Thinking electrons


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Macro and micro world are same.
Thinking Gene, Thinking electrons,
Thoughts are chemical.

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Thinking electrons

  1. 1. If you can share some thoughts on this?Thinking Electron!Since my early youth, I was constantly thinking about the unification of “Macro & Micro world.It was too early for me with very little scientific knowledge of the two worlds. The thought wasengraved in my memory as if I was born with it.With the passage of years, my thinking pattern did not change a bit.Genetics play a great part in manufacturing “Thought process”. This TP (Thought process)transmits in the siblings the same way as all other genetic characteristics are transmitted. That isthe reason why thinking patterns in families remain same for generations, possibly centuries,may be reason for strong belief in “Religion”.The evolution had taught us that learning is a constant process. This acquired knowledge getstransformed in the form of “Protective Adaptation”, one of the most essential requirements for“survival of the fittest”. That simply proves a point, that knowledge/ experience get transcriptedin the form of genes and passed on to the next generation.A simple example of the statement is we see that all animals have inborn knowledge ofswimming. A child learns to sit, crawl, stand and run without anybody actually teaching him. Amother bird can teach flying within couple of hours following birth of the chickens.In short there is a gene for “Thought process”, or memorizing, learning, and transcripting in tothe chromosomes, which is being transmitted to the next generation. The gene is also responsiblefor continuous evolution of the higher animals.How strange it look, that our level of hormonal secretions are pre-decided ( at the time ofconception). What will be our normal age, colour, facial characteristics; our I.Q., and E.Q., evenbehavioral abnormalities are almost prefixed. All rules which applied to a genetic disease arealso applicable to this thinking gene disorder.What are our thoughts?A protein, manufactured by our gene, responsible for evoking certain “Electro-magnetic waves,perceived and analyzed in our brain as a “Thought”. This gene decides the level ofneurotransmitters in the brain like serotonin, 5HT, dopamine, etc. It is a sort of neuro-hormoneregulator. A malfunctioning of this gene is the cause of schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorder,religious fanatism, in short all psycho dynamic disorders. This gene makes a normal man genius.I wonder most of the time that all great inventions were done when the scientist was young.From where he got that brilliant idea? Must be “The Gene”.Most of the time I wonder that there is a striking similarity between evolution in life sciences andevolution in world of elements.A single electron in the outer orbit of an atom decides about with whom to pair, with how manyfriends to make. Something like a “friend and family” electron or a replica of a gene.vinod