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Facebook Platform & Ad Offering Overview


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Educated LinkedIn's EMEA Sales Organization (Marketing, Talent & Sales Solutions) on alternative social media and digital offerings within the market. Objective of the training was to support sellers in practicing consultative selling.

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Facebook Platform & Ad Offering Overview

  1. 1. LinkedIn Social Media Series: FacebookJuly 2012 Nadia James Account Planner UK Jonathan Bradford Associate Solutions Consultant UK,FR,NL
  2. 2. Learning objectives • An overview of Facebook • A few current events related to Facebook • An overview of their go to market approach • A top level understanding of their marketing product offering
  3. 3. Disclaimer This deck is indented to: • Provide an overview of Facebook • Provide an overview of their current product offering • Marketing is a fast moving market place and so product suite is subject to constant change • Engagement rates and costs arent publicly available however guidelines based on public information have been included as guidelines only • Facebook is an ever changing business and so best efforts have been made to ensure information is current and valid • An effort has been made to ensure the material is impartial • This deck is not intended as a LinkedIn Vs Facebook sales story
  4. 4. Facebook is a public platform!! Tom has 204 These guys do not Guess Who? connections like rollercoasters
  5. 5. Give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected
  6. 6. Quick Stats 955M 30M Active Users UK Active Users (750% growth ‘10-11) 300M 74% Photos uploaded daily Reach of UK Audience 552M 15,636M Mobile Users UK Minutes Spent on Site *Assume figures are monthly, unless otherwise noted.
  7. 7. Audience Demographics 28.22% 53% 25% of visits Of UK population leaving 30.89% are Facebook Facebook go to users entertain- 49% Male 51% Female ment site Age Top 5 Pages in UK 40+ Below 20 57% of users are classed as ABC1s 26% 21% 30-39 25% 20-29 28% 27% of UK The average Facebook user has Unique Visitors live in London 100+ likes assoc. with his/her profile
  8. 8. Company Milestones Facebook Facebook reaches Facebook opens Launch of the 1 Million Launch of self Introduction of Hits 500 million Users surge to half launches 1 Million members membership ‘news feed’ members in service Ads and the Like button members WW of UK population globally the UK Facebook Pages (30M) Facebook makes Facebook files Facebook buys Facebook Timeline $5Bn stock Instagram for announces mandatory IPO $1Bn mobile App centre
  9. 9. Recent consumer product release TimelineArranges user profiles and brand pages as a timelineof their history on Facebook. Allows more free spacefor users to customise imagery.
  10. 10. Recent consumer product release News Feed Features Beta product testing Constantly updating list of posts from • Centre of homepage people and Pages that a user follows • Content can include posts, photo tags, friend requests, event updates, group membership, etc. Edge Rank • Algorithm that determines how relevant a piece of content is to user and how high up the news feed it should appear ‘Pay to promote’ system currently being trialled in New Users spend 27% of Zealand time on news feed
  11. 11. Noteworthy news
  12. 12. Monetisation – Intro video
  13. 13. Two approaches to market Self Serve offering is Field Sales offering known as is known as Marketplace Premium Facebook is an advertising business
  14. 14. The Advertiser value proposition Form a strategy that is social by design Build your Facebook presence (page) Share content with people who like your page Reach friends of those who like your page and attract new fans Learn, nurture relationships & interact
  15. 15. Objective based solution sellingFoster product Build loyaltydevelopment & Generate Drive preference Increase traffic throughinnovation Awareness & differentiation & sales relationships Amplify recommendations through WOM Gain insights
  16. 16. Marketing solutions product overview PMD
  17. 17. Pages Features • Cover Photo – Express brand personality • Profile Picture – Appears across platform and on ads • Views & Apps – Showcase photos and highlight custom builds Global Page • Pinned Posts – Ensure certain stories Engagement appear at the top • Larger Stories– Showcase larger video and stories • Milestones – Larger images for key events Facebook’s Reach Generator guarantees that 75% of a brand’s Brand page updates reach 16% of followers July Release of targeted page fans will see their content on average post functionality
  18. 18. Examples Consumer B2B High net worth• Like the page • Like the page • Like the page• Offers for those who like • Share content • Photos of events• Focus on photos of their people • Highlight videos & events • Like to watch video content• Gift card App
