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DNN Application Development


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DNN Application Development Services

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DNN Application Development

  1. 1. In recent years, the web application development industry has seen tremendous advancements in technologies and its applications. Content Management Systems are one of the most important additions in web technologies that offer numerous features for developing websites along with various options for publishing and managing the content with greater flexibility, ease and scalability. All kind of websites starting from small web applications to large portals can be developed through CMS. MYZEAL IT CMS Capabilities & Expertise DotNetNuke Gyan (Information) Why CMS? 01 No Licensing Cost 02 Rapid Development 03 Easy Installation & Integration 04 Customized Modules 05 Search Engine Friendly Websites 06 Scalable & Secure 07 Real Time Content Updates Available CMS DotNetNuke SharePoint WordPress Drupal Joomla Free/$$ $$ Free Free Free Yes No Yes Yes Yes C#/.NET C#/.NET PHP PHP PHP MS SQL Server MS SQL Server MYSQL MYSQL MYSQL Asset Management Yes Yes Yes No Yes Personalization Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Multilingual Content Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 3rd Party 3rd Party 3rd Party 3rd Party 3rd Party High High Low High Medium Licensing Costs User Friendly Programing Language Database Ecommerce Security Features ZEAL IT MYZEAL IT Solutions my Copyright © 2012 MYZEAL IT Solutions. All Rights Reserved. rapid reliable robust
  2. 2. DotNetNuke (DNN) – An Introduction DotNetNuke is an Open Source Web Content Management System that is based upon Microsoft’s .NET technology. Widely known as DNN, is one of the most popular CMS that is being used for developing web applications targeting various industries and verticals. It provides various features for developing, publishing and managing the content of a web application with flexibility and scalability. Starting from small websites to large portals, all kind of web applications can be developed through DNN. DNN is well equipped with range of features and benefits that makes it more user friendly. It simplifies the website content management process and once the website is developed, it eliminates the requirement of professional web developer for making changes in content of the website. It can be self-managed by the Client; therefore it reduces the operation cost. Key Features & Benefits of DotNetNuke Being an Open Source Web CMS, DotnetNuke provides range of benefits:DotNetNuke is Easy to Install and Integrate. There are various DNN Hosting Packages available along with Tools and Support, through which DNN can be configured in easier manner. It is well equipped with User Friendly Features and Easy to Use. Website Administrators, Content Editors, Developers & Designers all kind of users can manage website with more ease and comfort. DNN provides Flexibility while developing any web application. DNN supports number of websites from a single installation . It provides Scalability and Extensibility. DNN is designed with extensible framework through which web applications can be developed with more scalability and additional features. intervals. It can be integrated with the existing infrastructure. It is Cost Effective and reduces the cost of web application development and maintenance. With the help of DotNetNuke it is possible to develop Customized Modules specific to the web applications. DNN offers various Themes and Skins for developing web applications along with options to do customization. Through DotNetNuke, it is very easy to integrate 3rd Party APIs DotNetNuke (DNN) Versions DNN provides Multi-Language Localization Feature through which, websites can be translated in different languages. It is Featured Rich CMS offering advance features for web designing, hosting, security (validation, encryption, bug tracking etc.), content management, site membership options etc. Community Being Open Source CMS, DNN is widely recognized among software Development Community and DotNetNuke Community Members adds new features and enhancements in frequent Benefits Snapshot  Easy Installation & Integration  Easy to Use for Multiple Users  Flexible & Scalable  Multi-Language Localization  Emphasize on Security Professional Enterprise  Customized Themes & Skins  Easy API Integration  Open Source Advantage  Comprehensive Features  Cost Effective ZEAL IT MYZEAL IT Solutions my Copyright © 2012 MYZEAL IT Solutions. All Rights Reserved. rapid reliable robust
  3. 3. DotNetNuke Services offered by MYZEAL IT MYZEAL IT has an expertise in developing web applications developed with DotNetNuke. The company offers range of DNN services to our esteemed clients: Customized Module Development Skins/Themes Design & Development Installation, Configuration & Administration Platform Migration from Other CMS Cross Platform Development Customization and Development 3rd party Modules/API Integration Flash/Flex Integration QA and Testing Why MYZEAL IT? ISO 9001:2008 Certified Agile Development Certified Professionals Microsoft Certified Partner Pay as you Go Umbrella Services Robust Infrastructure Click here for more information on DNN Contact View DNN Projects done by MYZEAL IT Free Consulting Need Identification Delhi/NCR H-110, Sector 63, Noida - 201301, India Migration MYZEAL IT For Hire a DNN Expert Phone Numbers USA : +1-347-983-5052 USA : +1-347-983-5099 India: +91-120-4359999 Fax : +1-347-626-2487 Other Queries Emails ZEAL IT MYZEAL IT Solutions my Copyright © 2012 MYZEAL IT Solutions. All Rights Reserved. rapid reliable robust