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Solar Power


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rent solar panels, lock in rate for 25 years, pay less than you do now.

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Solar Power

  1. 1. Q CltiZ€l'1f'é Ios mrnooucronv TRAINING T Networks Introduction Massive change takes effort, energy and education. Our mission is to lead the world in solar power. Our goal is 25% of U. S. residential energy being produced from the sun by the year 2025 (currently it is less than 1%). To achieve our goal, we need educated and motivated Ecopreneurs to share the vision. We will train you and pay you for your results. The following pages are required reading and there will be a test. You will not be qualified to offer the Citizenré Solution to your customers until you pass. If you are not willing to invest the time to educate yourself on our business model and our vision, we may not be the right company for you. You will be ranked according to your test results. If you would like to improve your rank. you can retake the test. If you don't pass the test your personal JoinTheSolution. com site will not be activated (You are still allowed to refer people to Powur. com site before you pass your test). Before You Get Started As an Eoopneneur of Citizenré and Povwur, there are a few things you must understand: First. the manufacturing plant does not come online until September of 2007. This will be the largest manufacturing plant for clean energy in the world at a cost of $425 million. We will rock the solar wortd, but it takes time. Obviously we cannot install systems before they are manufactured. This limits your early income potential. Half of the Installation and Retention Advance (IRA) is paid at the time of installation. The remaining is paid after the customer has paid one year of rental pay- ments on time. We know that many of you are too excited to wait till September (and we all need to eat). so we are releasing 10% of the total Advance upfront. We have set aside $500,000 initially to pay this 10%. We will begin the auditing process for payouts once we reach 10,000 FRAs. We plan on acquiring more funding to continue this program as the market grows. This portion of the Advance must be paid back if the unit is not installed. Advance payments made at the time of installation and at the 1-Year anniversary date are fuly eamed and wil never need to be repaid if the contract should ever be canceled. Nice. Form - IDS-TR01 |2ooe‘229] Page 1 or 14
  2. 2. CIUZ : -nré IDS INTRODUCTORY TRAINING Since the total bonus for this Advance is 3500. we will be paying $50 to the field for every confirmed customer. As an Ecopreneur, you can qualify to personally eam up to $30 of this advanced payout. The other $20 is paid upline to the leaders who will help train and support your success. As you develop your network of Ecopreneurs. you will soon be able to enjoy this lead- ership override. To understand the details of the Pcvw; r Plan. available at the following hyperlink: hl'; I ‘W“. wv't'. ' I’ Ill. -‘I vr'llI- l‘Il '7.-‘la: -illFl will : 'n'. ',‘l‘il«': .—I: ’l 1.‘ :25: "ri; ':w"l vi’ £2": pv. ’li‘ Because of the timing of the manufacturing plant, there are several reasons why you should not make Powjlr your full-time focus yet. 1. You cannot earn the full Installation and Retention Advance (IRA). 2. You cannot start earning residual income on your customers until after the system is installed. 3. Some people might not believe our model because the systems are not being installed yet (contact them again as we release more information about our manufacturing facil- ity and franchisees). On that last note. there will always be skeptics. Just make sure their lack of vision does not infect you. We ask for no investment or money of any kind. but some people still question our intentions and even our integrity. One person even posted in a blog that “Citizenré is a scam to collect email addresses. " There are simpler ways to get emails than spending millions of dollars to set up an infrastructure like Citizenré. Einstein wrote "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. " if someone is negative or skeptical. move on. Don't try to convince them. You are paid for two results: 1. Switching people to solar power. 2. Training other people to switch people to solar power. We will have advanced trainings that will teach you how to effectively work with different personalities. but as you get started, work with people you enjoy and naturally connect with. If a particular sale becomes a huge hassle. pass that lead to a member of your team. or simply walk away. It will free up your time and energy — creating more results and more people on solar. Our Customers Right now we need to work with the "early adopters. " Wsion is the ability to see an op- portunity before it is obvious. Once our manufacturing plant is complete and the systems Forrn - Ios-mar lzor. -.'22nl Par; -« 2 . ~.r I4
