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Medical Emergency Prevention Flow Chart


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Medical Emergency Prevention Flow Chart

  1. 1. Medical Emergency Prevention in Dental Practice New Patient Previously Registered Patient ☟ ☟ Complete Medical History Update Medical History Written / Verbal Questionnaire, Dated and Signed (any changes, drugs etc.) ☟ ☟ Re-enforce Medical History Verbally Re-categorize as per ASA PS and update accordingly (sign) ☟ ☟ Note BP, Pulse, Respiratory Rate Drug Interactions Treatment Modification as per the need Look for any other sign of systemic Disease ASA PS Classification System ☟ PS 1: Normal Healthy Patient (-60) PS 2: Mild Systemic Disease (Anxiety, Categorize as per ASA PS fear, +60) PS 3: Severe Systemic Disease that ☟ limits activity but not incapacitating PS 4: Incapacitating Systemic Disease that is constant threat to life Anxiety Assessment PS 5: Not expected to survive 24 hours ☟ Treatment modification for PS 2 and 3 Stress Reduction Protocol Trained / Updated / Alert Operator and Get to know the patient Staff for any common Medical Understand his/her concerns Emergencies Listen and show empathy Drugs and Equipment and Transfer to Thorough Extra-oral / Intra-oral Examination Hospital if needed ☟Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in Phases (Emergency, Stabilization, Maintenance and Definitive) with modifications as per the need Courtesy: Dr Neil Pande