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A Better You - Personal & Professional Skills


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A presentation I do to my team to help them match their mission in life with their work skills and learn their abilities.

A prerequisite is to solve the jungian cognitive personality test

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A Better You - Personal & Professional Skills

  1. 1. a BeTTer YoU Develop your personal and professional Skills Wa7dy
  2. 2. Meet Wa7dy Wa7dy Mohamed Wa7dY Take A Personality Test A BettER YOU
  3. 3. Wa7dy Skills Assessment A BettER YOU
  4. 4. Wa7dy Everywhere A BettER YOU
  5. 5. HowTo Develop? Wa7dy Mohamed Wa7dY Personal Professional A BettER YOU
  6. 6. Movies Can Help Jim Carry was forced to do it
  7. 7. 7 Habits of Highly Proactive People Put First Things First Interdependence Dependence PUBLIC VICTORY Think Win/Win Independence Synergize Seek First to Understand ……Then to be Understood PRIVATE VICTORY Be Proactive Begin with End in mind Personal Professional
  8. 8. What's my mission? Wa7dy Doesn’t know his mission or purpose to start
  9. 9. Yes Man? Wa7dy Man? …… Man?
  10. 10. Yes Man? Wa7dy Man? …… Man?
  11. 11. Yes Man? Wa7dy Man? …… Man?
  12. 12. Yes Man? Wa7dy Man? …… Man? WhoWould like to read his ??
  13. 13. Wa7dy + Mission + Skills Wa7dy Mission Skills! ?
  14. 14. SkillsToday &Tomorrow Some tools that can help organize our mind to achieve these skills
  15. 15. SkillsToday &Tomorrow Some tools that can help organize our mind to achieve these skills: - Being Fearless - Time Management - Problem Solving - Self Actualization - Giving
  16. 16. Wa7dy Fears Sarasir What is the most thing that you are afraid of? FLIGHT DEATH Not Succeeding
  17. 17. From Pain to Power How to hold fear A BettER YOU Pain Power Helplessness Choice Depression Energy Pain Power I Can’t IWon’t It’s not my fault I am totally responsible If Only NextTime What will I do ? I know i can handle it Examples
  18. 18. Focus ManageYour Time
  19. 19. SaveTime ManageYour Time  Manage Break time “PomodoroTechnique  Use IT software:  To do list SW  Evernote  Mobile Calendar  Google docs templates  …..etc.
  20. 20. Prioritize ManageYour Time
  21. 21. Get Motivated ManageYour Time  Set aside Quite time Everyday  Remember your mission statement  Life is happening while you are planning, So plan wise
  22. 22. Self Actualization …. Don’tSweat the SmallStuff  Keep from letting the little things in life drive you crazy  Small daily changes can make a better you  Live in the present moment ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY A BettER YOU Wa7dy is Batman
  23. 23. Add Love to Your Life  Be the first one to act loving or reach out  Spend a moment everyday thinking of someone to thank  Practice random acts of kindness  Fill your life with love A BettER YOU
  24. 24. A FullYou Wa7dy Mission ? Skills!
  25. 25. Thank you And see you next time