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Reserve force weekly 20 may 2011


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Reserve force weekly 20 may 2011

  1. 1. FORCM WEEKLY REPORT – 20 May 2011Greetings Shipmates!2010 Sailors of the Year Advanced to Chief Petty OfficerWASHINGTON (NNS) -- The 2010 Sailor of the Year winners were meritoriouslyadvanced to the rank of chief petty officer during a ceremony held at the NavyMemorial May 19. that you review the You-Tube clip you will find at the end of the story,great 1:19 minute video.<BR< a>>Have a Happy and Safe Memorial Day Weekend!Memorial Day Safety: With Memorial Day comes the beginning of warm weather andoutdoor activities. There are more parties, more drinking, more sporting events, morewater related activities and more people on the road during this time of year. With thesesummer activities comes increased risks. Focus areas for this years summer campaigninclude personal motor vehicle safety, alcohol awareness, water safety and sexual assault.For more information on this years Summer Safety Campaign, go to have asked this question before but I need you to pull “Trust but Verify” and pull thereports dealing with CDB’s and verify that they are completed and documents, pull yourPRIMS reports for all the commands/units to ensure everyone is documenting as required.You have heard a lot about the ERB and PTS, we are still requiring some of our very goodSailors to leave the Navy and in some cases they did not receive all the reviews that theywere eligible for. Again “Trust the system but Verify that the work has been completed.”It is your job as a leader to know the programs and enforce the standards daily.Latest UpdatesSecuring Personal Data at Home. Navy personnel should not use a home WIFIconnection to access OWA, citing overarching policy. The article includes a "good sense"approach to securing one’s personal data at home.Accessing the NMCI network from home can make life easier for many Navy Reservists.However, all users must configure their home system to protect the security of military files,emails, and other sensitive information. This is especially true if a home computer iswirelessly connected to a network. Without certain security standards in place, hackers cansniff your wireless network, record your keystrokes, and inflict damage to a computer byintroducing viruses and other malware.The best course of action is to NOT work on sensitive, work-related documents at home. Itis important to note that current Navy policy directs that users will not access Outlook WebAccess (OWA) with a wireless connection. For service members who must do Navy workusing a personal computer and home wireless connection, the wireless router in use mustbe secured. Securing Wi-Fi is possible and easy to do, following these tips:- Use Encryption — Preferably WPA2 MONTHLY COMMUNICATION PRIORITY: Strategic Depth
  2. 2. FORCM WEEKLY REPORT – 20 May 2011By default, data traveling between a wireless router and home computer is "in the clear." Ifa router’s default values are not changed, anyone can connect to a network and accessinformation. To prevent this, use encryption and password-protect routers.• Use WPA/WPA2 encryption standards.• If a router uses the older WEP standards, try to upgrade firmware. Log onto router, andclick "update."• If router still does not update properly, contact the manufacturer to check feasibility. If anupdate is not possible, purchase a new router. If these steps are taken, and a router doesnot support WPA/WPA2, the best option is to purchase one that supports WPA encryption.The additional security is well worth the cost.- Use Strong Encryption KeysFor WPA passphrases, a strong encryption passphrase/key uses a long string of upper andlower case letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and can be up to 63 characters long. Apassphrase of "f8!U&1:C>0x;5i*wU2^bQ9(dJ4f#9v" is much stronger than "PUBLIC."Use a FirewallIf a computer is connected to a network, it should ALWAYS have a firewall installed andrunning to filter inbound traffic. To check firewall settings:• Open the Control Panel.