Staff Connections Newsletter May 2011


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Staff Connections Newsletter May 2011

  1. 1. Navy Family Readiness Program Staff Connections Program Updates for the Navy Family Readiness Program Staff MAY 2011 Navy Family Readiness Program Staff ConnectionsQR Code and Sharing Information is a monthly publication of the Commander, Navy Installations Command’s Navy Family ReadinessYou have probably seen a QR code on a poster, in a magazine Program. It is designed to communicate program news and initiatives to Navy Family Readinessor even on a T-shirt. QR is short for Quick Response and is also Program (N91) staff. Submission deadlines areknown as mobile tagging. It is a specific two-dimensional the 10th of the month for the next month’sbarcode that allows its contents to be decoded at high speed publication.on your mobile device. Acting Fleet and Family Readiness Program Director........................................................Rogers PatrickUsing a camera phone equipped with a compatible QR reader Navy Family Readiness Program Manager ....... Kathy Korthapplication, you can have instant access to the information Navy Family Readiness Programstored digitally within the code. QR codes make everything Deputy Manager .....................................................Connie Civiellointeractive, from accessing contact information to opening a Editor..........................John Levinson john.levinson.ctr@navy.milWeb page using your phone’s browser. Free QR Code readers are Layout and Design ................................Zeiders Enterprises, Inc.available via your smart phone’s App store. Learn more about Navy Family ReadinessWith a QR Code, Family Readiness publications, websites and on the Gateway:videos can be instantly accessible with a smart phone. This can be used to provide invaluable information to those Commander, Navy Installations Commandthat are geographically isolated. 716 Sicard Street SE, Suite 1000 Washington, DC 20374-5140The Family Connection Newsletter will pilot this initiative to Editor: 202-433-4683, DSN 288-4683improve resource access and appeal to the technology demo-graphic. We are excited about utilizing this new technology and welcome your feedback!Scan QR Code (above right) for the latest edition of the Family Connection Newsletter. Contents QR Code and Sharing Information ....1Family Readiness Group Family Readiness Group ................1 Military Saves Campaign Update ....2We are proud to announce the release of the long awaited revised Family ReadinessGroups (FRG) Instruction, OPNAVINST 1754.5B, along with the FRG Handbook. CNIC DoD Removal of SSNhas directed resources to promote the benefits of FRGs by using feedback from focus from ID Cards ...............................2groups and involving major stakeholders in the revision process. Centralized Scheduling & Metric (CS&M) Update.............................3The new instruction clarifies FRG member roles and responsibilities and providescommanders with guidance for interacting with FRGs. The FRG Handbook provides The 2011 Excellence in Youth Sports Award .......................3a solid foundation to newly forming FRGs, serves as a point of reference to thosealready in existence, and gives families information and ideas for establishing and Navy Youth Sports andmaintaining successful groups. The FRG Handbook is now available for down- Fitness Program Surveys ...............4load at Child & Youth Programs School Based Programming Webinars .......5The FRG Instructor Guide (IG) will soon accompany the revised instructionand FRG Handbook. The IG will reflect the changes made in the instruction as Free Admission to Museums for Service Members andwell as information provided in the FRG Handbook. Standardizing this train- Their Families ...............................5ing will ensure a consistent level of support across all FRGs. The IGwill come complete with PowerPoint slides, handouts, and group New CNIC HQ Staff .......................5activities. Anticipated release date is August 2011. Supporting the Fleet, Fighter, and Family
