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Ukraine [HIV/AIDS project]


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I'm a Peace Corps Volunteer in Svalyava, Ukraine! This is a summary of my most recent project!

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Ukraine [HIV/AIDS project]

  1. 1. Spreading Knowledge about HIV/AIDS in the Svalyava District Svalyava, UKRAINE Svalyava District Center for Social Services for Families, Children and Youth , U.S. Peace Corps and “PEPFAR” January 2011— June 2011
  2. 2. In February, a PEPFAR consultant from Kyiv conducted a training with teachers from the villages of the Svalyava District. The training included such topics as “Biology and Transmission of HIV/AIDS”, “Stigma and Discrimination” , “Changes in Behavior” & “Information about Testing”.
  3. 3. Each participant received a disk with resources necessary for them to teach their students about HIV/AIDS .
  4. 4. The teachers taught their students the truth about HIV/AIDS during March and April . The students were also invited to take part in a poster contest .
  5. 5. Here are some of the entries ...
  6. 6. The winner and the most original concept is ...
  7. 7. Also during March and April, the project team (doctor from the Oblast Center for HIV/AIDS, Peace Corps Volunteer, Director and a volunteer from the Center for Social Services) spread knowledge about HIV/AIDS to villages throughout the district, through informational sessions.
  8. 8. At the end of April, a group of youth from the district villages visited the Oblast Center for HIV/AIDS in Uzhhorod, in order to become aware of where they may find more information about HIV/AIDS, as well as receive confidential testing .
  9. 9. In May, the project came to a close by raising awareness on World AIDS Remembrance Day, when we honor the lives of those who have died from AIDS. Youth volunteered to pass out informational booklets in the center of Svalyava. REMEMBER all the lives that have been affected by HIV/AIDS both in Ukraine and the rest of the world. EDUCATE yourself and educate others about the truth. ACT by making healthy and safe choices. TREAT all people with RESPECT.