga optimization ev charging valve point loading root mean square error robust least square quadratic fuel quantity ordinary least square bi-square network topology energy harvesting double synchronized switch har pv system positive output converter maximum power point tracker high gain converter dc-dc converter power system harmonics power harmonic filters power distribution lines industrial power systems switched capacitor step-up converter high voltage gain converter dc converter coupled inductors continuous conduction mode multi-modular converters back to back converters high speed railway network indian railways unified power flow quality con power quality issue mitigation harmonics and voltage imbalanc harmonic imbalance electric vehicles distribution systems transient stability matlab / s smib ga power transformer parameters extraction turbulent flow of water optimi three-part tariff hgpso energy management arimax aems whale optimization algorithm grey wolf optimizer power distribution system weiner filter stochastic gradient descent lasso diabetic retinopathy thermography mammography hybridization maximum stable set problem initial centroids document clustering continous hopfield network lake simulation geographic information system deep learning algorithm aquaculture honey bees grey wolf cost quasi-cone metric spaces fixed point theorem cone metric spaces second software information and communication environmental management environmental information sys agile methodology virtuality supervised learning quality of service predictive analytics website university systematic literature review quality evaluation raspberry pi3 irrigation intelligent operator-sdk kubernetes helm evaluation metrics xgboost supervised algorithm one-hot algorithm grid search customer churn convolution matrix reinforcement learning loss function computational graphs automl portable smart alerting device health screening self-regulated learning natural language processing learning analytics computer-based learning jquery hybrid algorithm covid-19 symptoms random phase multiple access network planning narrow-band internet of things long-range wide area network communications pointing errors optical wireless modified duo-binary return-to- fog atmospheric attenuation software defined network slowloris http2 expectation of burst size denial of service tapered slot vivaldi return loss ku-band double band antenna directivity received signal strength indic mobile stations coverage area 5g cellular networks multi-band millimeter waves antennas 5g networks node movement symbol error rate reconfigurable intelligent sur ergodic capacity secure clustering routing protocol data encryption cheesboard clustering sweet tamarind image tampering computer security leaf segmentation leaf area estimation cucumber spatial and spectral informat multi-scale hyperspectral image quench mri failure cooling system spatial filter electro encephelogram classifier adaptive learning faults diagnosis dwt arduino global system wavelet 2d-m simple mean value satellite images pca high frequency modulation gram schmidt fusion psnr gravitational search optimizat elliptical curve cryptography steganography multilevel security chaotic maps seuqnetial feature selection breast cancer prediction breast cancer detection stereo vision directional intensity wrist wearables magnetic resonance imaging healthcare brain tumor yolo wbcs detection dataset wbcs classification dataset leukemia cnn cad3 onion sorting onion grading gas sensing blob analysis automated system resampling feature image tampering detection hybrid attack takagi-sugeno singular model lyapunov theory lmis fuzzy observer path planning optimization multi‐robot systems mobile robots cooperative systems vision system small-medium scale industry harvesting robot agricultural industry affordability luts gaussian smoothing filter approximate computing adders tfet tcad moset charge plasma biosensor metaheuristics instrumentation amplifier cmrr cmos conveyors active resistor solenoid valve scam raspberry-pi one time password controller sram-puf physical unclonable function hardware security atmega2560 permanent magnet generator machine assembly low-power system electrical machine design 3d-printed sliding mode control permanent magnet synchronous m field-oriented control disturbance observer radial force cancellation finite element method bldc bearingless ansys/maxwell validation approach actual power standard deviation parameters selection data-driven fdd air conditioning system power system stabilizer optimal control theory lqr low-frequency oscillations analytical approach root mean square deviation long short-term memory factors affecting load daily load curve scheduling over loading electric vehicle distribution transformer demand side management charging user’s perceptions technology organization envir technology acceptance structural equation modeling critical success factors business intelligence system lbp features dorsal hand vein biometric authentication artifcial neural network stores inventory system data management system apriori algorithm web server railway door crossing infrared self-scaling quasi-newton viral websites threats ict security threats data center security threats insider attacks vanet emergency vehicles ecc patients monitoring hygrometer sensor heat sensor critical environment arduino uno local phase quantization fast learning machine extreme learning machine binarized statistical image arabic calligraphy unstructured data text data mining related words numerical dictionary arabic linguistic rules text steganography stego-cover huffman coding characters dots uavs networks routing metrics routing algorithm ad-hoc networks transformed images key exchange protocol image registration diffie-hellman concealing the key traveling wave loop distribution system fault location discrete wavelets transform band pass filter main protease homology model covid-19 protease binding site 3d structure weblog web traversal web mining user navigation user behavior prediction mining lung cancer datasets ct-scan rivest-shamir-adleman minhash k-shingle technique data integrity advanced encryption standard machine-learning fraud detection