  2. 2. CNIC Communication MAY 2011Military Saves DoD Removal of SSN from ID CardsCampaign Update To protect your privacy and personal identity information, your Social Security Num-Every year, the Navy participates in the ber is being replaced with a Department of Defense ID Number on all ID cards. Herenational Military Saves Campaign. It is are the details.designed to persuade, motivate andencourage military families to save ona monthly basis, while also convincingleaders and organizations to be aggres-sive in promoting automatic savings.The 2011 campaign took place February20-27, and the Navy had an extremelysuccessful campaign.Fleet and Family Support Centers aroundthe world sponsored classes in supportof Military Saves. These classes wereheld in concert with Child and YouthPrograms in Youth Centers, as well as atfinancial fairs and information booths inmultiple locations.N Financial education classes reached almost 70,000 participants, including 18,000 military spouses and almost 9,000 youths.N Financial fairs and information booths reached nearly 13,000 people.N Information briefings reached over 13,000, and nearly 30,000 informa- tional handouts were provided, planting the seeds for counseling and education in the future.The success of this year’s campaign wasa result of partnerships with on-basefinancial institutions, MWR, NEX/Commis-saries and the Navy-Marine Corps ReliefSociety. Other activities included leader-ship luncheons, 5K runs and golf outingssponsored by commands. Multiplefunctions also included appearances bylocal politicians.All these efforts reaped huge benefitsfor Sailors and their families by makingfinancial awareness and savings a priorityeducational topic that week. Supporting the Fleet, Fighter, and Family 2
  3. 3. CNIC Communication MAY 2011Centralized Scheduling & Metric (CS&M) UpdateYOU DID IT! We can now report that all CONUS Family Support Centers are utilizingCentralized Scheduling with the latest addition of Naval District Washington launchingtheir call center on March 21, 2011. Additional OCONUS sites already utilizing the ben-efits of Centralized Scheduling include Guam, Hawaii, Japan and Europe.Centralized Scheduling is an innovative program that provides quality customer serviceto the military community. Call centers are available Navy-wide to assist service mem-bers, family members and commands. Callers receive an immediate response whetherto schedule, cancel or reschedule an appointment. Centralized Scheduling providesappointment services to individuals requesting services of a clinical counselor. TheNorthwest, Southwest, Southeast and Hawaii Regions also utilize appointment servicesfor Work and Family Life Consultants. The 2011 Excellence in COMING SOON: The Centralized Scheduling & Metrics (CS&M) Source Guide is expected to be released dur- Youth Sports Award ing 3rd Qtr FY11 and will be available on the CNIC The National Alliance for Youth Sports G2 intranet. The CS&M Source Guide is a complete (NAYS), a Child and Youth partner, is guide for schedulers, FFSP staff and managers. Look now accepting applications for the for upcoming Centralized Scheduling webinars on 2011 Excellence in Youth Sports Award! the Learning Management System (LMS). Webinars Applications are due July 1, 2011. provide a great resource to train new staff. Applications for Parent of the Year and Centralized Scheduling is an outstanding program Coach of the Year Awards are also being to increase efficiency while providing quality accepted. These applications are due customer service. September 1, 2011. The Excellence in Youth Sports Award recognizes five youth sports programsCentralized Scheduling Centers that do a superior job conducting diverse activities that focus on provid- Joint Region Marianas 671-333-9827/28 ing safe and positive experiences for Navy Region Naval District Washington 202-685-6019 all participants. The Coach of the Year and Parent of the Year awards honor Navy Region Japan DSN 264-4188 volunteers that go beyond their duties DSN 252-3100 to provide a fun learning environment DSN 243-7878 for the children in their youth sports Navy Region Northwest 866-854-0638 programs. CNIC highly encourages every CYP to Navy Region Hawaii 866-525-6676 submit these applications to NAYS by Navy Region Southeast 866-293-2776 their respective deadlines. The Excellence in Youth Sports Award can be used as Navy Region Mid-Atlantic Please Call Local Center a great self-evaluation tool for program Navy Region Southwest 866-923-6478 advancement. Please visit http://www. to submit your applications. Navy Region Midwest 847-688-3603 X133 Supporting the Fleet, Fighter, and Family 3
  4. 4. CNIC Communication MAY 2011Navy Youth Sports and Fitness Program SurveysCNIC and Penn State University (PSU) have recently created NavyYouth Sports and Fitness Program (NYSFP) surveys! The purposeof the research project is to conduct a comprehensive reviewand develop a plan for the redesign of the existing NYSFP. At theend of this research project, a plan will be in place for the NavyCNIC to create a consistent, high-quality and innovative YouthSports and Fitness program. All data is anonymous and will beanalyzed by PSU.All survey questions are straightforward and we appreciateeveryone’s honesty. Installations that collect surveys will beeligible to send youth to a CNIC-funded 4-H Summer MarineAdventure Camp in Florida this