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✓ 12 years of tested marketing experience in advertising and digital agencies, corporate marketing departments
and as an i...
The Karcher Group | Director of Social Business! ! ! 2012 - current

My consultancy Social Business Strategies, LLC was ac...
People To My Site & Young Isaac, Inc. | Director of Business Development ! 2008 - 2009
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Nate Riggs | Professional Experience


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Nate Riggs | Professional Experience

  2. 2. ✓ 12 years of tested marketing experience in advertising and digital agencies, corporate marketing departments and as an independent strategy consultant.
 ✓ Developed and implemented integrated marketing strategies for more than 40 B2B and B2C brands, including 3
 Fortune 500 companies. 
 ✓ Led the digital/social media marketing launch of “Bob Evans Family Nights”, a campaign that generated a 
 comparable sales lift of 69.45% across 565 restaurants for the Tuesday dinner-part after the first 30 days of launch. ✓ Managed CRM database and email marketing programs ranging from under 1000 to approximately 1 million cus- tomers and subscribers. ✓ Reduced a $1.3 million digital marketing budget by approximately 16% in less than 90 days, while 
 maintaining all current programs and adding video production and Facebook application development capabilities. ✓ Recruited talent and led marketing teams of up to 11 specialists comprised of employees, contractors and agency partners.
 ✓ 10 years of experience in interpreting complex data and developing meaningful marketing insights with 
 advanced understanding of traditional media, web, search, mobile, online advertising and social media analytics. ✓ Developed customer profiles and implemented segmentation strategies in seven different companies, with a focus on aligning marketing tactics with consumer behavioral trends towards the adoption of new technology. ✓ Published on a regular basis in multiple business publications including,, 
 CCO Magazine, the Content Marketing Institute, Content Igloo Magazine and others. 
 ✓ Deliver professional keynote presentations at national conferences and private corporate events on content marketing, social media, mobile device adoption, and other technology and marketing trends. 
 “Nate is a passionate marketer who truly understands how digital and social media can impact how brands engage consumers, helping to build long-term relationships. His contributions at Bob Evans range across many aspects of our digital marketing program, from growing the CRM database to better integration of offline and online media.” Dee Hadley, SVP Marketing, Bob Evans Restaurants - February 2012 SKILLS & EXPERTISE SUMMARY 1 | 614-348-2646 PROFESSIONAL INVOLVEMENT Advisory Roles, Board and Association Memberships ✓ 2010 – current: Board Member, Ohio University Ralph & Luci Schey Sales Centre ✓ 2010 – 2011: Professional Advisor, The Ohio State University Social Media Club ✓ 2009 – 2010: Interactive Committee Chair, Transportation Marketing & Sales Association ✓ 2008 – 2009: Strategic Advisor for Social Media, Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
  3. 3. The Karcher Group | Director of Social Business! ! ! 2012 - current
 My consultancy Social Business Strategies, LLC was acquired by The Karcher Group in 
 January of 2012. I am responsible for executing TKG’s content marketing program as well as strategy development for select clients. 
 ✓ Reorganized and managed the agency’s email marketing program. ✓ Developed and managed the editorial process for the agency’s content marketing blog, Recruited, trained and managed 26 internal contributors. ✓ Increased unique visitor traffic to by 259.45% to an average of 5,543 monthly unique visitors since November 2012. ✓ Developed the agency’s client engagement process for social media competitive analysis and strategy development. ✓ Developed the strategy for a 220+ unit fast casual restaurant brand. Nate Riggs, LLC | Keynote Speaker, Facilitator, Author, Coach & Trainer 2010 - current Nate Riggs, LLC houses my professional speaking and educational content products and 
 services. I regularly speak at national conferences and private events on topics related to 
 content marketing, social media and other technology trends.
 ✓ Past conference highlights: BlogWorld, Content Marketing World, Food Service Social Media Universe, Public Library Association National Conference, Ohio Growth Summit, American Marketing International Collegiate and Market Research Conferences, Blog- Paws Pet Industry Conference, BMA Engage, Media Post Search Insider Summit, Hawaii Social Media Summit and others. ✓ Recruited in 2012 by the Ohio University School of Business to teach as adjunct 
 marketing faculty, and teach one Online Marketing Strategies class per semester. 
 Bob Evans Restaurants | Digital Marketing Manager" " " " 2011 - 2012 Recruited into this position by Bob Evans and was responsible for managing all digital 
 marketing activities across 565 restaurants, from strategy through execution. 
 ✓ Led the digital/social media marketing launch of “Bob Evans Family Nights”. Campaign generated an average sales lift of 69.45% for the Tuesday dinner day-part within the first 30 days of launch. ✓ Optimized digital marketing expenditures and reduced costs by approximately 16% in less than 90 days while maintaining programs and adding capabilities. ✓ Increased the Facebook fan base by over 46,000 (approximately 33%) in less than 90 days while maintaining an ‘owned’ content reach of over 8% of the total fan base. ✓ Optimized and managed the ‘BEMail’ email marketing program with CRM database of nearly 1 million subscribers. Reduced subscriber acquisition from over $2.20 CPA to less than $0.20 CPA while adding new subscribers at a rate of 400 per day. ✓ Negotiated and developed a partnership with VFW America and developed the digital integration plan in support the “Bob Evans Salutes America” branding campaign. Social Business Strategies, LLC | Content Marketing Consultant ! ! 2009 - 2012 Advised mid-sized & large companies on how to build and sustain enterprise-level content 