• Open "Firewall Settings."• Ensure firewall is enabled, and make sure any checked exceptions are needed, and areonly checked for legitimate programs.• Ensure only one firewall is active (if a third party firewall is installed).Navy service members can download free anti-virus and firewall programs here: A CAC reader is required to download it.Retaking the ASVAB. With the PTS and ERB conversions that are on deck right now, itmay be a good idea to look at your current ASVAB score and decide if retaking it is takingthe right steps toward a rating conversion. Basic skills or some college level education needbe completed and furnished in order to participate in exam. Contact your Command CareerCounselor for more information.Career Counseling note. The ERB eligible list is now available via BOL command levelaccess.BOL Application Menu Advancements/Selection Boards Enlisted Advancement (left side of screen) FY12 Enlisted Retention Board (ERB)Navy Reserve Policy Board Issue Submission. Every Sailor has the opportunity toparticipate in shaping policies which guide our Reserve Force. The Navy Reserve PolicyBoard (NRPB) meets in Norfolk to address issues provided from the field. The Policy boardreviews issues throughout the year and is your direct line of communication to the Forcepolicy makers. Electronic inputs are the preferred method and can be emailed initial inputs, a blank issue submission form and additional guidance is available on theNRWS (private side). Just click on the link below. MONTHLY COMMUNICATION PRIORITY: Strategic Depth
  3. 3. FORCM WEEKLY REPORT – 20 May 2011Thank you for your input and bringing Deckplate issues to senior Navy Leadership. Performance Evaluation Instruction UpdatedFrom Navy Personnel Command Public Affairs OfficeMILLINGTON, Tenn. (NNS) -- An update to the Navy Performance Evaluation Systeminstruction BUPERSINST 1610.10C was released April 21 by Navy Personnel Command(NPC).The update cancels BUPERSINST 1610.10B and incorporates several NAVADMINs affectingperformance evaluations and fitness reports."The changes cover new E-5 promotion recommendation rules, Physical Fitness Assessment(PFA) documentation requirements, a new billet sub-category for performance reports,details on Reserve component unit reporting responsibilities, elimination of references to theenlisted field service record and several other items," said James Price, director, Navy NPCPerformance Evaluation Division.One update incorporates new distribution rules for E-5 promotion recommendationsannounced in NAVADMIN 286/10, requiring the number of Early Promote and MustPromote recommendations not to exceed 60 percent of the E-5 group. In addition, theMust Promote recommendation may be increased by one for each Early Promote quotanot used. The Early Promote recommendation limit of 20 percent has not changed in thenew instruction.NAVFIT98A Version 29 was rolled out to the fleet incorporating the new rules. Workstationson the unclassified Navy/Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) automatically received this newversion. For non-NMCI users, the upgrade is available for download from the NavyPersonnel Command (NPC) website.Service members should verify they are using Version 29 by checking About NAVFIT98Aunder the help tab in NAVFIT98A, which will display Version update in BUPERSINST 1610.10C details new requirements announced inNAVADMIN 193/10 for documenting PFA results in performance evaluations. Forperformance reports with an end date of Aug. 1, 2010, or later, commands must now entera one-letter PFA code in block 20 for each cycle completed during the reporting period.Per NAVADMIN 215/10, a new billet subcategory was added. The code INDIV AUG in block21 of the performance report is now available for Individual Augmentee ManpowerManagement, Global War on Terrorism Support Assignment and Overseas ContingencyOperation Support Assignment participants.For Reserve Sailors, the