  3. 3. C itizenré IDS INTRODUCTORY TRAINING are being installed. it will be obvious to everyone. But the opportunity is now — for the people with vision. Here is a quick analogy — true story (one of the classics of marketing). Back when the refrigerator was first invented, everyone had an ice box. The economy was struggling, few people had disposable income. and the refrigerator manufacturer had an idea. They would give people the refrigerator with no upfront costs. The customer would simply “rent” the system for the same payments they made to the ice-man (sound familiar — just replace ice-man with big power company). They were shocked that only 25% of the people took their offer (numbers rounded for simplicity). It could freeze food. It had a light inside. It was a better product for the same price — so why didn't everyone immediately sign the contract? They went back and interviewed the 75% that said, "No. " Twenty-five percent of those did not understand what the sales person was saying. .. so 'no" seemed the safer response. Once this second group understood the offering, they signed the contract. The second 25% said. ‘Me never had one, grandpa never had one. I sure as heck don't need one. " They are called late adopters. To them. a VCR is the height of modem tech- nology today. The last 25% are close-minded, negative, skeptics. They are out there. Don't waste your time. Just remember. .. how many people have an ice-box now? Eventually. they all came around. Change happens. How much of the profit you enjoy from our change to clean energy de- pends on your vision, persistence and leadership. With only 2% of the 110 million homes on the energy grid. we'll have 2.2 million customers and over $2 billion in annual revenue. So if you encounter a few people who can't see our vision, smile and move on. Marketing Approach Because our offering is so powerful. many have questioned why we chose network mar- keting. Let‘s face it — the industry does not have the best reputation (we will change that — and I will explain why). Our goal is not just to sell solar panels. Our vision is to create a powerful. grass-roots movement for social, economic and environmental change. It would have been simple for us to advertise: “Clean Power. No upfront costs. No main- tenance. Twenty-five year fixed-price guarantee, etc. “ We could have acquired plenty of Form - lO$-IRO1 |200$‘229] Page 3 0014
  4. 4. C itizenré IDS INTRODUCTORY TRAINING customers. But the Powor Network is designed to educate and train passionate people who are committed to creating a better world. This is important because our current business model works with ‘net metering laws’ that require electric companies to credit a customer's bill for excess power generated from our PV (photovoltaic) system and in some instances even buy the extra electricity at the end of the year (remember, you are going to be tested on this). Our system produces more power than the homeowner can use during the day, spinning the meter in reverse. and the overage flows into the power grid. At night. the homeowner pulls power back from the grid. The Citizenre Solution is designed so that the electricity a customer flows to the grid and pulls back from the grid is equal. Everyone wins. The customer gets a locked in rate. the power company gets more en- ergy pumped into the grid during the day when there is a higher power demand. and the planet gets less pollution (and you get paid! ). But let's say 5 years down the road. we have 500,000 homes using the Citizenre Solution and the power companies send their lobbyists to Congress crying, ‘Hey, we can't oom- pete with the sun. This isn't fair. They are taking too many customers from us. This save the planet stuff was great. .. but we didn't think anyone was going to really do The Powur Network of well-financed Ecopreneurs can then lobby to keep Congress and Big Business honest. Imagine the power of 10.000 highly trained, business savvy envi- ronmentalists who know how to network! By that time. we will also have other technology options so that even if the net metering laws were ever changed, we'll still be solid. The Powur Network is a distribution channel that can bring any new "green" technology to the masses. Citizenre is at the forefront of new innovations and will constantly provide us with the cutting edge. The Opportunity to You We are doing many things that have never been done. Powur is the first networking com- pany ln history that requires no fees of any kind. EVER. Normally you have to buy a “kit. ” a monthly ‘autoship" of vitamins, or something every month. As long as you continue to invest, you continue to get paid. Citizenre is different- There is no investment upfront and no monthly investment required. To get paid here. you do two things: 1. Switching people to solar power. 2. Training other people to switch people to solar power. Form - lO$-IRO1 |200$‘229] Page 4 of 14