credit card fraud bidirectional gated recurrent convex function unconstrainedoptimization strong wolfe condition globally convergence dolan-mor'e performance conjugate graient method bfgs method speech steganography scrambling chaotic map technology media literacy lifelong learning process informatics constructivism alternative delivery power factor correction icos⁡ϕ technique dstatcom sentinel-3 knn dt bathing water quality iot challenges application protocols systematic mapping service level agreements cloud monitoring cloud management stack overflow discussion topics network simulators coupling correlation antena pseudorandom number gprn chaotic system tri-band antenna millimeter wave ism antenna 90 ghz antenna 5g antenna smart antenna sensor array analyzer omnidirectional antenna matlab beamforming wireless channel modulation schemes high soliton power fiber channel temperature sensor signal processing fbg device data communications physical layer multiple input multiple output worldwide interoperability for low energy adaptive clustering energy efficient variable scattering dispersion rz code polarization mode dispersion fixed scattering length dispersion penalties multilayer perceptron heart failure grey wolf optimization wlan ultra-wideband staircase ground plane semi-circular patch coplanar waveguide multi-class imbalanced hybrid approach redefinition image restoring deblurring convolution keywords: constraint condition thai printed text recognition thai language understanding scene text localization hateful meme detection frequent misspelling words dna sequence dct transform cryptanalysis voltage sensor leak detection house water network electrical leakage vehicle accidents image class gai and kai datasets accident recognition semi-supervised learning noisy label learning hypergraph graph mammogram images hybrid denoising method global unsymmetrical trimmed haar wavelet differential equations fractional order partial signal to noise ratio peak signal to noise ratio medical image image fusion thyroid segmentation thyroid gland improvised u-nets speaker identification hidden markov model emotion recognition emotion detection emotion classification audio-videospeechrecognition i surveillance camera raspberry pi harr cascaded classifier closed circuit television shell andtube heat exchanger settling time peak overshoot fuzzy-pid wireless vibration sensor vibration sensor sensor installation home monitoring wireless technology wireless power transmision pzem004t nrf24l01 electromagnetic induction training device proximity sensor phantom doll auscultation android smartphone uncertainty analysis sobol’ technique sensitivity analysis non-inverting monte-carlo simulations qca designer qca technology qca mux nanotechnology multiplexer android telemedicine heart rate soc0 soc bts4000 battery tester modeling and validation of lit usam thd she method (ls) lissajous curve squirrel cage motor inverter diagnosis auxiliary winding voltage shunthybridactive powerfilter pemfc harmonics electricrailway buckboost power system stability distance relay power swing unblocking power swing blocking power swing is a power system power flow optimal location and size differential evolution power system simulation energy storage system network losses storage energy stand-alone systems simplex-method linear programming problem computing; load management; po rof predistortion technique local area network duo-binary modulation voltage statutory limits off-load tap changer maximum pv penetration lv distribution network discrete tap positions modulation peak current laser rate equations inter-modulation distortion external modulation direct modulation bias current triangle sine raised cosine pulse generator (pg) optical modulators hyperbolic secant gaussian radio monitoring radio frequency spectrum radio emission source low-orbit small spacecraft determination of the coordinat nash equilibrium leach game theory scalability hybrid system ocdma/otdm hybrid optical system tr&compd papr reduction mu-law companding fbmc-oqam response time qos opnet load qpsk lmmse method linear bloke code interleaving capacity bpsk audio transmission wireless access point weighted round robin technique round robin technique throughput noma best sensor node selection amplify-and-forward vm migration security vm deployment variable length encryption cha relaying network physical layer security monte carlo ip full-duplex vehicle-to-everything non-orthogonal multiple access sentinel-2a moment feature fires categorizing image video retrieval process video retrieval descrete cosine transform content based video retrieval snr ecg disparity diagnostic disease cascaded fir filter morphology operation - -fuzzy subring - -fuzzy set - -fuzzy ideal -fuzzy subring -fuzzy set steam distillation process control internal model control fractional-order filter essential oil extraction crone building air temperature simul building air temperature predi black box modelling systems of incommensurate frac fractional calculus adomian decomposition method working memory primitive mathematical skills gesture interactive game-based digit span test corsi blocking-tapping test long short-term memory bidirec hybrid recurrent neural networ bangla natural language descri sliding stage reaching stage error desired position derivative of error virtex-6 modular multiplier lut lightweight cryptography synchronous motor (pmsm) switching devices permanent magnet cross h bridge shunt active power filter model predictive control harmonic cascaded h-bridge inverter space vector modulated scalar induction motor indirect vector control phase shift keying common mode voltage carrier wave modulation power sharing low bandwidth communication impedance mismatch adaptive virtual impedance minigrid milp dispatch rt-lab platform real-time digital simulation modeling microgrid radial distribution networks distributed generators upfc state prediction extended kalman filter dynamic state estimation uncertainty meta-heuristic algorithms emission dispatch economic dispatch wind power wind park renewable power health monitoring maximum power point tracking a fuzzy logic technique fuzzy logic fl-mppt machine translation system hamnosys