fourth chapter of the new instruction enables authorizedmobilization unit commanding officers to write concurrent reports for Cross Assigned In(CAI) personnel, while the training unit commanding officer (CAI regular drill unit) retainsregular reporting responsibilities.These are a few of the updates published in BUPERSINST 1610.10C. To see more, reviewthe instruction posted on the Navy Personnel Command website at version 29 and an updated user guide is available at with questions should call the NPC Customer Service Center toll-free at (866) 827-5672 or e-mail them at MONTHLY COMMUNICATION PRIORITY: Strategic Depth
  4. 4. FORCM WEEKLY REPORT – 20 May 2011For more news from Navy Personnel Command, visit Weekly NR Employment Scorecard: Ready Now! Newsletter: Procedures for Navy Reservists BUPERSINST 1001.39FAdministrative Procedures for the Drilling Reserve and Participating Members ofthe Individual Ready Reserve COMNAVRESFORINST 1001.5FPlease use the above links if you have any questions regarding Administrative Policy. Makesure you are up to date regarding any changes to current policy regarding your Sailors!NAVADMINS172/11 DATA AT REST (DAR) ENCRYPTION SOLUTION WAIVERS UNCLASSIFIED169/11 FY-11 FULL TIME SUPPORT AVIATION CAREER CONTINUATION PAY166/11 FY-11 SELECTIVE REENLISTMENT BONUS AWARD LEVELS AND POLICY UPDATE II (4 of 4)166/11 FY-11 SELECTIVE REENLISTMENT BONUS AWARD LEVELS AND POLICY UPDATE II (3 of 4)166/11 FY-11 SELECTIVE REENLISTMENT BONUS AWARD LEVELS AND POLICY UPDATE II (2 of 4)166/11 FY-11 SELECTIVE REENLISTMENT BONUS AWARD LEVELS AND POLICY UPDATE II (1 of 4)162/11 STRATEGIC LANGUAGE LIST163/11 BATTLE OF MIDWAY COMMEMORATION 2011Around the ForceSPAWAR RESERVE SAILORS ENABLE FLEET C4I READINESS IMPROVEMENT. Twoteams of 6 SPAWAR Reserve Sailors from several SPAWAR units and NOSC’s conducted C4IConfiguration Validations (CONVALs) of Functional Interface Diagrams (FID’s) onboard USSDEWERT (FFG 45) and USS NEW ORLEANS (LPD 18) as part of a PEO C4I initiative toimprove Fleet C4I readiness. Their work will lead to validating all deploying Fleet platformFIDS over a 3 year period to increase C4I system configuration management, enablingincreased operational readiness throughout the Fleet.SEABEES DONATE TIME TO CLEAR DEBRIS AT VA CEMETERY. Navy Reserve LT RayGilliam and 30 other Reserve Sailors from NMCB 24 volunteered at the Mountain HomeNational Cemetery on the grounds of the Veterans Administration Center to clear trees anddebris left strewn over the campus following last month’s tornado that fell nearly 70 treesthroughout the cemetery. LT Gilliam, who owns a tree service company in TN, volunteeredtheir services to ensure the veterans at rest there could continue to be honored properly.CNRSW RESERVE SAILORS AID F/A-18 CRASH INVESTIGATION. Navy ReserveSailors at CNRSW Regional Operations Center provided on demand expertise in response toan emergent request from NAS Lemoore to support the post accident investigation of aNavy F/A-18 aircraft that crashed last month near NAS Lemoore. Members mobilized theRegions Mobile Command Unit (MCU) providing onsite investigators a vital communication MONTHLY COMMUNICATION PRIORITY: Strategic Depth
  5. 5. FORCM WEEKLY REPORT – 20 May 2011capability and command post. Following environmental cleanup at the site, membersperformed post mobilization refurbishment and restoration of the MCU.Event Outlook* Battle of Midway Commemoration, Navy Memorial, Washington, DC (3 June)* PDRFC NAVSTA Great Lakes, IL (4-5 June)* FORCM Change of Appointment and FORCM Continuum, NAF, Washington, DC (16-19 Jun) As of 18 May 2011: Operational Support Snapshot RC Medical ReadinessFY11 Pres Bud End Strength 65,500 Fully Medically Ready: 83.9%(from 83.5%)RC Sailors (FTS/SELRES) Onboard: 64,566 Partially Medically Ready: 5.4% (from 5.6%)RC Sailors Performing Operational Support: 19,919 Total: 89.3%(from 89.1%)RC Sailors Mobilized or Deployed: 6,938RC CPO’s Mobilized 806RC Flag Officers on Active Duty: 30 MONTHLY COMMUNICATION PRIORITY: Strategic Depth