 marketing and social media marketing programs. 
 ✓ Created integrated marketing and social media strategies for a variety of B2B and B2C businesses including 3 Fortune 500 companies. ✓ Generated just over $82,000 in consulting in my first year of operation and doubled 
 revenues in 2010. 2 “Nate understands the digital space better than anyone I have met. He has a strong understanding of strategy and did a great job of creating digital plans and programs that met the strategic needs of the business. Nate also worked tirelessly to make sure programs were implemented on budget and within timelines.” - Tom Marchese, VP Marketing, Bob Evans “At a time when many people were claiming they had social media expertise ... Nate proved it. He has led our use of social media as a driver of internal culture, as well as a way to provide outstanding service to our clients' customers. I appreciate the business and personal relationship I've developed with Nate and look forward to our continued opportunities.” – Sam Falletta, President, Incept Corp – April 2011 “Nate is uniquely able to define and create success online with rapt attention to detail and a healthy willingness to dive in when others skeptically shy away. Whether you need social marketing, content execution, blogging for business, a knowledgeable conference speaker, or an integrated marketing strategy – Nate Riggs is a sure bet. I know. I’ve seen him do it.” - Josh Gordon, Manager of Marketing Communications, Zimmer - August 2012 CAREER PROGRESSION | 614-348-2646
  4. 4. People To My Site & Young Isaac, Inc. | Director of Business Development ! 2008 - 2009 People To My Site (PTMS), a full-service digital marketing agency acquired Young Isaac Inc., a full service branding and advertising agency where I was employed in 2008 as director of 
 business development. I helped senior management navigate the transition to PTMS, and 
 continued in the same role in the new company. ✓ Generated over $893,000 in new business revenue between July 2008 to April 2009, approximately 17% of total sales. | Marketing Manager ! ! ! ! ! 2007 - 2008 Cloud-based transportation and logistics management system in the truckload freight industry. 
 I directed all web properties, content creation, event marketing, public relations, brand and 
 creative development, budget planning, lead generation and the launch of, the industries first social marketplace for freight logistics. ✓ Launched the company’s first multi-author blog and grew the audience to over 300 
 subscribers within 12 months. ✓ Developed and hosted the annual user’s conference, a three-day event with over 130 transportation logistics executives. ✓ Helped the product gain editorial placement in Logistics Today, Inbound Logistics and other publications. 
 Total Image Specialists | Business Development Manager ! ! ! 2005 - 2007 $50 million retail marketing and merchandising agency, that executed brand décor rollouts for national restaurant and retail chains including Wendy’s International, Subway and others. ✓ Generated $1.14 million of new revenue between 2006 - 2007 and implemented the 
 company’s first CRM database. ✓ Managed the agency RFP and relationship to optimize the company website for search. LP Financial Services | Inbound Sales Manager" " " " " 2004 - 2005 Held the top sales position and was promoted to manager of a team of six representatives. 
 Power Shack Fitness Centers | Marketing Specialist ! ! ! ! 2001 - 2004 Joined company part-time while completing my undergraduate degree at Otterbein College 3 “Nate is results oriented and pragmatic thinker. He is extremely experience with online marketing best practices. His insight and openness to contribute are key in making his a great team player.” – Jason Krac, Director CRM Data Operations, Limited Brands Inc.– April 2008 “Nate brings a high degree of energy to his work. He is detail oriented, and doesn't shy away from or give up on difficult tasks. Through his efforts with trade associations, industry events, print and the internet, we've made real gains. I appreciate the enthusiasm that he brings to his role.” – Bob Parsley, Vice President of Marketing,, Inc.– September 2007 CAREER PROGRESSION | 614-348-2646 “Nate has the chops and the passion to help deliver social media strategy advice and execution to your organization. His presentation at the Ohio Growth Summit left me feeling that he's heading in a good direction. Nate definitely deserves consideration for his abilities.” Chris Brogan, New York Times Best Selling Author, Professional Speaker - June 19, 2009 EDUCATION Bachelor of the Arts in Communications & Media | Otterbein University, 2004 ✓ 2002 - 2003 Treasurer, Pi Beta Sigma Fraternity ✓ 2003 - 2004 Promotions Director, WOBN Westerville 101.5 The Rock Gallup Strengths Finder Talent Themes 1. Strategic - can quickly spot the relevant patterns in complexity. 2. Individualization - gift for naturally building productive teams. 3. Futuristic - inspire others with visions of the future. 4. Maximizer - ability to identify and nurture strengths in others to achieve excellence. 5. Learner - great desire to learn and ability to thrive in dynamic work environments. References are available upon request.