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One World United

NO INTEREST GLOBAL BUYING GROUP MASTER CARD AND DEBIT CARD My Name: Mark Loder, Email:, & My Phone Number: 905-682-9594.

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One World United

  1. 1. Global Buying Group Inc.
  2. 2. WELCOME TO THE GLOBAL BUYING GROUP! IT’S WHO YOU KNOW!! One World One Card is the Goal of the Global Buying Group (GBG). Have you ever paid for something and felt you overpaid? Wouldn’t it be great to have a friend wherever you purchase a product or service just to so you could get a good deal? NOW YOU CAN!! GBG wants to ensure you never pay retail again…on anything. Our goal is to build the largest buying group in the world. Can you imagine yielding the buying power of Walmart? Walmart dictates the prices they pay. If their suppliers won’t negotiate, they take their business elsewhere. Wouldn’t it be great to be part of something that enables you to do the same thing? GBG has taken the success of the Entertainment Book and the power of relationship selling to a new level. We are very excited to announce the GLOBALBUYING CARD! The Global Card is a MEMBERSHIP CARD that not only allows you to book hotel rooms, car rentals etc., but it also saves you money on day to day purchases WORLDWIDE. Saving money is great, but we are going to show you how you can make money as well!! GBG is strategically partnering with companies worldwide to give discounts to our members. The goal is to save money on all purchases. This is not a rewards card where you need to spend thousands of dollars to get a “free” gift. The savings are at the point of sale. You save money right away with no rebate check, no points, and no hassle. IT’S SIMPLE, SHOW THE CARD – GET THE DEAL
  3. 3. Global Buying Group (GBG) VISION OUR VISION… is to create the largest and most respected buying group in the world. GBG’s superior field and corporate leadership will contract with thousands of Corporate Business Partners across the globe negotiating savings for our Global Card members. This will result in a GBG buying power that will ultimately direct millions of dollars in business through the doors of our Corporate Business Partners. Additionally, this will create the ultimate opportunity for our Global Card member associates who will make money by simply “spreading the word” of the GBG vision to other potential Global Card member associates. Impacting lives and improving lifestyles will be our lasting commitment. It is our goal that you will NEVER PAY RETAIL AGAIN!!! With Millions of GBG members around the world, together we will have… ONE WORLD ONE CARD
  4. 4. Why a Debit Card? • There are approximately 100 Million People in North America who either can’t get credit or their credit is “maxed” or “frozen”. This means that without a credit card, they can’t book a hotel room, rent a car, buy online, and in some cases can’t even get a video store membership. • Accepted Worldwide. • Credibility. • Advanced Technology. • GUARANTEED APPROVAL!!
  5. 5. DID YOU KNOW? CREDIT Credit Card Stats The average balance on a credit card is $7,000 with an average minimum payment of $218 • per month. • If this monthly credit card payment could be eliminated and the $218 was instead invested in a savings plan, this would generate a retirement savings of over $1M in 25 years. Credit card payments are not only costing thousands in interest, but also are prohibiting saving for retirement. • The average household has 10 credit cards. • The average interest rate is 18.9%. • Credit card companies solicit the average American 7 times per year. • Late fees now average $29.00. • Almost half of the households in America report having difficulty paying their minimum monthly payments. • Last year, over 1.3 million Americans filed for Bankruptcy, the highest in nation’s history. • A credit card balance of $7,000, at 18% interest, would take over 25 years to pay off and would total approximately $15,000 in interest charges… twice the original balance. American’s Credit Card spending totaled • over 1 TRILLION Dollars last year.
  6. 6. DID YOU KNOW? MEMBERSHIPS • Direct Buy- a a member you can buy s merchandise for your home at wholesale prices. Cost of Membership $2000- $4000 • Costco - a a member you can buy bulk at a s discount price. Cost of membership $35- $ 100 • The Entertainment Book of Gold – has been around since 1962 and is currently selling approximately 8 million books a year in 5 different countries. Cost of the Book is $25 $ You can - 60. only use one book per city. You can only use each coupon once.