  5. 5. C itizenré IDS INTRODUCTORY TRAINING Some of you who know the industry might be thinking. “But what about the telco or other service companies — they don't require a monthly investment? ’ Tme. They play a different game called a ‘coded bonus. " Because the margins are so small on their services, they require a large sign up fee. Many of you might remember Excel. They did phenomenally well and switched millions of phone customers. but they were only able to pay out ‘/4 % on most levels, because the margins were so small. So they developed a “coded bonus. " To join. you had to pay around $500. Then when you acquired a few customers that bo- nus (basically the money you put in) was paid out to the uplines. This is where the major- ity of the huge incomes were generated. It is a "dirty little secret‘ of the industry. Citizenre and Powur refuse to play that game — and we don't have to. As you will learn and experience. there is plenty of income in our compensation system. We pay out $500 through the ‘Installation and Retention Advance (lRA), ' simply when you acquire and retain a customer (not because you paid us $500 to startl). Then we pay 16% on the Forward Rental Agreement (FRA) to our Network of Ecopreneurs (15% in commissions and 1% for a global bonus pool — plus achievement cash. trips and monthly car bonuses). This can become a powerful income stream. There is another “dirty little secret" that no one likes to talk about. ExceI's network mar- keting channel brought in rrlillions of customers, but when that business was sold to a huge telco. the owners got rich and the networkers got nothing. This has happened with several other companies because the reps had no contractual protection. With Citizenre, right in your contract. if the company is ever sold. you will continue to be paid at the same rate or fairly compensated in a cash buyout for your customers. This completely protects you and guarantees that you will be rewarded long-term for your ef- forts. The following is a excerpt of the actual Independent Seller Agreement p.23. Here is the hyperlink to the entire agreement: httpzl/ www. citizenre. netIextrasfIds_tac. pdf. " in the event that Citizenre Networks, orifs parent company, were to enter into a merger agreement. the surviving company will continue to be bound by the terms of this Agree- meal, and will faithfully perform all remaining and executory obligations of this Agree- ment, including but not limited to payment of compensation to the Independent Direct Seller under the then current Compensation Plan. " We also offer customers the option to refer other customers and get 5% of that cus- tomer's bill deducted from their bill every month. For example, if a customer refers their romi -10$-IR01 12005-2291 Page 5 M14
  6. 6. C itizenré IDS INTRODUCTORY TRAINING neighbor, and that neighbor's bill is 8100. your customer will get $5 deducted from their bil — every month! This will create a “viral” system that is unstoppable. As a Powfir Ecopreneur, there is a beauty to this because the customer cannot qualify for the IRA's. So if your customer gets other customers. you make the full $150 IRA upfront and the $150 at the end of the first year and you still enjoy residual income on the usage. Nice. We give people several options to create customers. because every home we switch to solar becomes part of the solution and stops being part of the problem. Our Solution for the Customer Now let's get into some specific training about the system. To see an animation of how our solar systems work, please visit http: /lrenu. citizenre. com and click on the link labeled ‘How Solar Energy Works. ‘ Our product offering is so powerful that some people can't believe it. It is almost ‘too good to be true. ’ The first question they have is: How can Citizenre make this work? It is such a better deal than other companies. .. It is important that you understand this so that you can educate your customers. Prior to Citizenre, solar power failed to reach broad market acceptance for three reasons: 1. Once you amortized the cost of the system. it was about four times more expensive than energy from coal or natural gas. 2. It required a large investment on behalf of the customer. 3. The customer had to maintain and repair the equipment Citizenre solves all of these challenges: (1) Solar power has been expensive because of an inefficient system of small scale. independent production. Citizenre vertically integrates the manufacturing process so that every aspect of the system is designed to work together. Typically, one manu- facturer makes the solar panel, another makes the inverter. another supplies the bat- teries or exchange point and none of these are specifically designed to optimize the other. This creates power loss and higher costs. Citizenre controls all aspects of production from the crystallization and watering to the final installation. And since we are building the largest manufacturing plant for solar power in the world, we also enjoy beneficial economies of scale. Vertical integration Form - lO$-TRO1 |20D6‘229| Page 5 0014
