Month of the military child mc gruff safe kids


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Month of the military child mc gruff safe kids

  1. 1. THE H OF tary MONT Mili Child APRIL 201230% Offfor U.S. Arm ed ForcesOrder Toda y! 2012 McGruff ® Safety Kits Their Safety Is In Your Hands! CAGE Code: 06UB0 DUNS Number: 62261842
  2. 2. New and Improved! Includes DNA Collection Tips McGruff Safe Kids ID Kit Available A Fun Way to Family Safety and in Spanish Social Media Safety This twelve-page guidebook is proven to help kids learn how to be safe on the streets and now includes Internet safety and social media safety information. With instructions for parents and children, games that reinforce Mom and Dad’s safety message, a special McGruff the Crime Dog tear-off card and much more. The McGruff Safe Kids ID Kit includes a personal record card with child-safe fingerprint ink, applied using a unique proprietary process, and DNA Collection Tips. McGruff Safe Kids ID Kit has been completely updated to help kids stay safe in today’s world, with new information including: • A way to instantly create a child’s personal identity profile, complete with fingerprints • A DNA collection section • Social networking guidelines • Updated home security tips • Games to reinforce sound safety messages McGruff the Crime Dog®, Scruff®, and Take A Bite Out Of Crime® are registered trademarks of the National Crime Prevention Council, McGruff SafePrint is a registered trademark. Boerner, Inc., is an official licensee of the National Crime Prevention Council, Copyright © 2012 Boerner, Inc. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Recently Updated!McGruff Internet Safety KitThis safety kit includes twelve pages of fun and interesting interactiveguidance for parents and their children to learn together about safe andappropriate Internet use by kids. It now includes advice on socialnetworking sites, Internet predators, Internet bullying and more. 1 9-1-1 Don’ts 91 Dear Parents: on a Landli ne # practice calling Every day we read and hear How to call 9-1-1 s Phone disconnect the line. 9-1-1 on a working phone; use Since wireless phones a play telephone Phone or a Wireles into a telephone jackainlandline of emergency connect to 9-1-1, without active service or situations the wall. remove the battery can still affecting families from the phone in our community one that is plugged telephone is to use # hang up if you before using for and elsewhere. A a landline. It’s best an accident. call 9-1-1 accidentally; practice. guide is designed This in your house is 9-1-1 service the tell the dispatcher to prepare you Most likely the phone with Enhanced that the call was and your children if you can, because with your exact location. # pre-program 9-1-1 help. Take some to get emergency phone to call 9-1-1 emergency operator " into your phone, time to talk with will provide the " ! # use 9-1-1 to call as this may result your children landline phone # " % for non-emergenc in accidental calls. emergencies are about what " & $! not departments have y information. Your and teach them # # in the wall, or does non-emergency local police and how to get help to a telephone jack $ ! numbers for this fire by calling 9-1-1. A telephone that is not connected a % ! "" ! purpose. the wall, is called the is connected to no connection to a fixed location, All About 9-1-1 have a base that these phones have display an address, so it’s important My Emerge ncy Number ess for Kids telephone. Because s Emergency Readin 9-1-1 is the “Universal will not automatically Remember, even wireless operator’s database Emergency Number” location of the emergency. My name is Basic 9-1-1 means when a call is placed, used throughout the U.S.A. that you give the can dial 9-1-1! active service information on Fire gets information about the nature a local dispatcher phones without for more detailed My address is and location of takes the call and ! ! " ! Enhanced 9-1-1 service the emergency See %%% means that the from the caller. telephones. My telephone number that automatically displays the caller’s center receiving the call has equipment landline and wireless is Medical the dispatcher to telephone number To call 9-1-1 to a Mom’s number send to tell the dispatcher emergency help to that location and location. This are isn’t safe; go allows call; if where you where they are. even if the caller place to make the First, get to a safe by Enhanced 9-1-1 is unable Dad’s number Most areas of our service. country are now their phone. tone, then covered neighbor’s to use and wait for a dial Police landline phone on the Other How do I know it’s Pick up the phone receiver on your keypad. If you are using