qualitative research research methodology educational research qualitative approach review of related literature basic concepts in research methodology types of research tools & techniques of data collection. importance of pd programs of pd approaches to pd strategies of pd of teachers challenges in pd of teachers need of staff development pd of teachers staff development. group processes group roles group status group cohesiveness group norms group conformity group size group formation group structure factors affecting group importance of group dynamics stages of group formation group forces group dynamics group quality enhancement tqm principles quality process tqm steps tqm meaning tqm process tqm quality improvement quality control quality management quality assurance quality in education quality meaning quality definitions quality movement quality significance of the mean difer steps in t testing difference between mean null hypothesis level of significance degrees of freedom standard error of mean hypothesis testing statistical analysis t test parametric test ways of taking notes use of cards importance of review secondary resources primary resources notes taking review of related researches examples of mixed methods multiphase transformative embedded explanatory exploratory convergent parallel quantitative & qualitative when to use mixed methods types of mixed methods mixed methods inductive research holistic approach qualitative research principle ethical issues in research ethical issues narrating through story story narration research narrative -story method narrative method narrative inquiry in education narrative inquiry narrative research qualitative research methods data types qualitative data phenomenology gaussian curve asymptotic curve npc normal probability curve methods in qualitative research difference between quantitative & qualitative characteristics of the qualitative research need of the educational research definitions of research definitions of educational research characteristics of the research advantages & limitations of the case study. steps a case study. review of related research studies limitations of causal comparative. steps of causal comparative causal comparative ex-post facto research opinion studies. status studies surveys descriptive research internal & external validity of the research. functional & factorial designs. experimental method methods of finding out co-efficient of correlation co-efficient of correlation correlation study intervening variables. confounding dependent & independent variable types of variable variables sociometric technique projective technique personality test attitude test what are the advantages of a questionnaire? how to prepare a questionnaire? questionnaire how to test intelligence & aptitude. aptitude tests intelligence tests psychological tests #characteristics of a check list #checklist observation tehnique primary & secondary resources external criticism of data internal criticism of data historical research methods of research statement of aim operational definitions delimitation of the research limitations of research scope of the research assumption of the research objectives of the research significance of the research hypothesis of the research need of the research basic research applied & action research fundamental education research areas of educational research. ethics in research characteristics of a researcher probability & non probability sampling characteristics of a sample importance of sampling sampling methods sample population characterisitics of a standardized test how to standardize a test? standardization of test steps in an action research characteristics of an action research how to conduct an action research action research research blue print. research plan research proposal how to conduct an interview. . research tools & techniques . interview technique validity of a tool. reliability of a tool characteristics of good measuring instrument characteristics of a research tool. method of research. scientific method. different methods of acquiring knowledge advantages of a question bank how to prepare a question bank? question bank
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