  7. 7. Did you know? Global Buying Card • The GLOBAL BUYING (Debit) CARD from GBG saves you money at several different retailers, not just one. • The Card is with you always, you don’t have to carry a coupon book. • The Card is valid worldwide, not just one city. (Unlike Coupon Books) • The Card allows you to save at the same retailer every day, not just a one time use. (Unlike Coupon Books)
  8. 8. OPPORTUNITY • Currently GBG is negotiating contracts around the world with Business Partners who want to attract our Global Buying Card members. Companies don’t pay anything to join our list of participating Businesses. • Our Business Partners will offer our Global Buying Card members significant savings. • A listing of our participating Business Partners is available on our website at • Our Business Partners will also have a sticker on their entrance doors indicating Global Buying Card acceptance. • JUST SHOW THE GLOBAL BUYING CARD AND GET THE DEAL.
  9. 9. WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU? • Save thousands of dollars on day to day purchases. • Have the opportunity to build a Worldwide e-business from the comfort of your own home. • Enjoy great TAX savings by operating a home based business. • Be involved with a Young, Fun and Aggressive company. • Meet like minded people. 64 GLOBAL CARD = SAVE A LOT, MAKE A LOT
  10. 10. THE COMPETITION Most other Network Marketing Companies require a significant dollar investment. • Additionally, there is usually a charge for an excessive amount of marketing materials, trainings and seminars. You could end up spending well over $500 before you even get started. There is usually an annual fee to renew your business. • Most Companies sell products or services and require a monthly product minimum in order to receive compensation. Therefore, in order to “qualify” on a monthly basis to receive a check, this usually means either having to recruit more people every month or personally buy more product. Therefore spend more $$$. • Some Companies require an excessive amount of paperwork for your customers and occasionally it is necessary to stock inventory. • With GBG there is a $125 annual fee for membership. PERIOD. Any marketing materials you may need will be available for FREE on our website. • At $125 the GBG membership card is UNDERPRICED. Our goal is to build the LARGEST Buying Group in the World and the only way to do that is by making our membership affordable to everyone. Compare the GBG membership to any other and you will see we ARE the best value for your HARD EARNED dollar. • Our only qualification to receive commissions is that you sell 4 Global Buying Cards. • All of our business is done online through our website. NO paperwork, NO Deliveries, NO Inventory and No Hassles.
  11. 11. HOW DOES IT WORK? The Card sounds great, but how do I make money? It’s as easy as one, two, three • STEP ONE – PURCHASE A GLOBAL CARD FOR $125 U.S.D (This gets you your discounts and is also your membership into the Global Buying Group) • STEP TWO – Tell others about the Global Card (send them to our website). If you sell just FOUR cards you will qualify for commission checks • STEP THREE – Help your team sell FOUR cards. COLLECT YOUR CHECKS IT’S THAT SIMPLE
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  14. 14. COMPENSATION – FAST START BONUS PLAN - With GBG there are several ways to earn an income 1. Fast Start Bonus 2. Team sales and 3. Residual income. We’ve outlined the Fast Start bonuses in the last 2 charts, but let’s talk in more detail about the amazing income you can earn from the Fast Start bonuses. - If you sell the minimum of 4 cards, the first 2 sales go to your sponsor and you get the last 2. The same goes for the people you sponsor. You get the first 2 card sales and they get the last two. However, if you sell 10 cards for example, you receive fast start bonus on the last 8 sales with the first 2 always going to your sponsor . The following is a breakdown of the money you can expect to earn if you sold 4 cards and if everyone in your down-line sold 4 cards. YOU LEVEL 1 2 x $50 = $100 (4 cards sold, you only receive the last 2 sales) LEVEL 2 4 x $50 = $200 (4 cards x 2 people = 8 cards you only get the 1st 2 each) LEVEL 3 8 x $50 = $400 (4 cards x 4 people = 16 cards you only get the 1st 2 each) LEVEL 4 16 x $50 = $800 (4 cards x 8 people = 32 cards you only get the 1st 2 each) LEVEL 5 32 x $50 = $1600 (4 cards x 16 people = 64 cards you only get the 1st 2 each) LEVEL 6 64 x $50 = $3200 (4 cards x 32 people = 128 cards you only get the 1st 2 each) LEVEL 7 128 x $50 = $6400 (4 cards x 64 people = 256 cards you only get the 1st 2 each) TOTAL = $12,700