  7. 7. C itizenré IDS INTRODUCTORY TRAINING and economies of scale both allow Citizenre to deliver the installed solar system at around half of the cost of our competitors. (2) With Citizenre. the entire system is installed with no upfront costs to the customer (ex- oept the Security Deposit that they can get back with interest). The customer simply signs a contract stating that they will pay Citizenre the same price for power that they currently pay the utility company. Plus. we guarantee that their price will never go up for the entire 25 year contract. This is a significant advantage to the customer with current energy concems and price increases. (3) With Citizenre's ‘Worry Free Performance Guarantee” the customer only pays for the energy that the system produces. If there is ever a problem with the system, the customer is never left alone trying to figure out how to fix it. The system is automati- cally monitored every day and our national network of franchisees will rush out to fix any problem because our revenue stops until the system works. Again, the customer has no worries. Studies repeatedly show that customers are willing to pay a premium for green power. Citizenre provides green power at the same cost as ‘dirty" power (with a 25 year fixed price guarantee), no upfront costs. and complete peace of mind. What is the fastest and easiest way to help a customer understand the value of our system ? Have them fill in the Solar Savings Calculator with their information. They will be amazed and your job will be easier. If you have not done this yourself yet. please our website http: llrenu. citizenre. com and click on the link labeled “Solar Savings Calculator. " The Forward Rental Agreement If the customer sees the designs for installation and is not satisfied. can they choose not to proceed? Yes. the customer can back out at any time for any reason prior to installation. Even if they decide to move forward. it is still possible that either: (a) The utility company refuses to approve an interconnection agreement (b) The local buildings and codes department refuses to issue a permit (c) The mortgage lender refuses to sign a letter of acknowledgement It is not likely that (b) will occur. but (a) and (c) may occur. Remember. a sale is not complet- ed until it is installed. Don't count your money until you get a confirmation of installation. Form . lO$-IRO1 12005-2291 Page 7 0014
  8. 8. C itizenré IDS INTRODUCTORY TRAINING Are the customers charged by how much energy they use or energy they produce? By the energy they produce. But remember. the system is designed to meet no more than 100% of their historical annual usage, and we offer Even-Pay—so they get even pay- ment all yearlong. The final month may vary somewhat. but not by much. What happens if they go on vacation for a month? Do they still have to pay for the power that is produced for that month? Yes — just like they would still pay their cable bill and their mortgage. This “excess' en- ergy that was flowed to the grid can be used later. so it usually all balances out by the end of the year. What happens if a customer has a certain usage plan. then their kids go to college and their energy use drops significantly? Citizenre monitors the energy usage daily. If a significant drop is registered, the local franchisee will remove one or more of the panels and adjust the contract. Are the panels insured by Citizenre against fire. natural disasters, lightning strikes, vandalism. etc? No. It is the responsibility of the homeowner. but it will usually be covered in their hom- eowners insurance. Alternatively. where homeowner insurance does not cover it we are looking into the possibility of including insurance with the system rental and hope to have that in place before we start installations. If the question is regarding Citizenre insuring against fire or electrocution due to faulty components or installation, or damage caused during installation or recovery, then yes. Twenty-five years is a long time. What if some new technology comes around that can produce power at 1 cent per Kwh and my customer is tied into a 25 year contract at a higher rate? This is one of the greatest benefits of our model. The customer risk is limited to the Se- curity Deposit. Normally if you install a solar system and something better is developed you are out of luck. You just invested $40,000. With Citizenre. if there is a new technology, or if your customer moves to Guatemala. or they want to cancel the contract for ANY reason that you can imagine. ..their total risk is the Security Deposit (provided that they cooperate with us when we remove the system. the system is not damaged. and they pay their bill). Form - lO$-IRO1 |2006‘229| Page 5 0014