dictionaries arabic sign language 3d animation mqtt networks software development project risk taxonomy risk management risk factor wireless networks network security ad hoc networks random forests ocr mlp handwritten digit recognition educational services economic challenges training lifelong learning artificial neural networks smart home smart garage gate team orienteering problem population-based metaheuristic lion optimization algorithm software rework software cost estimation software cost control evm earned value management wireless sensor network (wsn) intrusion detection system (id quasi-newton condition projection method damping technology dai-liao method qualnet simulator ipv4& ipv6 job scheduling vehicular ad hoc networks privacy-preserving support vector machines primary user multiplexing k-nearest nighbor energy efficient protocol virtual reality virtual environment python laplacian filter blender waste management smart waste monitoring system software process improvements software design process scientific design process generic design process engineering design process a sustainable procedural metho spectral conjugate gradient line search descent direction scalability position-based ns-2 simulation ad hoc imbalanced learning hellinger distance ant colony optimization value at risk options portfolios exchange rate hedges vgg-16 gesture recognition tora packet delivery odav weka distance measures cicids2017 botnet detection botdetectorfw global software development assessment model agile methods agile software development agile adoption software engineering scrum rules waterfall v-model extreme programming pipeline iterations integration deployments dna data security data hiding medical diagnosis knowledge-based expert systems epidemic wireless attack controller area network automobile route adjustment overhead telecommunication system signal gain optimum performance on off keying line coding validation received signal strength correlation coefficient android application minimum dispersion low loss doped silica fibers aluminum fluoride fibers waveguide simulation slab waveguide numerical schemes analytical methods smart cities sensors home automation system dsdl atmega328 microcontroller rz line coding passive optical networks oqpsk fiber system cpfsk tamper detection reversibility pee image authentication fragile watermark video anotation smart information systems k-nn hand gestures recognition real-word error non-word error nlp-based ocr n-gram language model arabic optical character recog aocr post-processing sift pattern recognition multi-model biocentric system iris identification system finger vein identification sys signature verification relu image thinning hsc ann crow search algorithm biometric modified arnold cat map image watermarking ikeda map contourlet transform object recognition food recognition resnet model handwritten digits recognition convolutional neural networks pre-processing dimensionality reduction covid-19 pandemic tumor cell computation morphological operations kth nearest neighbour fractal texture classification ensemble bagged wavelet gabor filter enhancement contrast brightness region growing k-mean isodata campus auto-gate system tcp/aqm wireless networks fuzzy logic control zero autocorrelation zone pulse train complementary sequences autocorrelation function ambiguity function variation of oxygen steam generation oxygen percentage human machine interface fire tube boiler efficiency burner variable frequency drive supervisión sprayer scada open protocol communication automated control ziegler-nichols method robot arm artificial bee colony optimiza trajectory tracking control robot manipulator optimization algorithms fractional order pid controlle bat algorithms on-line tuning pid controller matlab simulation direct-current motor wi-fi camera mobile robot fire extinguishing regular clocking quantum-dot cellular qcapro qcadesigner cost analysis comparator automata lock gate system fingerprint model enrolled reliability assessment reactive power planning microgrid design solar cell characteristic curv silicon solar cell monocrystalline fill factor magnetic field intensity single axis tracker system large scale solar fixed system capacity factor upfcstatcom sssc matrix differential equations he’s iterative method iterative methods variational iteration method matrix riccati differential equation learning neurons function structure model csrr metamaterial doublelayered substrate non-uniform soil inductive and conductive transmission line gas pipeline ac interference wideband stub microstrip-slot broad-side coupling bandpass filter integral non-linearity differential non-linearity current steering dac partial binary tree network dispersion diagram angular stability reflection phase artificial magnetic conductor multi-particles tapered hydrodynamic separation passive array antenna millimeter-wave signal-integrity crosstalk emc internet of things (iot) v-shaped patch antenna mimo antenna near field communication (nfc) transmitter receiver ratio wireless transfer efficiency (wte) wireless energy transfer (wet) realized gain and radiation pattern electromagnetic band gap dipole antenna flexible gain higher-order mode localized active contour chan-vese active contour mammogram image total variation regularization regularization inverse scattering web-based application feeding soft shell crab multiple stage filter interleaved buck converter pv information redundancy information gain human presence co2 sensor shielding characteristic near field shielding board level shielding pcb shielding sol gel rf sputtering spray pyrolysis zinc oxide multiple discriminant analysis principal component analysis apf inverter 2 levels diagnostic transistor open fault analysis matlab/simulink. iv curves pv curves photovoltaic panel bidirectional chopper state of health battery lifetime charge control battery microgrid protection minimum spanning tree net present value payback period lighting control integration artificial bee colony network reconfiguration capacitor genetic algorithms optimal design electrical rotating machines kegg pathway gene ontology dna micro array
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