  15. 15. COMPENSATION – Team Sales That’s not all! Now let’s talk about the residual income!! You probably noticed that in the Fast Start Bonus portion of the compensation plan your sponsor receives the bonus for your first two sales. HOWEVER, you will earn a residual on the revenue that comes in for everyone in your group through SEVEN levels. Check this out! YOU LEVEL 1 (you sold 4 cards you receive 1% of all revenue) 4 x $50 = $200 x 1%= $2 LEVEL 2 (4 cards x 4 people = 16 cards you receive 2% off all revenue) 16 x $50 = $800 x 2% = $16 LEVEL 3 (4 cards x 16 people = 64 cards you receive 3% off all revenue) 64 x $50 = $3200 x 3% = $96 LEVEL 4 (4 cards x 64 people = 256 cards you receive 4% off all revenue) 256 x $50 = $12800 x 4% = $512 LEVEL 5 (4 cards x 256 people = 1024 cards you receive 5% off all revenue) 1024 x $50 = $51200 x 5% = $2560 LEVEL 6 (4 cards x 1024 people = 4096 cards you receive 6% off all revenue) 4096 x $50 = $204,800 x 6% = $12,288 LEVEL 7 (4 cards x 4096 people = 16384 cards you receive 7% off all revenue) 16384 x $50 = $819,200 x 7% = $57,344 TOTAL = $72,818
  16. 16. COMPENSATION – RESIDUAL INCOME Now for the best part, residual income. When you receive your Global Buying Group (Debit) Card you have the opportunity to use it like a bank account. Like all bank accounts and credit cards they have fee’s. We will be charging a user fee of $5 a month. This is very inexpensive compared to other accounts or credit cards. The GOOD NEWS is you will also benefit from our monthly user fee. It works like this, every member pays the $5 user fee. You get paid a percentage on ever member depending on what level they are on in your business. Level 1 (you sold 4 cards x $5 user fee, you get 1% of the total) 4 cards x $5 = $20 x 1% = $ .20 Level 2 (your original 4 members each sold 4 = 16 members x $5 at 2%) 16 cards x $5 = $80 x 2% = $ 1.60 Level 3 (16 members sold 4 = 64 members x $5 at 3%) 64 cards x $5 = $320 x 3% = $ 9.60 Level 4 (64 members sold 4 = 256 x $5 at 4%) 256 cards x $5 = $1280 x 4% = $ 51.20 Level 5 (256 members sold 4 = 1024 x $5 at 5%) 1024 cards x $5 = $5120 x 5% = $ 256.00 Level 6 (1024 members sold 4 = 4096 x $5 at 6%) 4096 cards x $5 = $20480 x 6% = $ 1024.00 Level 7 4096 members sold 4 = 16384 x $5 at 7%) 16384 cards x $5 = $81920 x 7% = $ 5734.40 TOTAL $ 7077.00 per month Now imagine if you sold 10 cards and everyone else sold 10, the possibilities are endless and so is your monthly paycheck.
  17. 17. FOUNDING MEMBERS The Global Buying Group currently is in a “Pre-launch” stage and is expecting to officially launch Sept 1st 2007. It takes a lot of time and money to put together an opportunity of this magnitude. With this being said, we are currently looking for Business Builders which are people who join this opportunity at the ground floor. We have decided to create a membership base in our pre-launch stage called “FOUNDING MEMBERS”. These special and privileged members will assist us in our quest in becoming the largest buying group in the world. These members will be rewarded for taking a leap of faith and working with us as we build the Global Buying Group. Anyone who is a founding member will benefit from a profit sharing program. The GBG will set aside 5% of the Companies’ profits to be paid out annually to the founding members. The Global Buying Group debit card will be sold to FOUNDING MEMBERS for $85 cdn or $75 usd with a life time membership guarantee. That’s right! In addition to 5% profit sharing FOUNDING MEMBERS will NEVER have to pay the annual $125 renewal fee. FOUNDING MEMBERS will be grandfathered into the Global Buying Group for LIFE for a ONE TIME fee of $85 cdn or 75 u.s.d. We are currently seeking 5000 FOUNDING MEMBERS to start the LARGEST BUYING GROUP IN THE WORLD. Act now and YOU can be a FOUNDING MEMBER…so can your family and friends. Let them know…. • THIS IS YOUR COMPANY – YOUR CARD!