  9. 9. C itizenré IDS INTRODUCTORY TRAINING This is a great selling point because people will think of the craziest scenarios. Now you can put their minds at ease. And if a new technology does come out, Citizenre is always on the cutting edge and our Pawfir Network will be the most logical system to distribute it. If a customer is ‘commitment phobic. ‘ we have one-year and five-year contracts. but the rates re-adjust at the end of the contract. With the increases in energy costs, these con- tracts are not as advantageous to the customer — or to you. The total IRA Bonus is only $100 on the 5 year contract and there is no IRA Bonus on 1 year contracts. What happens to the contract if a customer sells their house? There are three options: (1) The Customer has the right to transfer the system to the new home — as long as it is within our service tenitory — at no cost to the Customer (one time only). Any ad- ditional moves during the contract period. the Customer will be billed a recovery and relocation fee. (2) The Customer has the option to transfer the contract to the new homeowner. so long as the new homeowner is willing to accept the terms and conditions of the agree- ment. The contract will often have a value because it is locked in at the rate of when the contract began. For example. if the seller started the contract 10 years ago when energy costs were 20% lower. the buyer could enjoy those savings if they take over the contract- This could potentially add to the value of the house. similar to someone transferring a low rate mortgage during the sale. (3) If neither of the first two options is available. then the Customer will forfeit their Secu- rity Deposit — which is the recovery cost to us. In addition to the recovery fees. we may charge additional fees if the Customer is uncooperative with us and does not allow us to recover the system in a timely manner. These additional fees may include collection tees. overdue service fees. early cancellation fees. late fees. and other fees that are described in the General Terms and Conditions of the Forward Rental Agreement. (Just like if you cancelled your cable and would not give them back the box and refused to pay your bill). Do we offer the system for purchase? Currently. we offer the system as a rental option only. This is for two reasons: 1. Simplicity sells 2. A confused mind does not take action. Form - lO$-IRO1 |20D6‘229| Page 9 0014
  10. 10. C IUZ if nré IDS INTRODUCTORY TRAINING The solar industry is complex. Our offer is simple: 1. No upfront cost. 2. Same rate — with a 25 year fixed price guarantee. 3. No worries. Our model is what sets us apart. We understand that some people will want to purchase and we plan on offering that option down the road. Right now. simplicity is important so we can get our message out fast. The Technology What type of PV technology are we using? The Company has chosen poly-crystalline or multi-crystalline solar cells under glass as its core technology. The reason for this is that we needed to choose a technology that has already been proven to last in the field for well over 25 years. With the absence of technology risk, we can obtain the needed project financing for large deployment of dis- tributed solar systems. One caution here — don't let the tech monster bite you. Some customers will have incredibly sophisticated questions and you can spend weeks doing research for them. Our offer is very simple. 1. No upfront cost. 2. Same rate — with a 25 year fixed price guarantee. 3. No worries. Keep it simple. Most people don't understand how their car or their computer works. but as long as these complicated machines provide the service they expect, the customer is happy. Our service is producing clean power. Citizenre is developing a national network of franchisees. These are the technical experts and you will have access to them. They will actually go to the site to check the suitability and will personally meet with your customers to answer all of their questions. You do not need to become a solar tech wizard. Some customers have spent years researching the best solar systems and they can't believe all that time has been wasted. They can't believe we made it so simple and they actually try to over-complicate it. Your mission is to keep them on message: 1. No upfront cost. 2. Same rate — with a 25 year fixed price guarantee. 3. No worries. l-orrn -| U$~IRfiI[21’ll7-. i’2L'! ?] Page 10 cf 14