a wireless phone, press 9-1-1 An emergency is an emerg ency? press 9-1-1 on the “Send”. answers, describe Recently something that may be seriously you don’t expect, keypad, then press When the operator hurt or in danger. when you or someone you can speak clearly. intersection or other when to call 9-1-1 It is a is important, because time to get help right away! Knowing else Stay calm so that (street address, and give the location follow the operator’s can cause delays unnecessary or your emergency, on the line and in responding to inappropriate 9-1-1 emergency. Stay to see if you know other emergency when to call 9-1-1! calls. Let’s take calls landmarks) of the operator a little quiz phone in case the instructions. told it’s OK to do so. Stay by the Don’t hang up until back for more information. from Call 9-1-1 Quiz needs to call you a toy telephone, or a phone that is disconnected Find 911 Updated! ! # calling 9-1-1 on connected phone! You fall and bump (check one) Yes No Maybe practice on a real, Circle each 9-1-1 your head – OW! the wall jack. Never Your little brother that you find in falls and bumps Remember: can dial 9-1-1! and won’t wake his head, without active service the squares up, or is dizzy or sick Even wireless phones located in public places. below. It’s 3 a.m., and someone is outside are landline phones your window Pay telephones a pay phone. Hint, there are Your kitten is up to call 9-1-1 on in a tree and won’t come down No money is required “9” to find. A pan on the stove is on fire, speak? Even if you have a fire extinguisher, and you don’t A strange man or it won’t work What if you can’t by calling 9-1-1 you may be able to get in a car wants you are unable to speak, phone line open, and look at his puppy to come 9-1-1, leave the help. After you dial 9-1-1, the operator You are going to you can. With Enhanced a friend’s house, and need directions make any noise if you’re on a landline; Plan. Prepare. to get your address Share. 9-1-1 is for situations should be able be located by the location A Kid’s Guide © phone, you could to Disaster Here when you can’t with a wireless Readiness. Your Message how to help, and or don’t know www.plan preparesha you or someone else needs help, receiving your transmission. they are hurt or in danger of being fast, because of the cell tower idea of when to hurt. Now that you call 9-1-1, let’s talk have an about how you call 9-1-1. Plan. Prepare. Share® is a registered trademark of Boerner, Inc. Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.9-1-1 Emergency Readiness for Kids4-page family preparedness guide that easily and effectively teaches kidsbetween the ages of 4 and 13 what 9-1-1 is, when it’s OK to use andwhat to tell the 9-1-1 operator!McGruff Safe Kids Halloween KitIt’s been helping kids have a fun and safe Halloween since 1996. The kitcontains eight pages of the latest in Halloween safety tips, along with fungames, puzzles, recipes, costume ideas and more! There’s even an onlineHalloween information section where parents and children can accessand browse an interactive Halloween Safety quiz. Pumpkin carving tips,Halloween jokes, and inexpensive Halloween recipes are also included. Bookmark these web sites:
  4. 4. ® McGruff Safety Kit Ordering Information Ordering is easy as 1-2-31. Select from the four kits below – it’s OK to mix and match titles; for example for a 500 piece order you can select 300 McGruff ID Kits and 200 McGruff Internet Kits. Minimum order 250 kits.2. We will imprint and ship within four days; please let us know if you need your shipment faster. For imprints e-mail a high-resolution electronic file to 30% Off fo r U.S. Arme d3. How to place your order. Fill out the order form Forces below and fax to 952.473.7123 OR send an e-mail to: OR call 800.288.3344. Regular Your Qty. Product Price Price Total McGruff Safe Kids ID Kit 1.10 .83 ea. $ McGruff Safe Kids Internet Kit 1.10 .83 ea. $ 9-1-1 Emergency Readiness Kit .57 .39 ea. $ McGruff Halloween Safety Kit .74 .59 ea. $ Imprint Price $40 $ Sub-total $ Freight: 4% of the total price = $ TOTAL $Provide base, company, unit, battalion, etc. imprint information here. Send art work (if any) to:kathi@mcgruff-safe-kids.comShip to: NAME PHONE BASE ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIP FAX E-MAIL2 Easy Payment Options:r Bill me (orders over $100.00) r Credit Card (circle one) CARD NUMBER EXP DATE .McGruff the Crime Dog®, Scruff®, and Take A Bite Out Of Crime® are registered trademarks of the National Crime PreventionCouncil, McGruff SafePrint is a registered trademark. Boerner, Inc., is an official licensee of the National CrimePrevention Council, Copyright © 2012 Boerner, Inc. All rights reserved.