summer. Camp Timpooche’smarine lab offers learning stations on shark biology/behavior,fish identification, life in oyster clumps, beach sand, seashells,marine life adaptations, aquarium keeping, deep sea life andmore. Besides the marine sessions, campers can go kayaking,swimming, fishing and snorkeling. All expenses will be paidfor this camp opportunity, including airfare, meals, lodgingand camp activities. Check out Camp Timpoochee’s Facebookpage at for details and photos. Be creative in how you market the survey to your youth. HereDEADLINE: Surveys are to be completed by all CYP professionals in are some ideas:connection with NYSFP and youth ages 8-18 no later than Friday, N Have youth create posters for your classrooms.May 15, 2011 for programs to be eligible for the above incentive.Shortly after May 15, CNIC directly will contact your CYP Regional N Post the URL to your CYP/MWR Facebook page.Advisory Board Member to coordinate the winning installations’ N Post the URL at all youth computers.youth for their summer camp opportunity. N Set the URL as the Internet home page on youth computers.As a CYP professional, we ask you to help your program par-ticipants in taking this survey and to encourage their honesty. N Announce the survey at your next PIB.The survey is designed with two youth tracks: 8-12 and 13-18 N Post the URL on your monthly calendars/newsletters.year-olds. Questions include sports played on/off-base, likes and N Have youth check out Camp Timpoochee’s Facebook page.dislikes of Fit Factor, etc. Depending on your Internet connectiv-ity and access to multiple computers, some youth may have to Surveys can be found at the below links on Survey Monkey:take the survey outside CYP facilities (e.g. home, school, on-base N Youth Surveylibrary, etc.). On average, it takes 10-12 minutes to finish theyouth survey. N Staff SurveyThe Staff Survey is designed for SAC/YP Direct Care Staff, CYP NOTE: Youth Directors who have employees covered by a localLeads, Teen/Sports Coordinators, Youth Directors, Training & union should ensure that the bargaining agreement does notCurriculum Specialists, Youth Sports Staff, Fitness Center Staff, preclude members from participating in surveys. If required by thevolunteers and interns. On average, it takes 20-25 minutes to agreement, the program may need to seek union review/approval.finish the survey. Supporting the Fleet, Fighter, and Family 4
  5. 5. CNIC Communication MAY 2011 Free Admission to Museums for Service Members and Their Families The Blue Star Museums program of- fers free admission to museums for all active-duty military personnel and their families from Memorial Day throughChild & Youth Programs School Based Labor Day. It is run jointly by the NationalProgramming Webinars Endowment for the Arts and Blue Star Families, an organization that supportsWebinars introducing the new Child & Youth Programs School Based Programming military families and increases awareness(SBP) will be hosted by CNIC in May, June and July. These webinars focus on integration of the challenges of military life. Moreof SBP by Youth Programs and School Liaison Officers. Chuck Clymer, program man- than 1,200 museums in all 50 states andager, Child and Youth Program, is the point of contact. the District of Columbia have signed on, including the Met and the Museum of May 3, 2011 Intro and Overview, Roles & Modern Art in New York, the Los Angeles (2 sessions: 0730-0830 Responsibilities County Museum of Art, the Hammer and 1400-1500 Eastern) Museum in California, the National Portrait Gallery and the National Museum May 10, 2011 Planning for SBP of American History in Washington. For (2 sessions: 0730-0830 more information, call 202-682-5451 and 1400-1500 Eastern) or go to bluestarmuseums/index_ongoing.php June 7, 2011 Components 1 & 6: PCS-In and (1600-1700 Eastern) PCS-Out New CNIC HQ Staff June 14, 2011 Component 2: Youth Sponsorship (Youth (1600-1700 Eastern) Program & CYES/SLO Personnel) Tonette Sivells is the newest CNIC Sexual Assault Prevention & Response June 28, 2011 Component 3: Deployment Support (SAPR) Analyst. She most recently served (1600-1700 Eastern) as the Senior Victim Advocate for the Army’s Victim Advocacy and Sexual As- July 6, 2011 Components 4 & 5: Family Support sault Prevention and Response Service (1600-1700 Eastern) and Ongoing Monitoring Programs Task Order. Ms. Sivells has July 12, 2011 Action Planning over 13 years of experience working (1600-1700 Eastern) with victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, including nine years at the July 14, 2011 Special Needs Follow on to program management level. She can be (1600-1700 Eastern) 2010 Training contacted at DSN: 288-4637, 202-433- 4637 or Supporting the Fleet, Fighter, and Family 5