  11. 11. C IUZ 2- nré IDS INTRODUCTORY TRAINING With that said. the more you learn. the more confident and competent you will be. Citizenre and Powir will offer advanced trainings for those who desire a deeper knowledge. Our top earners will not be those with the highest technical skills (much to the chagrin of the techies). They will be leaders who continually develop, learn and expand their skills. Personal growth is essential for your success in the Powfir Network. Why are Citizenres components better than our competitions? Why are our services better? Citizenre's components are designed specifically for each other. not to satisfy a broad array of various front-end and back-end components. The entire system how is owned by Citizenre. from light conversion to the meter interconnection. This provides the Company with the ability to identify system-wide efficiencies and weaknesses. and to continuously improve upon the system. This standardization allows us to extend into the service package for the customer. Cus- tomers can count on prompt service and quick reaction to defects or system disruptions. Our full set of monitoring and analytical tools allows us to make immediate decisions on the maintenance of the system and provide valuable insight to our Customers. Our competitors fall short in this department: the cost of monitoring and reporting to the customer is often too high. or is an additional cost to the customer. Our full value-chain approach is much like that of Dell Computers. We provide a perfect system for the cus- tomer, with the best service and support package available on the market. Putting the Technology in the Customer’: Hands When can our customers expect their systems to be installed? Citizenre anticipates that its manufacturing plant will begin producing panels at the com- mercial scale by September of 2007. Upon meeting such a milestone. the Company will begin installing systems on residential customer homes. It is with good probability that those Customers choosing to sign an FRA early on will in fact be some of the first Cus- tomers to receive a system on their home. Furthermore, the early signing of an FRA allows the Customer to lock their contracts with the best electrical rates for up to 25 years. There will be more documentation regarding this issue in the back office soon. We plan to have a tool where a customer will get an estimated installation date based on their order of sign-up. l-orm - lU$~lR: ll |2t’ll7-. i’2L'n] Page llcf14
  12. 12. C IUZ 2- nré IDS INTRODUCTORY TRAINING What is the advantage of a customer signing up now if the system cannot be installed for several months ? There are several advantages: They lock in the current energy rate. Even if the rates are higher when their system is actually installed. the customer will enjoy the lower rate of when they signed up. If, by some miracle. the rates actually go down before their installation. the customer can choose the tower rate. They get their installation sooner. if a customer waits till the plant is completed. there will be ten's and possibly hundred's of thousands of customers who will get their system before them. Also. there is no disadvantage. If the customer decides before the installation that they do not want the system. then they simply cancel. No penalty. Everyone wins. How does our system differ from traditional PV installations? There are three major advantages to our system: 1. Financial: our system does not need to be purchased. So no out of pocket costs. and no investment risk. 2. Operation and maintenance: In a traditional installation. the owner is responsible for operating and maintaining the PV system; often. there are very few tools available to the owner to monitor the performance and if it does breakdown. the owner will most likely need to call for service. Citizenre monitors the performance of our system on a daily basis via the Internet and is capable of analyzing the data to determine if the sys- tem is performing at its optimum capacity. If it is not. Citizenre will issue a work order to repair the system immediately at no cost to the customer. 3. “Peace of mind": Our system is a performance-based rental. If the system temporarily stops working, the customer stops paying for it until the system comes back on-line. In the case of the traditional installation. the customer continues paying for the system. even if the system stops working. How does renting benefit the customer more than purchasing? They don‘t have the investment risk. The rent effectively shields the customer from tech- nology advancements that drastically reduce the price of PV and from disruptive technol- ogies that change the marketplace. This is all made possible by our flexible termination options and our low termination penalty. As long as the customer remains cooperative. the fee for early termination will only be the $500 security deposit. l-omn -| U$~lRflI]21’lCI. i’2L'f‘1] P935 12 at 14