  18. 18. FOUNDING MEMBERS – BONUS THE TIME TO JOIN THE GBG IS NOW!! We have decided to make the opportunity even bigger for our founding members, but you have to move NOW!! We will be extending an additional 5% of the companies profits to those founder members who chose to become proactive. What does this mean? We have created a 6 level founding members profit sharing program. All 5000 of our founding members will still share in 5% of the companies profits. The bonus profit sharing program is for those who chose to act earlier rather than later. Level For the first 150 members we will extend an additional 1% to be split between 150 1 members. (The will still share in the original 5%) The next 250 members will split an additional 1% with the original members on level 1 2 The next 400 members will split an additional 1% with the original members on level 1 3 and 2 The next 700 members will split an additional 1% with the original members on level 1, 2 4 and 3. The next 1000 members will split an additional 1% with the original members on level 5 1,2,3 and 4. As you can see if you are one of the first 150 members you will share in 10% of the companies profits.
  19. 19. FOUNDING MEMBERS – BONUS continued Why is the company doing this? It’s very simple, we need to get our business and your business a KICKSTART. We feel that we need to reward those members that are taking a bigger “risk”. So it helps us to launch our business but it also helps you. There are huge advantages in joining now, tell your friends and let them decide if the timing is right. Even if you’re not interested in selling the cards, just buy one and get your piece of the pie. Remember just by becoming a member you will share in the companies profits. It’s like buying a winning lottery ticket that continues to pay you every year. FOUNDING MEMBER ADVANTAGES - One time fee of $85 cdn or $75 u.s.d (everyone else buys a membership every year for $125 u.s.d) - Profit sharing program (share up to 10% of the companies profits) - Any new products or services will be test marketed through founding members, this will mean bigger profits and bigger discounts. YOU WILL BE THE ONE TO INTRODUCE ALL NEW PRODUCTS AND SERVICES. - GROUND FLOOR OPPORTUNITY (You could wait a year, but you would miss out on all the good stuff plus your friends and family will already have heard of us)
  20. 20. THE FUTURE OF THE GBG The possibilities are endless with a large buying group. We will have the buying power to negotiate . Imagine if you have someone in your level 7 and they bought a brand new car. Wouldn’t it be great if you received a commission on that purchase? We’re not that far away from this being a reality. Everyone in your down-line has a cell phone, home phone, internet, hydro, electricity etc. With a large buying group we can negotiate great deals on these services and ensure you get paid a commission for everyone in your down-line. Because the possibilities are endless so are your paychecks.
  21. 21. HOW DO I JOIN? Sounds exciting how do I Join? Visit our website at click on Join Here, Fill out the application form. Click on Payment Terms and your done. WELCOME TO THE GLOBAL BUYING GROUP. ** All projections shown are not a guarantee and results may vary based on individual efforts.
  22. 22. SUMMARY – FOUNDING MEMBERS COMPANY LAUNCH SEPTEMBER 1ST 2007 - Lifetime Membership Fee of only $75 usd ($85 cdn) (Only available for the 1st 5000 members.) Everyone else pays an annual fee of $125 usd ($140 cdn). - Profit Sharing Program (Share up to 10% of GBG’s Profits, Based on performance and placement) - VIP Treatment at all events and new product launches. When a new product or service is launched, founding members will be the “test” market. - Ground Floor OPPORTUNITY!! (You could wait till next year to buy a membership but then you would miss out on the low one time Fee and Profit Sharing. Plus your family and friends would have already bought a membership.) SIGN UP AT **REMEMBER, GBG WILL NOT PAY OUT A FAST START BONUS TO ANY OF THE FOUNDING MEMBERS, BUT WILL PAY ON ALL OTHER INCOME LEVELS INCLUDING PROFIT SHARING.