  19. 19. Ads Features • 110x80 size CPM +116% • CPM OR CPC • Cost £0.40 CPM - untargeted CPC +86% • Cost £0.50- £0.80 Targeted CTR +78% Targeting criteria: • Cost £2.50 – Events / video / 2011-2012 samples Location · Age · Gender · • Avg CTR 0.05% Birthday · Relationship • Ads are ~29% cheaper if point status · Language · within FB’s network Education level · Likes and interests · Friends of Best practice Social ads are those who like your page · Current fans • messages with social context gain expected to 68% higher recall and 4x increase of likelihood to purchase account for 50% • Horizontal images and close ups of Facebook’s of faces perform best ad budget
  20. 20. Sponsored Stories Features • Amplify likes, check ins, content Vs. Facebook basic ads shares, app installs, app usage • 46% higher CTR • Appears to friends of followers only • 20% lower CPC • Auctioned the same as ads via • 28% lower CPF CPC or CPA • Appears on web and mobile interface Benefits Mobile vs. Desktop • Promote word of mouth performance recommendations • 13x higher CTR • Increase brand lift, ad recall, and • 11.2x higher eCPM likeliness to recommend brand to friend
  21. 21. Platform Free API offering that helps developers build applications for on-, off-, or mobile platform with Facebook’s social plugins Video help series posted onto platform about developing apps App Center • Platform agnostic app storefront • Encourages developers to build with Facebook connect 230m people have played • Offers Personalized App games on Facebook in past Recommendations month • Attracted 150 m users in 1st month • Increased app installations by 240%
  22. 22. Apps Wrapp allows users to send gift cards to their friends Pinterest lets you organize and share images with network Benefits of Facebook integration • App can post updates of activity to user’s network • Users can see which of their friends are using an app • Overall, Word of mouth functionality
  23. 23. Insights Features • Insights are measured in real Based on ROI data from 60+ time campaigns, 70% of campaigns • Data segmented by page, post resulted in at least 3x return on ad or tab level spend, and 49% achieved at least 5x return on ad spend Reach: Interaction: Paid- Unique view from audience • Likes, shares & comments targeted with sponsored content • High traffic visitor times Viral- Unique viewers who saw • Which posts visitors engage with post through friend most Organic- All unique viewers of • Where on site likes were acquired content • Negative feedback
  24. 24. Case study- Ben & Jerry’s Objective: Increase sales Premium Ads Results • 4x increase in Reach • Able to reach 98% of fans • Engagement Doubled • For every $1 spent, saw $3 return in incremental sales “ We really want to have a holistic relationship with our community, with our consumers, about values, about great ice cream. “ Example of “Fan Fotos” page - Rep from Ben & Jerry’s initiative
  25. 25. Case study- Nutella Objective: Increase awareness Results and sales from Dec. 1-24 • Reached 30% of German • Christmas Ad campaign online population (3.8M included TV-Facebook media Unique Impressions) plan mix • Facebook ads accounted for • Purchased Reach block ads 15% of sales over Christmas • Campaign directed people to • 2.8 m who saw Facebook ad like/follow page, and try out did not see the TV campaign“ There was a positive cross- media effect between TV and Facebook. “ “Advent calendar” app (29% exclusive reach) - Rep from Nutella’s parent company
  26. 26. Confessions of an ad man Agency set up • Premium ads continue to be purchased via digital teams • Self-serve is largely handled via APIs this is handled by digital or search. A few agencies have set up ‘social response’ teams whose sole responsibility is the purchase of social media ads using APIs Agency use cases for Premium vs Marketplace • The split is not always as straight forward as brand vs. DR but this offers a fairly good steer • Premium ads are primarily for engagement; E.G. drive people to watch a video, to an event, answer a question etc.. • Marketplace ads are primarily used for traffic
  27. 27. Confessions of an ad woman contd Fan acquisition • This is nearly always done via self serve (although there is a Premium offering) • Targeting is an option however this in itself does not affect cost • They use an auction model so price is according to demand Field Sales approach • The Facebook reps talk about the full suite of products. They give feedback and advice on both Premium and Marketplace offerings. • They see them as complimentary and generally suggest both to achieve an advertisers objective. Management of pages • Real variety in terms of who has ownership of the status updates. Sometimes the client does this directly, others are managed by PR or media specialist agencies.
  28. 28. Key Takeaways • 74% of UK internet audience use Facebook; 68% access via mobile • Users spend 27% of their time on the news feed • Facebook offers Self service & Marketplace Advertising platforms • 4 product offerings- pages, ads, sponsored stories & open developer platform • Only Sponsored Stories are pushed onto their mobile platform • Social ads expected to account for 50% of ad budget
  29. 29. Links to learn more• Facebook news room• Demographics data- Facebook UK• Road to IPO- Milestones in Facebook’s history• Best Practice Guide- Marketing on Facebook• Notes of slides
  30. 30. urther Questions?