  13. 13. C IUZ 2- nré IDS INTRODUCTORY TRAINING Furthermore. our particular rent contract provides them with hassle-free installation. guaranteed performance. and quality maintenance. If the customer was to purchase a system. he or she would burden these responsibilities or would have to pay someone else to take on the responsibility. As you can see. we offer a great benefit to the customer (and to the planet). What can the customer expect if he or she decides to sign a FRA? The customer can expect that we will call them to schedule an initial site review by one of our engineers. At this site review. the engineer will talk with the customer about the engineering. procurement and construction process. He or she will also talk about the operating and maintenance of the system once it is installed. And then the engineer will answer any questions that the customer may have about the system. or the Company. or solar power and electricity in general. But the most important subject that needs to be discussed is the consumer's consumption habits. The engineer will determine what the customer's historical energy consumption has been. how the customer uses electricity. and then he or she will define to the customer potential measures that may decrease their consumption. At the same time. the engineer will review the site. The most important actions in the site review are site measurements. establishment of orientation, and identification of roofing materials and shading factors. From this and the historical energy consumption. the en- gineer can actually design the system right there on the fly. AnAutoCAD design will be presented to the customer for approval on a PC tablet. The cus- tomer has the ability to discuss altematives with the engineer if the design is not to the cus- tomers liking. The engineer will work with the customer to find a solution but the customer must know that we will not be able to install a system of less than 2kW peak capacity. At the end of the day. the customer will have to approve of or decline the plan. Upon ap- proval. the customer will be required to make the secunty deposit, if any. And then. we will proceed to procure the necessary components. permits. and approvals for construc- tion of the system. The site review process should take no more than two (2) hours. What can the customer expect as the system is installed? The customer can expect a quick one-day installation process. The system will have already been pre-engineered and will have already met the customer's approval. The ap- propriate permits and various other approvals will have been obtained by the Company. So. all that remains is for our installation technician to execute the engineering plan. l-omn -| U$~IRflI]21’lCI. i’2L'f‘1] Page 13 at 14
  14. 14. C itizenré IDS INTRODUCTORY TRAINING One installation technician will arrive either in the rnoming or early aftemoon. He or she will proceed to stage the area by positioning all of the equipment where it will be installed. The appropriate mounting structure will be installed on the roof. and the AC PV pods will be laid out in quick plug-and-play fashion. An AC run will be ran down to the exchange point next to the utility meter. and our quick interconnect device will be prepped for com- missioning. A final test of the components will be performed. and the installation techni- cian will have completed his or her job. This process takes all of four (4) to six (6) hours; this is much different from our competi- tors‘ processes, which can take up to two days with two laborers. After the installation has occurred. the final inspection will be performed by a buildings and codes representative. a utility representative. and one of our quality assurance specialists. Upon meeting the approval of the inspector and our Quality Assurance specialist. we will interconnect the system at the meter and commission the system. This inspection process will take place on a separate day. and will most likely take less than a half of an hour. The customer will not need to be present at either the installation or commissioning of the system. but access to the customer's rooftop. meter. and areas between the two will need to be made available. Why does the customer need a residential phone line? The Solar Array performs daily automated reporting duties that allow us to monitor it and make sure that it is operating at peak performance. In addition to that. consumption and generation data relevant to each household is reported daily to the customers. VOIP will work for this also. Conclusion Great job! This is some ot the basics you will need to get started. Please don't see this as the completion of your training. we have much more information in the Knowledge Base. Please go through this information as soon as you can. Afew of the questions on the test will be pulled directly from the Knowledge Base and have not been covered in this initial training. The more you know the more confident you will be with your customers. You just finished your basic training. Now 90 pass your test so you can help others ‘join the solution. " You make a difference! l-orm - I08-IRO1 |2006‘229l Page 14 ct 14